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SBS Inkigayo 15.11.2009 – SHINee wins triple crown!

Today on SBS Inkigayo, SHINee wins their 3rd Mutizen – triple Crown – with hit ‘Ring Ding Dong’. Too bad leader Onew cannot be present to share the joy.

Also, other highlights to the show:

  • TaeYang and 2PM comeback stages!
  • Park Bom performs ‘You And I’ live on SBS Inkigayo for the 2nd time!
  • New song performances by Rainbow and IU
  • Other hot performances by SHINee, Brown Eyed Girls, f(x), K Will etc

Comeback Stage

  • 2PM with dance intro and ‘Heartbeat’ – Their performance just gets better! Minus the hair
  • Taeyang with ‘Wedding Dress’ and ‘Where u at’ – I thought I love ‘Where u at’ performance more
  • IU with ‘Marshmallow’ – Still not liking the song

Power Rookie

  • SHU-I with ‘Save Me’


  • Park Bom with ‘You And I’ – I was half expecting the dancers to come on during the later half of the song
  • SHINee with ‘Ring Ding Dong’
  • Brown Eyed Girls with ‘Sign’

Fresh Music

  • Rainbow with ‘Gossip Girl’
  • A-Force with ‘Wonder Woman’

Hot Music

  • f(x) with ‘Chu~♡’
  • See Ya with ‘His Voice’
  • UKiss with ‘Man Man Ha Ni’
  • K Will with ‘Miss, Miss and Miss’ – Digging the song more!
  • RUN with ‘Strong Woman’
  • December with ‘Love is so’


  • Digital Music Chart: BEAST Doo Joon and Yo Seob – Park Bom wins #1 with ‘You And I. Love this BEAST couple ^^
  • 2PM introducing ‘Heartbeat’ and dancing to ‘Ring Ding Dong’ at the end

111 Responses

  1. All I can say with this matter is that THANK YOU to all my good fellow SHINee Fanatics around the world for continuously supporting our beloved SHINee…I’m sure that our beloved Onew Hyung is so happy for this recognition…Keep up the good work guys,take care b’coz without you all my fellow fanatics,SHINee are not there…Remember,SHINee Fighting!!!…Sarangheyo SHINee!!!…(^_^)

  2. what’s with all the negative comments.. can we just get along all for once and respect each other opinion.
    I am loving your banner sookyeong. thanks a million.
    2PM great job.

  3. BOM + TAEYANG + 2PM!

    omo! i hope one of them wins next week! they all did great!

  4. ygg artists! i hope tae or bom will win !

  5. Sookyeoung’s message can only last for a short while? We are all back to hating once again? Please if you have nothing nice to say, it’s better not to say anything at all. I think it is normal for fans to defend their idols after SOMEONE critisize them but is it necessary to critisize in the first place?

    • yup yup. nu uhh.. she started it..

      but oh wells.. gotta love the other fans tho =)

    • everyone has a right to speak their mind.

      i guess its the society others grew up in to determine whether what they say is appropriate or respectful.

      idk about the maturity of many readers here at kbites, but if i recall, there was a post or poll about ages here. i think most of the readers here are 18-25 ? dont remember. if so, people should seriously be a lot more mature than what i’m reading from the comments. many people act like theyre 15 defending for their artist’s life and are trying to sound cute in order to get others to agree with them and be on their side. power in numbers.

      honestly, i wouldnt mind anymore if kbites closed. it’ll show people that they take things for granted. ill miss this site dearly as i did for coolsmurf’s blog but people need to be taught a lesson. it’ll help them later in life if they havent seen how immature they are already.

      that, or sookyeong can ask coolsmurf or some other blogger to help her acquire her own domain and implement a feature for no comments or something. maybe a guestbook instead? idk. ahboo closed down their wordpress and coolsmurf helped them get a new domain and now they’re loving it!

  6. Clearly there was a reason that YG cut out the dancing for You and I. Cuz Park Bom can’t sing and dance at the same time without running out of energy. Vocally it was better, but she still has no stage presence during the performance and her facial expressions were awkward. She needs to yet AGAIN step up her game because as of right now Dara is a better performer than her.
    Bom seems confused about how to feel. My advice, she study the lyrics and figure out what they’re trying to say and practice in the mirror expressing those emotions.

    • Agree!

