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2009 NongShim Love Sharing Concert

On 22nd November, there was no Inkigayo aired on the usual Sunday time slot, instead SBS broadcasted the NongShim Love Sharing Concert.

The 10th ‘NongShim Love Sharing Concert’, done together with the Korean Red Cross, aimed to help the needy people. The visitors can come to the event by bringing 2 bags of NongShim Shin Ramyeon as their donation.

And for the concert, some great performances lineup, including duet single performance by 2NE1 CL and Gong MinJi with ‘Please Don’t Go’.

Go under the cut for the rest of the performances.

Concert performance:

  • SS501 with ‘Love Like This’
  • 2PM with ‘Heartbeat’
  • CL and MinJi with ‘Please Don’t Go’ – Great live delivery
  • TaeYang with ‘Wedding Dress’
  • BEAST with ‘Bad Girl’
  • MBLAQ with ‘Oh Yeah’
  • December with ‘Love is so…’
  • Mighty Mouth with ‘Smile’
  • f(x) with ‘Chu’
  • Rainbow with ‘Gossip Girl’
  • H-Eugene with CSJH Sunday with ‘Love Alarm’
  • Lyn with ‘True Story’
  • Big MaMa Lee YeongHyun with ‘Sorry I Love You’ – really good song
  • Brown Eyed Girls with ‘Sign’

35 Responses

  1. cl and minji these giiirls.. totally love them!

  2. more video to download from them.. i upload it last week.. huhu

  3. […] Sandara Park قامت باظهار حبها لعضوتها في الفريق CL ولقد قامت بوضع صوره اخذت في خلف الكواليس لحفل NongShim Love Sharing Concert […]

  4. […] posted up a photo taken backstage to 2009 NongShim Love Sharing Concert, where members CL and Gong MinJi performed their new duet single ‘Please Don’t Go’, on 22nd […]

  5. […] posted up a photo taken backstage to 2009 NongShim Love Sharing Concert, where members CL and Gong MinJi performed their new duet single ‘Please Don’t Go’, on 22nd […]

  6. I only watched…
    CL and MInzy thast was awesome! the girls Rock the Stage.
    MBLAQ…likin the break dance and the outfits…still HOT!
    TaeYang was Great! so does 2PM!

    arghhh….Time and Days Flies SO Fast…..still can get over with MAMA…it jsut happened yesterday but I want more!!!!

  7. […] posted up a photo taken backstage to 2009 NongShim Love Sharing Concert, where members CL and Gong MinJi performed their new duet single ‘Please Don’t […]

  8. You weren’t kidding! Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better than the MAMA performance, CL and Minji did it even better. Singing was point on and I think the dance is just so cute.

    Taeyang was fabulous, just so damn perfect. Loved the dancers and his choreo was spot on, of course. And he looked maddddd sexy!

    I stayed up to watch this and it was sooo worth it, the whole show was good.

  9. GOSHHHH!!!!!
    i love TAEYANG,CL+MINJI, n MBLAQ!!!
    2 thumbs up for all of them!!

    TAEYANG~better then MAMA >_< (with his ''husky'' voice)-just love it
    ~do i have to go any further~kkkkkk

    CL+MINJI~really heat up da night!!!-congrats for winning 'awards' at MAMA!!!-keep up da great works!!!!

    MNBLAQ~juat as hottt as ever!!!-poor joon~can't move as much as usual!!!!btw…just loving it!!!!

    -many concert n award-

  10. Need i say more
    Minji + CL
    Tae Yang
    = the best ever

  11. ok! please don’t go definitely sounds better live than on my speakers. lol. i actually loved the performance. very powerful. i agree with sookyeong. awesome delivery.

    and great job to the rest of the performers. it was an enjoyable show^^

  12. I think that’s a hair extension…

    I think this performance is much better than MAMA, cause they performed the whole song….

    I want those Jeremy Scott outfits and shoes…

    bahhh… YG!!

  13. did CL realli grow her hair that ling or isnt just extensions >?!!?

  14. I might be having a girl crush on CL…she’s soooo pretty with that outfit and hair!!! I mean who wouldn’t like her?? She’s bad-ass, personality man!!

  15. cant watch ss501’s video, i have to be a friend?

    annd soo agree with your comments! love CL&minzy’s perf! keep forgetting that its LIVE! annnd love BigMama’s song as well!


  16. TAE YAAANNG! ❤ + CL&MINZY + 2PM = LOOVEE ^__^

  17. do you know where can i download this? ^^

  18. i LOVE minzy and CL’s performance! YB’s the last performance! LOVE it when at the end of the concert, YB, CL and Minzy were standing together! YG FAMILY <333!

  19. minji looked more like the baddest female to me, cl was cute

    2pm 2pm 2pm great performance

  20. CL & Minji
    YG Family rules! 🙂



  22. YGFamily. Nuff said.

  23. CL and Minzy were AMAZING. Period~!!!
    they totally killed it man~!! These girls are soo damn good ^.^

  24. CL & Minzy!! They’re like GDYB, but better kekeke
    btw I like CL’s hair =D

  25. gotta say CL & Minji is amazing! this performance is definitely much better that last nite’s MAMA…last nite was good enough but today is just the best…

  26. Poor joonie 😦 ❤ but they still did great xD i love the new dance break
    and 2pm were awesome of course <33

  27. where is doojoon??
    i miss the DooSeob moment!!

  28. was hoping to see yoseob on charts.. but glad to see Beast performing..wait! .NO DooJoon? huhuhu no Dooseob love too?

    I’m sure Yoseob miss him..

  29. Just to add

    LOL at what the backup dancers are wearing in CLMinji vid. So strange…

  30. 2PM! love heartbeat.

    Beast were awesome too.
    Aww MBLAQ, i hope joon’s foot gets better soon.

  31. CL n Minzy 2NE1 JJANG! 🙂

  32. 2PM. Nuff said.

  33. CL MINJI and Taeyang killed it awesome work.


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