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KBS Music Bank 13.11.2009 – SS501 wins #1!

Today on KBS Music Bank, SS501 win #1 on the show with their comeback hit ‘Love Like This’ for the first time.

Unfortunately the boys are not around to receive their trophy but they relayed their thank-you message through a phone call on the show.

Some of the highlights to the show are:

  • 2PM‘s comeback stage with ‘Heartbeat’
  • Poppin Hyun Joon comes back as part of A-Force
  • Other hot stages by SHINee, BEAST, K Will, Kim TaeWoo, Baek Ji Young etc

Comeback Stage

  • 2PM with ‘Heartbeat’ – LOVE IT

Debut Stage

  • A-Force with ‘Wonder Woman’
  • December with ‘Love is so…’ – The UKnow lookalike is cute, the group reminds me of the great Monday Kiz ㅠ

Music Stage

  • SHINee with ‘Ring Ding Dong’ – Miss Onew
  • FT Triple with ‘Love Letter’
  • SeeYa with ‘His Voice’ – I’m slowly feeling more sorry for SooMi
  • Lyn with ‘True Story’
  • HAM with ‘T T Dance’
  • IU with ‘Marshmallow’ – Don’t know why, not liking this concept, cutesy concept over the top?
  • K Will with ‘Miss, Miss and Miss’
  • Brown Eyed Girls with ‘Sign’
  • Baek Ji Young with ‘Don’t Forget’
  • Kim Tae Woo (feat. Lyn) with ‘I say Ya, you say Yeah’ – Lovely duet
  • BEAST with ‘Bad Girl’
  • HwanHee with ‘Because I missed a Heart’
  • UKiss with ‘Man Man Ha Ni’
  • Memory with ‘Luv’
  • One Two (feat. Jewelry’s Seo In Young) with ‘Bad Girl II’
  • THe ThE
  • Woo Yi Kyung
  • Yoo Seung Chan


  • 2PM backstage

34 Responses

  1. i like the songs LOVE LIKE THIS…from ss501 and IM SO STUPID…hehehe.

  2. wahhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CONGRATULATIONS ss501…i love u allll!!!!!!!!!!!hehehe…

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  4. awwww!! IU’s comeback stage was last friday. AWWWWWWW!!! now she deffo can see her YB oppa in person backstage =P I wanna swap lives with her . =)

  5. I’m glad that I could hear Minho sing…. Love B2ST, IU and BJY, they were all great! And congrats to SS501!

  6. Is that Kim Tae Woo’s new single, or is it just a special stage? It’s my favourite song off his album, so I’m happy they performed it live!! The music was kinda quiet though.
    I love IU.. but it makes me sad that you can’t hear her beautiful and amazing voice with these songs her management keeps giving her. On the other hand, she looks absolutely adorable. I might like this slightly better than ‘Boo’, and I hated ‘Boo’.

  7. i’m glad ss501 won!
    their song is better than shinee’s.

  8. You know….I LOVE the dance and song by Ukiss. It’s so GOOD!! And BEAST song is really growing on me…like you can totally tell they’re having the time of their life up there. haha!!

    BEG was amazing as usual..love that song and their dance with the fans.

    2PM….well…what on earth can i say about them…they’re just amazing. That was a perfect comeback. So awesome. Seriously. I miss Jaebom like crazy, but they all did a great job..

  9. 2pm’s stage was amazing!!
    i was speechless because it was so flawless

    congrats to ss501 !!!!!!

  10. @ ****
    and the song of whoever you like is not liked in korea that much either.. (jk) wow. wanna go start a fan war again???!!

    YAYYYY~~~~ so happy the boys won :]]]

  11. 2Pm is back and the perf is intense, I guess.
    I actually liking U-kiss song and choreo..they got presence stage this time.
    Shinee..always w/out Onew.