      Somehow, the Park Bom of 3 years ago is vocally superior to the Park Bom of now. I don’t understand how more training made her performance worse. Still love Bommie because I know she has great potential. =)

  7. inki is really the best. the camera angles rock!! 2PM have like the best intros ever. but their mikes…urgh.

    and Bom has TONS to improve on. she has like…almost zero stage presence. its so awkward watching her. i really like her voice. she just need to improve on her stage presence. even without the dancers, she look nervous and unsure of where to sing.

    Taeyang, on the other hand, is a really sick dancer!! i just wished he dun cover his face all the time haha. its kinda awkward that its so quiet, but whatever taeyang ask for of course. maybe he will allow the VIPs to fanchant in later performances? ahha. and yea the comeback stage…is so regular.

  8. spread the f(love)?
    i never learn in any school that love can substitute x.. but if 21, hell yeah!!!!
    *who ask u to look down on 2ne1*

  9. is it so wrong that YG artists have “american” style music? i mean, they’re influenced by hip-hop & r&b, & fuse their own style, so what’s so wrong about it?!

    “DONT FORGET WHERE YOU COME FROM” uhhm, since when did any of the YG artists forget where they come from? what are you talking about? the fact that they rap makes them all of a sudden less korean? homie, watch what you say because obviously you’ve just fueled something here.

    as for amber being a tomboy, okay, i respect that..you obviously like her a lot, but don’t hate on other people like CL or any other artists to make your point. CL hurting your ears when she raps? well, i’m sorry for that, but if you didn’t know CL is SUCCESSFUL as an artist. don’t hate because she can say she’s the baddest female on track and you can’t.

    • Oh snap, you just slapped her across the face with those words.

      I agree with everything you said. Thank you for that.

  10. iki iki oh my god

    first fuck 2ne1 and then wipe your ass with f(x)


  11. @charmed

    lol u are a joke.. u are obviously new to kpop huh . big bang was popular? they have the one of the top 3 largest fanbase in korea. where the **** is f(x) ? lol

  12. guys, no need to bash on f(x) to prove your point. you yourselves are being disrespectful now. just leave our idols out of this and things will be much cleaner. lets stop the fight.

  13. i wipe my as with f(x) C:

  14. lol. amber would’ve never been picked to be in YG anyway. they don’t hold auditions like other companies. it’s srsly NOT a matter of which company they come from. i’m a fan of ALL companies or at least a fan of artists that go under them. but i still know when i see something good. and i can appreciate that f(x) is a great group of talent. unlike you who undermine YGFam just cuz you hate them. well, newsflash, i don’t like DBSK but i still think they’re one great group with amazing talent.

    so boo you and your illogical morals. talk abt asking for respect when you yourself aren’t giving any to begin with.

  15. hahahahaha yeoseob&doojoon<33333333

  16. buhbye… i will miss debating with u..

  17. take it easy asdf

    spread the f(love)

    we will stop it from here because i m getting a lot of antis

    peace out

  18. and im still writing in a nice way… amber in yg? cant imagine that will happen in real life. did u see any of yg’s female singer hv a boyish style? N to the O the N to the E… whats if i like yg ent? thats nothing wrong with it and as i remember u r the O to the N to the E bring this crap on… remember?
    “f(x) it is what it is
    victoria brought the sexy
    krystal and sulli the cute
    luna the power
    amberrr the fierce she s manly than a lot of k pop male
    and her rap and english is pure love
    2pm fighting but i have to say they are nothung without jay

    so, who start the fire first? me? O_o

  19. see if amber was in yg you will say that you love her rap and boyish style blah blah
    it s a problem of company and obviously you like yg which is a choice
    i m just defending my girl s
    and asdf i m still talking in nice way
    respect others
    rather than that i can be mean really mean

  20. but sadly they were at wrong company… and i believe that talent speak louder than age (example: seo tai ji)…. *sigh, please wash ur brain*

  21. you mean big bang was popular
    ah i got it now
    yes i will wait even for a long period
    i dont have to worry about them they are still young


  22. haha okok lets hope f(x) will be more popular than big bang then . wait till that day arrives ah . lol

  23. hhhh save me

  24. apply that 2 cent of ur respect to other entertainment company too. u TOO hv to respect what other ppl doing. i dun get whats do u mean by ‘yg asians trying to be black quite amusing’ but comment back with ‘you have to RESPECT tomboys….’ real antis of yg and bias towards ur idol. feel sorry to the way ur brain was being used… sigh.

