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KBS Music Bank 20.11.2009 – SS501 wins #1 for 2nd week!

Group SS501 wins #1 on K Chart on KBS Music Bank today with hit ‘Love Like This’!

Today on KBS Music Bank, some of the highlights to the show are:

  • TaeYang‘s comeback stage with ‘Wedding Dress’
  • 2PM performs ‘Heartbeat’
  • Cheon Sang Ji Hee Sunday‘s comeback stage with ‘Love Alarm’ with H-Eugene
  • MC Sniper comeback stage with ‘Magic Castle’
  • Other hot stages by SS501, UKiss, f(x), Brown Eyed Girls, K Will etc.

Comeback Stage

  • TaeYang with ‘Wedding Dress’

Music Stage

  • 2PM with ‘Heartbeat’
  • SS501 with ‘Love Like This’
  • H-Eugene (feat. CJSH’s Sunday) with ‘Love Alarm’ – I miss Sunday so much ><
  • U-Kiss with ‘Man Man Hani’
  • f(x) with ‘Chu’
  • SHUI-I with ‘Please Help Me’
  • IU with ‘Marshmallow’
  • Lee Soo Young with ‘Don’t Call Me Name’
  • December with ‘Love Is So..’
  • Kim Tae Woo (feat. Lyn) with ‘When I say Hey, You say Yeah!’
  • Secret with ‘I Want You Back’
  • MC Sniper with ‘Magic Castle’
  • Yurisangja with ‘Bad Guy’
  • A-Force with ‘Wonder Woman’
  • Mighty Mouth (feat. Secret’s Song Ji Eun) with ‘Smile’
  • Lyn with ‘True Story’
  • DNT with ‘Way to love the heart’
  • Woo Joo
  • Wheesung
  • Brown Eyed Girls with ‘Sign’
  • K Will

25 Responses

  1. YEAH!!!! well done SS501!!

    U deserved it again and agian^^

    U r the Best~~

  2. hope tae yang win next week
    cuz my WHOLE (wel no excatly the whole school but then ALOT people know it)SCHOOL knows the song
    everyone is singing it
    T.T my school have 1,ooo something student
    so yeahhh hope tae yang wins
    fightin oppa

  3. YAYYY~~~~
    goooo ss501 :]]]

  4. omg i want 2pm to win so badly T_T

  5. 2pm such amazing performances everytime. They never fail to deliver

  6. I really wanted 2PM to win but no al because of his stupid boycott! Hopefuly they can get the win next week. I noticed it was Junho at the end too but I think it was more because those Hottest keept complaining about Woo’s wrist.

    • not really, the fans are no longer boycotting. There’s only VERY FEW. 2pm’s sales outsold SS501 this week. Well of course, SS501 sold higher when it was first released. But yeah, 2pm might win next week.

  7. SS501 forever!!!
    yay! So happy!

  8. did anyone notice that it was junho @ the very end of 2pm’s performance? i think they might switching up :] looking forward if that will happen. seriously, 2pm or any YG artist… TAKE OVER next week!! ;]

  9. SECRET<3 the girls looked really pretty today.

  10. GOSHH!!!
    my taeyang was awesome!!!
    really love it!!!!!
    wedding dress r just great!!
    i’m just like stuck to the tv!!while at the same time koe wo kikasete r playing at channel[v]!!~i couldn’t decide!!~

    hope bomiee unnie can perform next week!!!

    LOVE BIGBANG n 2NE1!!!
    LOVE M.A.M.A toooo!!~tomorrow~don’t forget!!!

    • yup yup! i cant agree wid you more! =)

      MAMA. 2mr. YB. *flatlines* YB overdose!!! =) Im lovin’ it!

  11. #*(ew* Boycott!
    2PM shouldve won today!
    My boy is the best!!

  12. but seriously.. when 2pm performance… i hate music bank’s cameraman so much!!!!!!!!!!

  13. congrats ss501.. next 2pm and next taeyang!
    taeyang is much better that b4~…

  14. 2pm are awesome. Now that’s what I call a performance! They’re not just prancing around on stage singing, but damn these boys are putting on a show and they’re doing a hell of a good job. Number 1 next week for sure!

  15. Congrats Im glad they won again and I really like their song love like this I think it will be very hard for Boom to win since you and I is a single

    • lol that’s like the second time someone has said Boom….Boom is a guy lol
      It’s Bom xD

  16. no B2ST, MBLAQ and SHINee..? TT^TT

    im addicted to ss501’s ‘love like this’ and ukiss’ ‘man man ha ni!!’ =3

    congrats to all performers and, of course, the number 1! 🙂

  17. congrats SS501

  18. congrats!!
    2pm for the next week pleaseee…
    wooyoung, u should take a rest..

  19. congrats!!
    2pm for the next week pleasee…

  20. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SS591 for the WIN ^^

  21. congratz!!!! I hope they can win next week.

  22. YES!!! SS501!!!

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