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MC Lee ChaeYoung has got her eyes on 2PM WooYoung


KBS 2TV Star Golden Bell MC Lee ChaeYoung reveals her confession towards 2PM member WooYoung.

Lee ChaeYoung was asked in a recent NTN interview, “In the past 6 months as the MC for the show Star Golden Bell, which idol has caught left you the deepest impression?” And Lee ChaeYoung answered WooYoung .

She said, “As the MC on the show, I got to meet many idols who are hard to meet if I am promoting as actress. And of them all, the filming with 2PM TaekYeon, WooYoung and Chansung was the most memorable.”

She added, “Meeting 2PM in person, they did not look like popular idols and they were very polite and hardworking. Especially for WooYoung, he really works hard to an applaudable extent.”

And when asked if she has met WooYoung on official events, she said that they met once after Mnet ’20’s Choice’ in August and she said, “Not only did he look smart back then, he was really hardworking and it was very attractive.”

The eps of Star GoldenBell featuring the 2PM boys

8 Responses

  1. stay awaaaay from my wooyoungiee :3
    jk *coughcough*
    well yea, he’s irresistible dx

  2. LOL. no doubt about it!! it’s my wooyoung. even me, i can’t resist his charm. haha. i’m a certified vip, but i also love 2PM. i’m currently addicted to them, especialy with WOOYOUNG. at 1st, i was into JAEBUM, then taec & khun because these 2 are popular. then i found out that Junsu is close friend of GD, after that i found out Chansung is good friend of SEUNGRi, so it was actualy wooyoung is the last that i’ve noticed, then i found again that he’s also became a member of BIGBANG (in just 1 day) during BB & WONDERGIRLS greese perf. ehe. WOOYOUNG replaced TOP, coz TOP is sick during that time. wow too much connection. LOL.

    but i fell inlove with wooyoung when i search more about him (photos/news) coz i was curiouz wen some fans sed that he likes DARA. (coz i love 2ne1 as wel, that’s why.) then i watch IDOL ARMY, thatz all started, our love story begin. HAHA. sorry for making so much telling story..


  3. Woo ♥ my lover.. sigh* ♥.♥
    and she is really pretty …

  4. yeah man. he can be cute and charming. Funny and idol-like. so talented, and i love his “dung dung” cheeks and eyelids. XD

    wooyoungieee ❤

  5. That was why I fell for him lol.

    Wooyoungieee ~

  6. ah his charm, who can resist??

    kekekeke, especially after watching him on Wild Bunny, Woo is so adorable. even Khun will let his sister dating him kekekeke

  7. He’s getting very popular these days, even for their heartbeat performances, he gets the loudest cheers.

  8. Awww youngieeee ❤

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