  25. ah for her rap she s really good and i prefer listening to her all day rather than 5 min of cl rap and then it s starts hurting my ears her voice makes me believe that she smokes well after all shes the baddest female
    i m just saying see you

    peace out

    • lol lol lol………dont yah ever ever bring CLname here…coz she’s 1000% better than ur manly amber…darn it

      • loooooool ikr~ don’t even call CL in the same sentence as that shemale, that’s just a fkkn insult to CL, not to mention to real music

      • now, now… they’re both really good. they just have different styles is all. no need to start bragging. no use with this kind of person anyways. lets just spread the love.

    • using CL and Amber in the same sentence is laughable
      HAHA ! i’d rather hear hyunah rap all day long than hearing that shemale rap, i mean we get the fact that she’s a tomboy, but can they not “overexpressed” it ?!
      oh ! and BTW, She’s way too overrated !

  26. you have to respect tomboys then we don t have to categirize them as kpop artists since they re doing hip hop
    bringing something new hhhh its something called plagiarisme
    as for amber i think when it s the right time for her she will become sexy and girly and more beautiful than well you know hwo i mean


      That’s how funny your comment looked. I mean, WHAT? Do you even realize what you’re typing? You’re demanding respect when you yourself ignorant comments. One comment from you was tolerable, but I totally rofled at your nex comments. Really, thanks for the entertainment.

      • agree with ya.. *lets laugh together*

      • couldnt more agree with yah.lets hell laugh at that charmed bwahhhhahhaha

      • did you all forget sookyeong’s post already?

        if you wont show mutual respect for other people or defend your beloved artist in a manner thats deemed appropriate, then i suggest you keep your mouth shut.

        as for Anonymous, asdf, skylovetop, you all need to stfu. let charmed express what they have to say. if you disagree, dont reply. but if you must, at least just say “i highly disagree with you” and thats it.

        do you want k bites to shut down because of your childish antics? …exactly

      • @anonymousss:

        Calm down. I mean it’s hard to take your sentiments seriously when you all go stfu to the commenters. Let us have the chance to express our opinions just like what you and this charmed dude did, ok? It’s hard when people can’t take sarcasm as it is.

  27. TAEYANG SERIOUSLIE NEEDS TO PLAY PIANO NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!! OR acoustic ver of WD! good god!! YB, stop killin me with ur sekshi swagga. im dying here!!! XP

  28. SS501 SUCKS.

  29. @charmed
    hip hop r&b style is only applicable for blacks ? what rubbish..at least they bring something different to the industry.

    amber trying to be manly is morally right to you huh .. cool morals u have there. lol and her rap is utter bullshit.. no rhythm no sense

  30. yea. its as obvious as f(x) trying to copy j pop’s girl group style… think they are over doing it too.. oh well

  31. me myself is a girl and i cant stand seeing amber in guy’s clothes.. dont forget where r u come from and that is my moral too..

    • lol! snap! =)

    • then i guess guys shouldnt wear skinny jeans.

      brush up on your moral, it doesnt even make sense.
      “dont forget where r u come from”

      please leave amber alone.

      • hello, i never though skinny jeans is for girls only and i said i cant stand seeing amber in guy’s clothes NOT that she SHOULDNT wear it.. jez, my moral was fine and for ur information, i never be with amber. so, how come i can leave her alone. oh well, sorry that if im hurting u. maybe u should read all this comment from the beginning to find out y in writing this comment at first place. ><

  32. i am myself asian
    but i m just saying the truth even if it s hurthful
    you have to be honest i mean it s pretty obvious they are trying to copy american style but overdoing it
    even that boy teddy with his gestures and way of speaking he thinks he s black
    don t forget where you come from that s my moral

    • he lived in california for YEARS of his life man. technically, that makes him AMERICAN. kinda hard to not let that change you. just look at jay and how americanized he is. that’s just how ppl adapt. your surroundings and the ppl around you affect that. and obviously his passion for hip hop music had something to do with that.

      what’s wrong with having different gestures and talking styles that is representative of where you spent years of your time? what abt tablo then? you sayin he’s not tryin to be black too? or any korean hip hop artists for that matter? or idols who rap? they’re not tryin to be black too? c’mon, be real.

