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2AM SeulOng confesses that his ideal girl is UEE in front of Park JaeJung

On the episode of MBC We Got Married aired on 21st November, the “husbands” Kim YoungJoon, Jo Kwon and Park JaeJung have come together to make kimchi, wanting to understand their wives more. It was their first time making kimchi.

Jo Kwon invited fellow 2AM member Im SeulOng over, and he helped with looking up on the internet on how to make kimchi.

During the process, SeulOng was asked who his ideal girl is and he answered, “My ideal girl is UEE, from long before.” This immediately got Park JaeJung‘s attention. Park JaeJung continued to show signs of jealousy after knowing from Jo Kwon that SeulOng has also boasted his close friendship with UEE since their trainee days.


10 Responses

  1. not bai eng hui meh?????
    although i like him…
    plz,, be wif bai eng hui
    for those who are not understand wat i am talkinf about, plz go nad searsh introducind star fren..
    no la, seulong oppa, u cn ever choose who u like the most, as well as u r happy…(i am very envy on UEE!!!)
    juz kiddin.
    hope that they can have a coser relationship

  2. Haha..thats good to see the UEE’s husband jealous because of that..=)
    But then its hard to find WGM latest with subbed with it…=(

  3. i think they’d be cute together. two skyscrapers. lmao. and i like uee and jaejung’s relationship on that show so it’s cute that he’s acting jealous. this show is seriously crazy long tho cuz they seem to have been married forever

  4. they’re all just acting…many men are lusting after Uee and many also hate her. Even if what he said is true, why should the fake husband get jealous? This show just doesn’t make sense. And did anybody bother to ask Uee who she really likes? It’s already been decided by the scriptwriters. Blah!

  5. LOL you guys are funny. I’m sure Yoobin can hook them up. 😉

  6. noo seulong.
    the man with the big chest belongs to mehe XD

    He once said that he liked women who are tanned.
    Uee is definitely a pale one.

  7. noo seulong~~
    The man whith that huge chest belongs to mehee XD

  8. Is there any way to watch we got married subbed anymore?

    • currently time2sub2 subs jo kwon’s & ga in’s parts only & sometimes you see seul ong & jinwoon cuts in there as well when they film the mc’s.

  9. no why????~! Seu Long you’re mine XD lol, kidding..

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