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MC Yoo JaeSeok and UEE dance to ‘My Ear’s Candy’ on Family Outing


On SBS Family Outing aired on 15th November, the guest appearances to the show were 2NE1 Sandara Park and After School UEE.

When the Family members were deciding on their sleeping area, UEE did a dance performance to Baek Ji Young and 2PM TaekYeon‘s ‘My Ear’s Candy’.

And of the many male star appearances on the show, UEE decided to do the dance performance with MC Yoo JaeSeok. But the dance performance turned out really funny, thanks to MC Yoo. The highlight of the show was the ending part when the 2 posed with a serious expression on their face.

Go under the cut to watch the dance performance.

Watch it at 6:22.


Lol love the performance.

And I keep seeing Yoo Hye Yi!!

17 Responses

  1. LOL this is daebak.

  2. omgg shibaaaaaaas! i have a shiba inu also. awww they’re so freaking cuteeee!

  3. MC Yoo is sooooooooooooo funny XD
    I hope someone sub this epi

  4. Dae,hyori and jaesuk just made my day….haha they are Hilarious …..this is why i love them šŸ˜€

  5. err there’s no ShiYeon in dis episode?
    that was fun performance though…=P

    • she’s there at about 7:48
      OMG. LOL. i love how MC Yoo has the same glasses as Ji Yoon from 4minute.

  6. its amazing how a drama can change you perception of someone

  7. LOLOLOLOL, omggggggg

  8. hhahah hyori at the beginning
    aigo, Hyori’s effect is back

  9. So funny! I don’t see much expression except for a smile on her face. Though Yoo Jaesuk is one of the funniest MC’s ever! He looks really tired though.

    The sunglasses suit him.

    • Yeah i thought her expression has improved.
      AHAHAS. I wouldn’t be able to keep a straight face if i was performing with MC Yoo neither.

  10. MC Yoo can be an idol if he wants to. He can even compete with TOP. lol

  11. me to i keep seeing Yoo Hye Yi than UEE
    JaeSeok is so funny

  12. OH MY GOD! LMAO! Hyori at the beginning.. a disaster!!! tumbling and crashing!!! HAHAHAH! somehow i pity the dog. XP

  13. aww. ssandara, looks nervous. oo, she’s soo cute!

    and…WOW, JaeSuk is friggin frightening.

  14. LMAO YJS was so funnnnyyyyy xD
    and you’re beautiful has made me dislike Uee alot /: all for the wrong reasons lol.
    i heard sandara park didnt get much attention in this ep of FO? and i didnt realise she was so smallll, and Uee looks super tall here. i need to watch this soon ^^

  15. i got a good laugh out of this one
    Yoo JaeSuk and just about all the FO members are my happy pill lol

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