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Yoon EunHye is sexy for Puma

A recent photoshoot of Yoon EunHye doing Puma has been revealed.

Can anything be sexier than this?

Jump the cut for the rest of the photoshoot.


c: youcapturedme

Love EunHye unnie..

26 Responses

  1. LOVE IT !!

    Eunhye can be vey SEXT and SO SWEET at the same time ne..

  2. Luv her very much cos she’s only sexy,beautiful and cute, she’s oso very down to earth even dnt knw her personally bt frm all the youtube news abt her, she’s a great person!! Hope the best for her in her career and love llive too!!!! Eun Hye fighting!!!!!

  3. soooo hot !!!!

  4. love it !!

  5. Gorgeous and sexxy, she is one of the kinds. I luv all her pictures.

  6. so sexy. almost dropped my jaw on the floor. cant imagine sweet yoon eun hye can do pictorials like that and got away with it. good job.

  7. wow she looks really nice..too bad it’s only shows in photoshoot.. wished she pulled the sexy and cooky look in her MFL drama.

  8. HOT!!
    love the shoes in the 2nd pic…..

  9. i love her 2nd pic!! her photoshoot’s awesome as always 😀

  10. she’s so gorgeous! love her ❤

  11. she looks like bom from the 2nd pic
    BTW she looks all grown. BEAUTIFUL!

  12. wow. I see Narsha. That backless pic was too much for a man to bear.

    • i barely survived and i’m a girl! whew! she’s definitely got one DIVINE body. hot damn!!

  13. So Gorgeous and super SEXY!!!!!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE this Puma shoot!!

  14. shes sssoo provocating!

  15. See Gdragon, this is how you do fashionable and still look good.

    YEH looks great. I love the theme for the shots. Her shorts in the second picture are kinda fug but i love everything else.

    • isn’t this sportswear? if you’re gonna compare, then i find that GD’s FILA and NII sportswear shoots are just as fashionable as these and he looks just as good as eunhye does.

      it’s when he does those so called “high fashion” shoots that i start to worry. damn if i can’t help but hate it when he goes for those crazy concepts. UGH! he should stick to normal more often. whenever i hear he’s gonna be on nylon or numero now, i fear for the outcome. =__=”

      still love the dude though. hehe^^

  16. OMG! i love the pic where she show her back. so sexy! YEH is now soooo successful. 🙂

  17. me too..

    oh my…

  18. Wow. How hot can she get. I super adore that seductive back pose. Like really.

  19. She looks like bommie on some of her pictures! ^^

    • especially the second pic and hello kitty one. i think its the round face and lips. YEH is always gorgeous.

  20. (whistles) I wonder what Jong Kook oppa will think of this photos? 😉

  21. Oh my…

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