  12. I hope it will be B.E.G.
    their performance’s so amazing!
    2PM is so cool, too!

  13. dun u just think..
    jaejin’s face look tired n sick..
    after back from college entrance examzxx..?!?!
    try guessing lo0k at it..
    po0r hm..
    SS501 – LOVE LIKE THIS..
    DAE – BA..^^

  14. wwwooww..
    GREAT new dance part, guysss!!!

  15. finally ss501 fans can stop complaining -_-

    triple crown on inki goes for shinee ❤

  16. They need to make Baek Ji Young win something.

  17. my prediction for next week: 1st 2PM 2nd SS501 3rd Park Bom 4th SHINee 5th Baek Ji Young

    That is.. if SS501 fans don’t go on a buying spree like what they did last week..

    • I don’t think there’s anything wrong with SS501 fans buying the album. The songs are great and the best way to support your idol is to buy the album.

      yeah TRIPLE S buy more albums!!!

      • triple S are quite impressive. SS501 really do have to thank their fans for their win because, their song LLT isn’t actually really popular in Korea..

      • LOL how do you know? It’s been number 1 in MNET chart ever since its release. Still now, the song’s been ranking in the charts.

        And of course, they’re impressive. They’re the third biggest fanbase in Daum next to Cassies and VIPs

      • ONLY on mnet, ss501 and shinee are 1st and 2nd but on all the other charts, both of them are already dropping out of top 10. Obviously, it’s the fandom that keeps streaming on mnet to keep them on 1st and 2nd. It’s not a true reflection of their popularity.

        The fairest chart is Melon because on melon you can only stream once a day and it reflects public opinion better.

      • So? What keeps a group in the scene anyway? it’s their fanbase. If you have a big fanbase, you stay in the industry. If people buy your albums you stay. Plus, so what if their not in the top 10? They’re still in the charts and it’s not like they rank last in ANY chart. They’re mostly in in top 20 which is NOT bad. They’re competing very well considering their long hiatus. You don’t even see them performing every week cause of their Asian tour.

        And yeah, every artists THANK their fans for their win. The fans are the ones buying the album anyway.

  18. Enjoy your winning time SS501 cause next week 2PM will PWND yall!!! LOL

    • yup! WE WILL ENJOY with SS501!
      Cause a win is a WIN no matter what.
      Too bad, I don’t think they’ll be in Inkigayo cause they’re in China for their concert. They would probably win but Inkigayo doesn’t give awards to those who don’t perform.

  19. A-Force makes LPG look good.

  20. I don’t think IU lip synced. I was shocked with how erfect her voice was. I detest the song but her voice kept me watching the video.

    CONGRATULATIONS SS501! I like Love like this much more than Ring ding dong.

    2PM were AMAZING, i loved the intro and their actual performance!

    Seeya’s new song is so catchy but i swear the new chick can sing! Not only are her parts over synthesized, you can hear her voice whispering along to the lyrics.

  21. 1- Poppin ‘what?’ sure looks small among A-Force (sound like a force one) ahaks!
    2- 2pm STILL&ALWAYS GREAT!!! AWESOME!! (the dance was sickkk!)
    3- did IU lips sync? tooo cute too handle…
    4- December = voice = superb!
    5- Hwanhee nice outfit! outstanding prmance
    6- K.Taewoo & Lynn sweets! life! awesome! (ehem~ looks good togetha’)
    7- BEG, HAM > claps! claps!!
    8- and congrats to SS501! Love LIke THis!!!

  22. what daa… Taewoo’s mic wasn’t work.. 😦

  23. YEAH SS501 wins!!! It was expected to happen soon! But ugh! They’re in Shanghai, China for their Asian Tour! Such a shame! I want to see them win!!

  24. congrats SS501 Im so happy that they won

    • lol shinee boys were a bit shocked with result

      • Yea, i kinda notice that *evillaugh* I’m so happy that ss501 gets to win. I’m really happy for them. *tears falling down*
        Hope they win next time too.

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