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2NE1 Sandara Park’s soles suffered from preparing for MAMA?


2NE1 Sandara Park reveals the soles of her feet after working hard in preparing for upcoming music event MAMA.

She posted a photo of her soles on her me2day on 13th November with a note which says “The 2nd day into practising for MAMA… Working hard! My soles have also suffered…ㅠㅠ And next to me is Choi PD! The PD for 2NE1TV! And recently Ssan-Rabbit has been filming TwentyTV!^.^V Hwaiting!”

2009 MAMA(Mnet Asia Music Awards) will take place coming 21st November. And on 12th November, Sandara Park also posted a photo of herself preparing for the MAMA stage.


She wrote, “From today, we will start practising for MAMA!!! 21st November… Anticipation! Showing a new side of Ssan-RabbitㅋNew side of 2NE1!!! DdooDoong!!Ah…H~how has the voting been doing?Hahaha^^;Not telling you to vote but as my birthday presentㅋYou will look forward to it ~right?↗.”

47 Responses

  1. DARA FIGHTINGGGG!!! we here in australia luv you, your filo fans luv you keep posting your pics everyday if ya want lol your always gonna be cute dont even have to try, dara is born cute hahahahaha. dammm you haters alll go away ahem allkpop ahhem soompi ahemm. plus the netizens actually luv her sooo dammm you antis hahahahahah burn!

    K Netizenz – Your beginning and Your End

  2. thank you KBites for this nicer and friendly write-ups for Dara’s me2day update..unlike the other site **cough**allkpop**cough** who’s obviously a 2ne1 hater, but keeps on posting even the not so news and they got this hidden agenda to attract them haters.

  3. OMG!!
    really can’t wait for more n more from
    ~2NE1,GD,YB n BIGBANG!!!
    YG family go!!!

  4. gawd. am I the only who’s tired of news about Sandara’s me2day updates? I guess she’s the only celeb using that site these days. Thank goodness she ain’t a regular on any variety shows and YG rarely lets them perform. Thank you YG! Really!

    • It’s really not Dara’s fault though. Blame the news reporters for being lazy a$$es and using Dara’s me2day as a source for news. Reporters keep turning her me2day posts into articles because Dara is such a hot topic and anything to do with her almost guarantees web traffic. Just skip these articles if you’re getting annoyed.

    • do you tell your friends not to update their myspace/facebook/twitter?

    • Yes, youre the only one cuz youre an idiot!! tell the reporters in Korea to make your idols post a news. Stop blaming Dara just because she cares about 2ne1 fans and her post are interesting. Maybe you need to realize that your idol’s messages might be boring and not news worthy..lol.

    • lol. haven’t you’ve heard of cam(attention) whores?
      this is what you get when you got no activities. ZERO. and miss the spotlight for so long


      • no activities? u’ve got to be kidding me.. just because you didnt see them perform on tv doesnt mean their ZERO. check out on their forums and u’ll see their list of events there and of all the group that has ZERO ACTIVITIES as you say.. they still bag awards (remember the Style ICon Awards?) get your facts straight before you bash!

  5. dara’s me2day makes news, lol. goodluck girls but surely they’ll win.

  6. she’s cute. she’s not acting to be cute! haha!! nice dara! happy birthday! i’m longing to see the MAMA performance!

  7. I am thankful for Dara’s updates. She always keeps blackjacks posted. She’s very good to her fans and I don’t think she’s doing this just to get attention. She’s just a net freak just like any of us.

  8. I don’t like Dara so much, but I gotta say that she provides good fan service.

  9. love dara,2ne1,big bang n yg family…..^O^

    and do you know that 2NE1 got A++ from MELON chart as the best Girl Group thia year…..!!!!

    make it fun…

  10. i dont really comment but im just so irked with those haters…
    they just keep popping everywhere…
    FYI her me2day updates are for those people who follow her on her me2day . and i actually love her being random… just shows that she is just like everyone else…

  11. Dara is awesome like that 🙂 I really think she’s very cute and she’s totally natural about it.

  12. Dara is so cute 🙂 Haters, to the left pls.

  13. nice working hard:)

    if you don’t like her just keep SILENT.
    maybe your way older than her or conscious .:))

  14. seriously,her feet dirty or not-i just love to hear from them…..
    she doesn’t even hv to try to act cute,she’s born cute!

  15. i love dara! she’s just so cute ❤

    she doesn't even look old. omg totally love her.

  16. hmmm, I hope they will perform Stay together or better if they perform Lollipop.That will be epic.

  17. It’s not that she’s trying to act cute. It’s just that she’s a bright spirit and I love her for it 🙂 She brightens up our days, doesn’t she, blackjacks? : ))

  18. people are so annoying saying how they hate dara,dara is trying to be cute or watsoever,if they don’t like the girl why the heck clicking the link ?trying to be idiots??im so tired of those anti..we blackjack fans are so lucky to have dara in the group coz we get the chance to see whats going on with them bcoz of her me2day specially that they don’t have any promotions at the moment.. back off haters,this article are for those who love 2ne1 and dara,go to your respective idols and drool over them..

    • OMG.i love what u said.^^
      haters be GONe

    • haha…agree with you.
      funny…haters/bashers dont get it…as if shes the only idol who makes news about me2days….like Sulli of Fx, yes she does and it made news.

      and again Dara is just an ordinary person off-cam whose addict on taking pics and used her compt to take time…just like Us! dont tell me you people dont have friendster/myspace/twitter/facebook!!!!!! and ur avatar photo is pose side views..

  19. awww LOL
    oh wait .. filming for twentyTV “S

    is there gna be 2ne1 tv again ?
    if there is YAAAY

  20. Dude, I know she’s like addicted but did she HAVE to post up her feet?

    • What’s wrong with that? She’s updating her fans about what’s going on with 2ne1.

    • ‘coz she’s Dara. And her fans love it, it’s called fan-service xD
      I personally find it funny and cute, there’s no point in taking it seriously, there’s a lot of sad and depressed people out there, hopefully Dara’s antics have cheered some people up 🙂

    • I for one, like this kind of updates than selca pictures(face only). I find it more interesting.

    • apples, do u really have to post ur comment? no one likes your opinion here.. get out!

  21. ^ignored
    YG’s surprise:
    CL and Minji’s singles. Just a rumor though not sure.

  22. Dara’s face is so annoying!
    It’s funny how 2NE1 fans say they don’t like other girl groups because they act cute but seriously, Dara tries way too hard to be cute. She’s old!

    • … but she’s freakin’ cute… and it’s hard to hate her…

    • and you bothered to read this article for what reason?
      you had none.

      i think you try way too hard to be a “hater”.
      get over it.

    • she’s not trying hard to be cute.she’s really is cute.

    • i sorta agree with you..she doesnt really act her AGE.

      but i think shes still cute..when i first saw her, i thought she was like 18 lol.if she is ACTING cute, then shes pretty good at it. 😀

    • duhhh!….korean girls are always acting cute not only her…if you’ve seen photos of other celebs they do the same facial expression even theyre not young on age.

      • i think someones jealous. is it when you try to be cute it just looks weird? dont hate on dara because shes cute and it comes to easily with her ^_^

    • HAHA, and ur old enough to complain! Leave this article alone.

    • hahahah too bad she is cute give her 10 points for that i can never hate dara shes always little girl

      K Netizenz – Your beginning and Your End

  23. lol Dara is so funny but she seriously needs to wash her feets

  24. the black dots should be the dirt from the studio/dance floor. -.0

  25. At least MAMA still have something to look forward to.

  26. ah go go go!!!

  27. Omg whats the blackblack dots? :/

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