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Lee Minwoo reveals his latest girlfriend!


Lee Minwoo who has been alone since his relationship with socialite Amy, is back into the love scene as he reveals his newest crush into the public.

These photos have been circulated around the internet, yet, the girl’s identity is still remain unknown!

Check out the whole photo spread!


Few netizens’ Comments :

  • Plastic woman
  • She’s not plastic
  • Amy unnie don’t cry!

51 Responses

  1. i don’t care if she’s been under a knife or so whatever… she’s pretty but i don’t like her… i don’t care okay…she’s a freak… saranghaeyo min woo…
    and they don’t look so great…blehhh… and i don’t care if this is min woo or not…l.o.l…am i bad no im just mean…

  2. […] Singer Lee MinWoo comes out to clarify the recent rumours of his new girlfriend. […]

  3. yeahh she’s quite pretty but sumhow, she doesnt quite look natural…

  4. very much Plastic indeed…

    She looks like some sorta anime girl-ish

    Over-sized big eyes, little nose–> the definition of Kgirls that have been under the knife

    no idea about whether it’s M but he looks very soft there

  5. i think the netizen coments are intersting

    oh new girl friend her eyes is a lil bit scary

  6. She’s cute, looks young though. ><
    I'm somewhat concerned.

  7. Wow she;s really pretty in the first picture but she looks almost lifeless in it too. I guess that’s why people say she’s plastic.

  8. she is so pretty n who caes if shes plastic as long as they`re happy

  9. what the fuckkk… she DEFINITELY got a nose job… she looks like a pixie o.O

  10. i don’t care if it’s plastic or not .. she’s pretty so yea..

  11. she’s pretty. but too dolly for me DX

  12. Minwoo looks different… still attractive ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. LOL her eyes are hugeee

  14. idk although similar, I don’t think it’s Minwoo in the pics.

  15. her eyes give off an unnatural vibe … they look .. odd? i’d say she were pretty .. maybe she just looks less scary in real life yknow .. but this is good for minwoo isn’t it?

  16. she looks creepy to me! her eyes is like doll in a japanese horror movie!!!

  17. the guy doesn’t look like M.
    the girl is kinda scary, because she looks so dolly.

  18. OMG. she looks very plastic. lol

  19. at least his moving on…

    but i agree! her eyes n nose look totally fake

  20. her eyes are very scary.

  21. I think that’ M in the pic.

    Her eyes are creepy tho. I’m not fond of circle lenses, they make your eyes look dead instead of pretty.

  22. she kinda freaks me out…

  23. she looks like a skinnier version of solbi in the third picture.

  24. she does look sort of plastic especially her eyes and nose, but why does it matter almost all Koreans have undergone plastic surgery… she may be pretty, but she looks like almost every plastic in Korea.

  25. Erm. I don’t think that’s M in the pics actually.

  26. It’s about time he get married. Even Tablo is married! And he’s girlfriend is really pretty!

  27. maybe… she’s his cousin or someone related to him LOL. it’s not like theyre making out or whatever.. does this girl have to be his girlfriend?!

  28. the comments on this page and the comments of the k netizens..i see no difference. :p Girl is cute though, she looks very young.

  29. She looks more pretty than Amy

  30. omg, plastic through and through! so scary..

  31. he got eyelid surgery?! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ since when?!


    minwoo is a pedophile

  33. are those eyes real?

    • probably the round eye lens that makes ur eyes bigger

    • me, I think NOT…her nose too…Its all Plastic Surgery..
      I read an article about Korean women prefer do have plastic surgeries…8/10 people.
      so, Im thinking Not all korean women are pretty nor born to have a pretty face….lol

  34. Look so dolly, no wonder someone says she’s plastic. :S

  35. I wonder who’s taller.

  36. she looks scary

  37. awww she quite pretty lol good for him in your face Amy!!!!! kekekekekekekeke

    K Netizenz – Your beginning and Your End

  38. why you always had to put Netizen comment??
    and credit pleeaseee…

    • maybe cause they come with the article? Netizens comments matter in Korea,they even cause suicides.

    • What’s wrong with including netizens comments? I find them interesting

    • Actually I like when netizen comments are added just to have an idea what those crazy folks are saying.

    • i like the netizen comments, you get an insight into what they’re saying… (sometimes they just seem like some big mysterious mob that types on computers – oh wait, isn’t that us? :P)

      and btw, im not trying to be rude, but i dont get what the big deal is about crediting? is it just an issue about ownership or something?

    • I LOVE to hear what netizens have to say… it’s the MOST INTERESTING part of the article ๐Ÿ™‚

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