      YG artists are affected by the american style so much because teddy is the core behind the production of most of their songs. even so, what’s wrong with that? like they gotta make traditional korean music now, to prove that they’re not forgetting their roots? that’s a load of BS. they don’t owe it to anybody to make songs other than the ones they’re passionate abt. it just so happens to be american music. nothing wrong with that.

      don’t get me wrong, i do agree with you that they’re very very americanized. no doubt abt that. but my stance is, i don’t see anything wrong with being americanized. “NO GENRE, NO ORIGIN….. JUST. MUSIC” that’s MY morals.

      p/s: amber is supposed to be a GIRL. trying to be a guy, it’s pretty amusing to me too. what’s your morals again? right…… “don’t forget where you come from” applies to amber too in a way, doesn’t it? …….ooops!

      • “NO GENRE, NO ORIGIN….. JUST. MUSIC” that’s MY morals” That’s deep man, deep.

      • @lola: loool. cracked up at your comment.

        naninoona: I do think that you need to calm down o_o;;;;

      • which part of my reply made you think i wasn’t calm? lmao. sorry if i gave the wrong impression, but i was perfectly calm while typing that up.

      • I agree with everything you said however Jay isn’t americanized. He is completly American, born and raised.

    • There is no such thing as acting black, just like there is no such thingas acting white or acting like any other race…He is being himself. If you are hurt or offended because someone of your race doesn’t act the way you want them to then that is a issue inside you not a problem with them. All people are different nad just because someone looks like you on the outside doesn’t mean that they should have the same behaviors as you…thatwould make theworld a very boring place.

  33. OMG 2PM intro was so good! Taec’s face was so INTENSE!!
    And I was expecting the dancers to come out too during park bom’s performance but I guess they ditched them after the 1st performance. I thought performance wise, it was pretty simple & boring but the song itself is already good.
    And Taeyang looks so GOOD in white x) I wished YG could’ve done something special for Taeyang’s comeback. Like made him play the piano in the beginning or something like that. His stage felt so regular for a comeback -_-
    And Congrats to Shinee! It was cute how shocked they were when they won!! =)

  34. f(x) it is what it is
    victoria brought the sexy
    krystal and sulli the cute
    luna the power
    amberrr the fierce she s manly than a lot of k pop male
    and her rap and english is pure love
    2pm fighting but i have to say they are nothung without jay
    yg asians trying to be black quite amusing

    • What a racist comment at the end.. Tsk! Tsk!

    • hahha! i have to seriouslie read ur comment again and again and again to fully comprehend where you’re coming from.

      well more power to ya for showing your affxn for f(x)…

    • lol…amber is good at rap..i bettah chose Hyunah though she has still that engrish accent….

  35. love taeyang’s perf all in all..but where u at is better.

    damn, fx is…well, they’re trying their best i supposed..soo, props to them.

    BEAST is in demand in the ‘digital music charts’ huh?? i love dooseob!! <33 hehe. cuteness.

    park bom's perf is wow! 😀

    • i want B2ST to win next week..but then again..there’s a lot of contestants for take 7..and they’re really good! 🙂

  36. Next week winner: 2PM, Taeyang and Bom!!!

  37. Congrats to SHINee!!

  38. TAEYANG’S PERFORMANCE WAS <33333! thou it was really simple, i really like it alot! LOVE the fact that he looks really good even when he just wear a white singlet with a black bomber jacket! 😀 and aimee was dancing with TY!
    was expecting more from bommie unnie's performance thou. was kinda disappointed in a way. prayed for bommie to win take 7,
    but well, it just didnt happen.
    but overall, its still gooodddd! :D:D:D:D

  39. INKI is seriously the best… and I’m going there at the end of the year yeahhh boy!
    Congrats to SHINee! I’m glad that they’ve come so far now, I mean Juliet was just… let’s not go there. AND, now that means a new winner next week! I like the system of triple crown; it keeps things interesting otherwise it could be the same winner for ages.

    Bommie improved so much! She was wayyy less nervous and her facial expressions improved by a lot! I’m so happy for her – and I’m with sookyeong – I kept waiting for some dancers to pop out any second. Lol I guess they kept her from dancing so she can keep her breath for singing!

    Btw, TY was awesome as usual, but how come there wasn’t so much cheering? I could see tons of VIP crowns, but they didn’t seem to yell out much, until the end? :S Anyway, loved the performances – I still think that Where U At should be the main promoting song. The choreography is loveee. TY’s singing was flawless too, he seriously works his ass off.

