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Best Moments Of Mnet Asian Music Awards

2009 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) which took place on 21st November, had a great following from Kpoppers and music fans from Korea and around the world.

The music event was filled with moments of tears, joy, excitement and anticipation.

And the best moment of night?

Highlight moments of friendship

It was an event said to be filled with friendship.

Dong Bang Shin Ki trio, “YunHo, ChangMin ah, I love You” when they received over the Asian Star Award

[S:Eternalmerkamoon1Click on CC for translation]

2PM also mentioned leader member JaeBum in their thankyou messages when they won the 2 awards.

And Big Bang members GDragon and TaeYang, friends of 8 years, had their first live joint performance of ‘Korean Dream’ during the show.


Other highlight moments

Some other highlight moments to the award ceremony


Performances and red carpet of the night:

And which do you think is the best moment of the night?

38 Responses

  1. GD GD GD <3<3<3<3<3
    wow he was so cute with the black her and Gaho hehehe ^_^

  2. I love how Kim Tae Woon show his love to the 2PM boys..=)
    He really support them…<3
    Thats my favorite moment..

  3. What’s Asian about the 1st mnet Asian Music Awards??? The awards show only featured Korean artists, and no one from the musically diversed regions of Asian. The only thing I admired about the MAMA is that the K-poppers madea great effort to sing and host the event in their own language, and I loved that, unlike in the Philippines. I envy Korea very much for coming up with songs that best represent their language. The Philippines have Charice Pempengco, Apl. de. Ap of the Black Eyed Peas and Arnel Pineda of the US band Journey. But these people never sang in Tagalog or Filipino. Many singers here in the country prefer to sing English. If MAMA will come up with new categories, I hope it won’t come up with “Best Filipino Category”. I applauded those K-Poppers.

  4. OMG!!
    the 2NE1 musical was freaking awesome!!!!
    n what i LOVE the most is DA FRIENDSHIP STAGE~GDYB~sooooooooo great!!!!- definitely highlight of the night!!GO~KOREAN DREAM~GO~

    the most touching part is when the 3 DBSK-xiah,jaejoong n micky-gave their speech n they even say sth to their 2 friends!!!
    soooo touching!!!~all of us can feel the sadness~

    when 2PM perf i was really hoping that Jae will pop-up from anywhere!!!
    ~the stage felt soo empty without him~esp when they perform-AGAIN AGAIN-as if……….

    WHATEVER IT IS,,,definitely it was a great show n an amazing night that i’ve ever experienced~even if i was just watching at home-kkkkkk!!!~


  5. gd and gaho is the best i think haha

  6. im quite disappointed with the results..but not with the show. the show was great.

    best moment of MAMA 2009..? i think it was jaechunsu attending it. the very second they’re walking on stage, receiving the trophy from 2ne1, which i think CL was stunned by their hotness..was a very great moment already.

    as for their speech, it was really emotional for the trio to deliver, and they really thanked all of the people who are supporting them up to now.

    ..and also 2pm’s moment. we can see to each member that they really missed jaebum and his presence.

    congrats to all the winners. 🙂

  7. GD&YB are actually friends for 10 years not 8.
    but whatever.
    the most epic perf i guess was the FEMALE RAPPERS PERF!
    and i liked the CL&Minzy Please Dont Go perf!
    i started crying when 2NE1 got Song Of the Year.
    but i cried even more when 2pm got the ARTIST OF THE YEAR!
    best part probably was 2PM’s Speech<3

  8. MAMA still great despite the boycott from SME.
    maybe they should b boycott next year,haha
    w’out SM artists,other grup like KARA n BEG get to perform..
    i can imagine,if SME attend last night,
    all i can see is SM stage,
    with only su-ju,so-shi…etc~[i’m not hating ’em]
    other rookie might not gonna get any stage! hahaha
    (no Offense)

    GDYB n 2NE1 great as expected!
    big bang member always know how to RAISE THE ROOF!!

    also,heartbreaking moment when 2pm stage,
    even choking me up,when they receive the award..so sad!

    bitter~sWWEEET MAMA!love
    can’t wait for next MAMA!!


    Feel sad for DBSK and 2PM =( hwaiting!

  10. i cried. 2pm forever. ❤

    BIG BANG forever.

  11. I love every moment of it. MAMA wasn’t a disappointment at all! All the performances were EPIC!

  12. I can’t say anything but …
    2PM !!! T_______T

  13. I cried a lot! Surprisingly!
    I cried like a whimp when 2PM won, ‘Artist of the Year.’ Man, I am so proud of them, just so damn happy for them, so happy that all the BS, and they’re still on top.
    I cried when GDYB performed, it was a happy cry, a ‘so-proud-I-want-to-cry,’ cry.
    I cried A LOT when 2NE1 cried, Bom cries so beautifully.

    My fave performance: GDYB (duh!)
    My fave moment: a tie- when 2PM won and 2NE1 won.

  14. 2pm winning artist of the year was the best moment for me. I felt myself tearing watching them accept their well deserved award.

