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SS501 Kim HyunJoong, “The other members’ appearances are a little disappointing”


SS501 leader Kim HyunJoong says, “The other members’ appearances are a little disappointing.”

Coming back with a minialbum after 1 year and 7 months, SS501 recently went on KBS Star Golden Bell. And during the filming, the SS501 members were asked ‘Which member are you envious of the most?’ and leader Kim HyunJoong was picked by the other members.

When asked why he chose leader, Kim KyuJong said, “This person is like a living sculpture. Really envious as a celebrity”.

With that MC Ji SeokJin said, “Kim HyunJoong, tell us what you are envious of about KyuJong‘s appearance” and Kim HyunJoong joked, “Let me talk about the disappointing things instead. Even though he is young, he is dropping hair.” causing laughter in the filming set.

With that the MCs said, “What are the other disappointing things about the membes?” and Kim Hyun Joong said, “Heo YoungSaeng, even though we eat the same food, he gains weight easily. And when I first saw Park JungMin, I thought he looked old and his face looks long.”

The show will air on 14th November.

Lol love how dorky the boys can be ((:

14 Responses

  1. LoL as expected the 4d answers from leader..

    they r so funny esp. HyunJoong & JungMin

  2. i hate the pic -.-
    KHJ is always like that.. so funny.. a true 4D answer… xD

  3. HJL’s just sooo…adorable..!
    Love him much πŸ˜‰

  4. Haha…that is totally Kim Hyun Joong..
    I just love his 4-D image…hehe…
    Love him…<3

  5. heya sookyeong, do you know what time SGB will be aired on the 14th? its KBS right? hhee.. thanks!

  6. 4D also means, to know this person you should see from many angle/sides. So could say, unpredictable, many surprises, many look and expression, always have “hidden” meaning on his statement.

    Above all, its makes you stunning!! That is KHJ

  7. hahaha i really love these 5!

  8. hehe i love the way Hyun Joong always have that 4d things!!
    GOD they so adorkable!!

  9. Hahaha Hyun joong <3333 He is sooo funny. I wonder what he said about baby

  10. Gosh! Leader is so 4D!!! LOL!!! Awww SS501 are still dorky boys for me!

    • what does “4D” means

      • It means to think in a different dimension, like how the normal dimensions are 2D, 3D…
        Or otherwise, you can say, thinking in an “alien” manner? (Though Shinhwa’s leader Eric owns the alien nickname. xD)

      • 4 dimensional. It’s like he has his own world.
        The way he thinks and act is different from most people.
        Like this one, you don’t actually expect a leader to talk like that about his members right?

        Other 4D people would be KARA’s Nicole and Hara and 2NE1’s Dara…they are all dorky and may seem a bit weird but they’re just like that. They’re unpredictable.

      • means like he has a unique personality and sometimes you couldn’t expect that answer from him… hmm, something like that… don’t know if this would help

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