    And uh… no more A-Force please. I thought I’d give them another try, but that dude is just too obnoxious. STOP DISTRACTING ME FROM THE SINGING! Lol.

    Thanks sookyeonggg 🙂

    • I read on another kpop site that Taeyang asked his fans not to chant and scream for him because it would distract him and he wants ppl to focus more on the performance or something like that. I thought it was weird too that no one was screaming for TY, but this reason makes a lot of sense.

      I agree, A Force is starting to get really annoying esp the guy. I thought he was called the best dancer in kpop, but all he does is jump around from one girl to another. He is getting quite obnoxious and annoying.

    • On the Soompi thread someone said that Taeyang specifically asked for VIP’s not to cheer too much so he could concentrate on the performance and he was a bit nervous for this comeback stage because he wants to do his best ^_^
      So instead VIP’s used their yellow/golden crowns to show their support silently and cheered like mad at the end lol
      Loved the stage, loved him, loved the dancing and I’m glad him, aimee, lyle and shaun danced together during one part with no other dancers…awesome 4some ^_^

      Bom showed a bit of improvement this time around, although I am not completely happy with her performances. Her facial expressions are more relaxed, he confidence seems to have improved and she looks so gorgeous with minimal make-up. Now she just needs to improve her vocals, they’re shaky and there’s not much consistancy, she always cracks a bit on the last note/word whatever lol
      Looking forward to next week ^_^ YG Family Love 🙂

      • Woah??? It must have been so difficult for VIPs to control their emotions! I would go crazy and cheer for Tae Yang!

      • @Nice

        i know right? we all know how loud VIPs can chant… but VIPs are known to listen to all of Big Bang’s request. Like TOP requesting not to be touched since it makes him uncomfortable, during their concert they had a few requests/rules for fans to follow, and so on.

        yay! taeyang’s perf was awesome… though kind of awkard since it was so quiet.

  40. Bommie’s perf was better than last wk’s & I’m glad they decided to nix the dancers. She still seemed nervous but not as much as last wk. I thought she did much better this wk. With a few minor flaws but like I said, they’re minor.

    “Wedding Dress” is a great song but I honestly liked ‘Where U At” perf better even just a bit of it @ the end. Both songs are good though, catchy & likeable. I have no idea where I’m going with this lol. -_-;

    Yo Seob & Doo Joon!! omg I had a big smile on my face throughout the entire clip! Yo Seob is so freaking adorable & lively. Doo Joon is funny, adorable & hot lol.

  41. 2PM’s INTRO are amazing, i love them. Their performances too are soo cool. Loving the routin more and more. Oh but i think their mikes were a bit weak TT_TT.

  42. i love BEG’s performance too…their stage presence and expressions are so strong and suits the song…give me chills..
    Park Bom could improve more..not so stable yet…but i agree that song is soooooo difficult to sing live…
    f(x) is getting better each day…but i still don’t like amber’s rap portion and her boyish image…really sorry…i always feel the urge to skip her part…

  43. seem like yoseob being regular at Digital Music Chart! hehehehehhehe…. cutenessszz

  44. 2pm seriously should not rap. lol

  45. WOw…I love both Wedding dress and Where u at.

    + the sign by Brown Eye girl is very catchy too!

  46. Taeyang actually did good. Better than I expected.
    Bom sounds the same from last week’s perf except a lot less nervous
    2PM’s songs just make me cringe. Nickhun and Changsun should NOT RAP. WTF JUST DANCE AND LOOK GOOD.
    BEG did awesome

  47. YAY SHINee’s first triple crown!!!!! im so glad that their talents are being rewarded 🙂 my goodness!!!! this few weeks are so HOT!!! 2pm, beast, mblaq, parkbom, f(x) and so many more!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  48. wow! taeyang is a such a smooth dancer!

  49. I love INKI.
    First! Congrats Shinee.
    digging 2PM’s white color suit but their make-ups make them look dead.
    Yay! Taeyang is Back finally, Im satisfied w/ the perf, so suave moves, though Yes Where U At choreo is more intense.
    Park Bom looks lovely today…matching the curtain stage. Glad she sing it without the dancers coz the song is isnt danceable…coz its a slow R&B ballad song,
    serious, Im likin U-Kiss song the choreo and stage presence. the Boys can be called Guys now..haha
    thanks…time 4 me to sleep.