  15. GDYB <33 & CL&Minzy duet totally rock the show!
    love the 2pm performance too 😀
    JYP & YG rocks! ❤
    congrats to the winners ^_^

  16. despite all the hype about bycotting this award…it was actually Amazing…really
    they did so much better than i expected.
    2PM moment was really touching!

  17. GD was so nice when he said 2PM before the announcer and was one of the first to stand up to applaud them. Personally i always like his performances, cause they are very different one from the other. Ohh his hair is like the hairstyle he had during “Lies era”, looks so good on him, so mature and manly lol…2ne1’s stage was cool, but the best part for me was CL’s and Minzy’s stage, as for the female rappers stage, i liked when Tasha came out, she is just so good, and love how her husband was cheering them all the time, so cute. But i still prefer the hip hop stage with GD, Top and DD and TY with the crowd, that was just awesomeness hehehe,

  18. I can understand the fact that Kwon Sang Woo came like others actors to give the awards but GaHo?? hahaha

  19. i think there were a lot of highlights this year despite ppl whining that MAMA was a disappointment. IMHO, they pulled off a real awesome show!

    the moment tasha showed up during that rap stage. GDYB’s stage and their friendship poses. YooJaeSu’s speech was a highlight too, i bet. i mean, i’m no Cassie so i can’t be taken to be touched by it, but i bet a lot of Cassies cried tonight. then 2PM’s speech was awesome. then 2NE1’s musical and their speech too since they’re rookies this year and to win a big award it’s definitely a real touching moment.

    though for me, the highlight of my night was when they were announcing the artist of the year award and they were focusing on GD, i saw GD say 2PM even before the announcer did. and it made me so happy. and the smile GD had for 2PM’s win was just so sincere, i was really touched. haha^^ like he didn’t even care for himself he KNEW 2PM was gonna win and was soooo HAPPY for them. lol. it made my night. i dunno why i’m so touched by it. but i just am. it’s the little things that strike me most. haha^^

    i loved MAMA tonight regardless of whatever issues that are shrouding it. congrats to everyone!!! winners and performers alike!<3

    • Same here! I thought I was the only one who noticed GD do that. I loved that his smile was sincere and happy. Can you imagine how Junsu feels? I bet great since he sees his friends (GDYB) succeed, and now its his turn! I also loved how the celebs shedded tears.

    • i saw that too.^^
      man,GD’s awesome as a person,can’t understand ppl hatin’ on him.
      jealous of his success?his working his butt out since he was a kid.i hope ppl let him enjoy life to the fullest.

    • yeah that’s really a highlight. IT’S SO AWESOME

  20. YooJaeSu’s speech. Since I am not a Korean, I don’t usually follow Korean singers. DBSK is the only Korean musicians that I am following. I also have all of their albums and their concert DVDs. Because of DBSK, I started to read KPop news, listen KPop music and get to know some other Korean singers.

  21. I was really waiting for 5 TVXQ members but :..(
    I’m sure next they are gonna be together ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH

  22. 2PM!!
    JYP must be very proud in back there..
    last year WG swept the best female and best song,,this year is 2PM win the best male and artist of the year!! yay.. ^^
    Jay.. that’s for you.. JYP Family Love..

  23. the EPIC was GDYB’s performance. i just LOVE these boys! LOVE the part when GD was dj-ing. but 2pm was the most touching one.especially when they received the artiste of the year. kinda sad that jaebum is not with them. 😦 but he’ll be back!

  24. ❤ BIG BANG ❤
    GD ❤
    BIG BANG<3

  25. to me is DBSK and 2PM I mean this year was not the best year for both of these groups and I hope next year will be a better year for both of these groups

  26. The best moment of the night ? Hum…Probably when Seo In Young,with a trot singer etc sing .It was really a big surprise for me,because Seo In Young did a very good job !Kim TaeWoo with Epik High and 2PM stage was really great too !

  27. MAMA wasn’t a disappointment after all (‘: 2PM, DBSK, BIG BANG & 2NE1 HWAITING!

  28. this award is really bittersweet… when 2PM received their award, i’m crying and smiling at the same time.. i’m happy for them but i’m sad that leadja wasn’t there..

    it’s the same to DBSK.. really sad for them and cassies…

    the only moment that makes me smile and drop tears of joy… was when 2NE1 received their awards… i’m happy for them…i like their musical…

  29. 2PM king wang zzang! 🙂

  30. uwowww. wooyoung must have cried so badly, that it hurts me so much!!!! 2PM deserve the night! & regarding the DBSK, i totally sympathized with them… ): Bittersweet night of the year.

  31. The DBSK trio stage was the best moment of the whole night.

    Bong&Bae rocked it. I loved the lady rappers collaboration.
    2PM’s winning moment was the highlight of my night (:

  32. 2pm FOR SURE
    jae needs to come back..

    SM should have just let their artists besides DBSK in this year.. it felt really empty this year..
    must say, compared to last year…. eh.

  33. thx a lot 4 the wrap up =D
    JCS’s speech was beyond sad =(
    how i wish things will work out well for them, that’s all i’m asking for

  34. i think the best moment is during the winners giving their speech time.. ^_^
    congratz to all the winner….

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