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KARA Park GyuRi admits to kicking ex-president’s grandson


Girl group KARA‘s ‘goddess’ Park Gyuri has raised a few eyebrows with her recent confession about her past kicking the Ex-President’s grandson.

On the 14th broadcast of Star Golden Bell when asked the question “Who have you violently kicked in a fit of rage?”, Gyuri shockingly answered “I kicked Ex-President Kim Young Sam’s grandson”.

Park Gyuri further explained “I went to the same kindergarten as Ex-President Kim Young Sam’s. He used to like me a lot but he met a pretty girl from another classroom, so after she came he dumped me.”

She said “It was shocking at such a young age; I connected with that guy. He was 5 and I was 6.”

This has led to viewers asking about the identity of the kindergarten they attended.

C: joel.@karaholic.com

13 Responses

  1. hahahhahaha i bet the little twerp cried 😛

    K Netizenz – Your beginning and Your End

  2. woah, she always had the most interesting story… she’s very unique!

  3. lols funny. wonder if the kid cried. o-o

  4. Haha…wow…
    even when she was a child she also have a strong personality…=)

  5. lol… that happens long time ago. >< me myself dun hv much memory about my kindergarten day…

  6. LOL she’s FUNNY!!!

  7. wtf? she never mentioned that she kicked him on the show…?? just that she got dumped

    • Yes.. I’ve seen it, and the question was asked during the section called “X-calculations”(or something like that), where the (celebrity) guests have to ask a question, to which there has to be a certain number (“X”) of “yes”s from the guests (e.g. 12<x<14). It was not “Who have you violently kicked in a fit of rage?” but more like "I have been cruelly(severly?) dumped before", and you're right, she never said “I kicked Ex-President Kim Young Sam’s grandson”. I don't know where you got this, "Sookyeong"(I mean YOU blogger!) but you should be more careful when selecting what to blog. AND to the idiot who made this up, STOP PULLING CRAP out of your ARSe!

  8. she’s my hero for admitting this news (i find her more interesting now too lol)

  9. whoa! then she muz b someone too…=P
    wonder how that guy feel now??hehe

  10. LOL

  11. LOL Gyuri. That’s a cute confession. haha. I’ve never been like Gyuri like this before rofl

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