  50. Hahaha, i was expecting the dancers to come also in park bom’s performance. I thought she ran out of breath a few times in her song, but then again, her song is hard to sing to anyways. Hopefully she doesn’t strain her vocals.

    2PM’s intro and performance was HOT!!!! I loved the ice breaking. ^^

    …and taeyang’s performance was great. Like you, I like Where U At more.

  51. I agree. I like Where U At better than Wedding Dress. But I think it’s also a more difficult song to perform cuz of the choreography… But still, want that song to be promoted more…

    So @ inkigayo, you can only win 3 times? Oh, I didn’t know that. Maybe next week, SS501 will win?

    • next week will be tae yang or park bom!!! hihihi.. =D

    • I think if SS501 performed today, they’ll win cause usually MuBank and Inkigayo have similar results. Inkigayo doesn’t give awards to those who don’t perform. I expected SHINee to win anyway =)

      I bet it’s 2pm next week or SS501, Tae Yang and Park Bom too. So much competition.

      • Actually, Inkigayo does give the artists the award regardless if they’re there or not. At the top of my head, I can recall Seungri and Baek Jiyoung winning despite not performing.

      • I don’t think that’s the case anymore. TRIPLE S know that they can’t win today. And with Mubank and Inkigayo’s similar system, SS501 would have won. They beat SHINee with about 3,000 points in Mubank.

        But anyway, I’m a Shawol too so congrats!!! I miss Onew!!!

      • Okay no.

        Inkigayo and Kchart doesn’t have a similar result system.

        Inkigayo counts ‘Hot Track’ and other CD online sites more than ‘Hanteo’.
        SS501 was #1 on ‘Hanteo’ but not on other important album sites.

    • no that’s not true. even if ss501 performed today, shinee would have won. but next week ss501 has a high chance of winning. they have a big competitor though: Park Bom. it’s gonna be interesting. 🙂 i wonder who will win.

      and no it won’t be taeyang or 2pm because they just came back this week! stop saying it’s gonna be taeyang or 2pm next week please. -.- it’s impossible.

      • and, mubank and inkigayo doesn’t actually have similar systems EVEN if their breakdown says so.

        For example, 2NE1’s fire won 2 times at inkigayo but not at all at music bank even though music bank gives out awards to those who are not performing.

        kchart is a chart largely influenced by album sales but Fire was just a digital single which, obviously had 0 album sales. Inkigayo on the other hand, has this 20% based on research, which i think benefits those who are doing well on charts but not in album sales.

  52. congrats to shinee [:

    triple crown is all shinee world asks for ❤

    so you fans that are disappointed that SS501, or whoever didn't win, relax.. -_-

  53. I want some f(x)’s chu~

  54. park bom heels r awesome!!!!
    taeyang arghh! y u r so great!
    congrats shinee!!
    rainbow? huh?
    UKISS…Love it!
    best of the Best = 2PM!!!!!!!!!!

  55. yeah act i prefer where u at more than wed dress

  56. Total fangirl moment:
    Taeyang! Ahhhhhhhh! He makes me squeal like a baby! My goodness, I can tell he practiced his ass off! He looked much more toned than before, and his dancers are keeping up with him! ‘Where U At,’ was so dope with the white and the dancers again kept up with Taeyang. Man, this is what its all about!

    Bom did such a great job this time, she knew she had to improve, papa YG is smiling!
    2PM looks so damn good on stage, I can see their passion and happiness.
    Man this was a heck of a show! Glad I stayed up to watch it live!

    • lol i did the same thing (i shouldn’t have since i’m sick but whatever it was good lineup)

      and i completely agree with you on the taeyang comment i was being a totally fangirl when he came on

      bom kicks ass i think i have a girl crush on her :blush: either that or i totally wish she was my unnie lol i have totally respect for her ^^

      and 2PM in ice was so hot :drool: but their hair still kind of bothers me >_<

  57. man ur fast soo kyeong!!! =D thanksssss. big hugssssss

  58. Loved the DooSeob music chart 🙂 Bommie did great the 2nd time around! 🙂 Loved Rainbow’s outfits (still not feeling f(x)’s haha)

    Congrats to SHINee 🙂 new winner crowned next week? Hoping for BEAST but they have stiff competition haha

  59. congrat SHINee!!

    hope Dubu gets better soon and hope that SM Ent won’t rush him to get back on stage like they did to Bling.

    gosh, they are human afterall.

  60. Park bom! Taeyang! Yg!!

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