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2PM WooYoung and TaekYeon’s afterthoughts about MAMA on their minihompy

2PM member WooYoung and TaecYeon posted up their thoughts being awarded the artiste of the year on 2009 MAMA, much out of their anticipation.

posted up a short message on his minihompy at about 1.46am shortly after MAMA ended saying, “Thank you”. 2PM has received over the award without their leader Jaebum that day. WooYoung was seen tearing on stage when receiving over the awards, and hugging other members like Nich Khun and Chansung.

Fans who visited his minihompy left messages like”Don’t cry. We are also waiting for JaeBum together”, “Seeing you cry breaks my heart. Himnae!”, “You guys must have gone through some rough period back then, and given that you all are still so young” etc

Member TaecYeon also posted up a post on his minihompy following that, saying, “We will continue to work hard. Thank you.”

TaecYeon has called out to JaeBum when the group was receiving over the Best Male Group Award that night, saying, “We are all waiting, so we hope you will come back.”

2PM has won 2 awards that day on 2009 MAMA – Artiste of The Year and Best Male Group Award.

It was heartbreaking to see WooYoung cry last night 😦

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  1. poor them!!
    they look like they really miss jae a lot!!!

    when they r performing< i was just hoping that jae will pop-up from anywhere!!if that happen that will be the greatest comeback ever!!!~it looks soo empty esp when they perform again2!!!~


    • wow that ehhhhh person needs to shut the hell up. they obviously have no idea what it feels like to lose someone and still have to work hard for other people. they hella deserved to win.

  2. I actually cried watching it too…
    hearing Taec calls for Jay make me want to cry more…

  3. Junsu also posted ‘Thank You. 2PM ALL THE WAY’ in his cyworld too

  4. omg… this is so sad and heartbreaking…

    2pm fighting!!!

    i really hope jay will be back someday…

  5. Hm…it does break my heart to see all of them especially WooYoung cried when they won artist of the year..i guess they really didint except that they will won that…but then…it is a paid-off of what had they did to won that…and im really proud to be HOTTEST..<3

  6. oh please! They won because people pitied Jaebum!
    LOL! Artist of the year? gosh! Their sales are not even amazing!

    • shows how much you know.

    • Excuse me, but 2PM had every right to earn Artist of Year year.
      From their variety shows to their album promotions, they’ve been extremely hard-working since their debut.

  7. ikr~~ i cried too D: i don’t know how any hottest fan could have watched that and not cry, geez it was heartbreaking D:
    i really hope jay will come back, i mean it’s really obvious they are hurting inside and their performances are also so genuine, 1:59PM needs him back to be 2PM once again!
    i can’t continue to watch wooyoung cry, because it makes me cry too, wooyoung&jay are my favourites… this isn’t working… i kinda agree with Funnybunnywinglum!
    come one jay… i understand you need some time off, but seriously, isn’t it taking a bit too long right now?! don’t wait until your fans have forgotten about you!

  8. OMG. i feel for them. But this whole thing with Jaebeom is just getting annoying. I mean after there performance, Jaebeom should’ve been on the next flight there. What is he waiting for? Mnet practically begged him to come and if he did come it would’ve been such a great surprise to his fans but in the end was nothing. :C

  9. To lighten up the mood a bit, 2pm went back to their seats right after receiving their award for Best Male group, instead of exiting backstage. hehehe. the ushers did not know what to do I think, and they don’t want to shout just to call them back. hehehe.

    I also cried when 2pm won Artist of the Year. They really do deserve it, because they really had their impact this year. I’m happy for them, and I wish Jaebum goes back to 2pm. But somehow I have this gut feeling that if he enjoys too much of his lifestyle back in Seatlle – doing his thing without too much pressure plus a lot more privacy – he might never go back to 2pm, or at least if he does it will be too late. But I hope I’m wrong too, because I miss the seven beastly idols.

    It’s so sad to see them cry because of their situation yet I’m happy they received that award.

    Congratulations to 2pm! =)

    • I have that feeling too…
      I’ve been reading some articles pertaining to this and wasn’t crying up until now. I tried to avoid watching any videos because I knew I was gonna cry. I’m gonna be strong!

    • omgggggggg !!!! I have that gut feeling too…

  10. My heart hurts everytime that i think of Woo crying, he’s my second favorite and i fell for him because of his lame jokes and hypeness but now, he’s been so down since what happened to Jay, he hadn’t truly smiled since then.
    it really breaks my heart…
    And i agree, Taec seems the strongest emotionally.
    i can’t imagine how the other boys must be feeling when Jay left them and when they won this awards

  11. OMG~~ we all have our favorites. taecie and woogoo has always been mine. and to see woo break apart like that…. i couldn’t bear to watch. it was soooo heartwrenching. you can tell that woo feels closest to jay and you can tell that woo has the softest heart. the boy is a sensitive one and i felt hurt when i saw him cry. it helps a bit to see taecie handling the emotions so well. he’s a strong guy. he even can make jokes still even through his sadness. i’m so grateful that taecie is such a laid-back and optimistic guy.

    i’m reminded of the WB episode where they were playing a prank on taecie and eventhough he was super tired and jet-lagged he never even once got angry or snapped at them. i feel like emotionally, taecie is strongest. and it helps to have this kind of person when facing something as depressing as this.

    jay! pls come back soon. woogoo is hurting without you, man<3

  12. poor wooyoung he was the only one that didnt say anything. he cried a lot it was obvious he didnt even wanna be shown on camera. it must’ve been hard for him to even do promotions without jaebeom. i really hope he comes back soon. and to those of you who watched mnet wild bunny you can see how much wooyoung loved jaebeom. i know all of them do, but him and wooyoung were so funny and cute together.

  13. It was heartbreaking to see WooYoung cry last night 😦

    it is sookyeong a~~~
    when kwon sang woo announced that 2pm is the winner, wooyoung immediately touch his head with his two hands, and have a body language like “he didnt want to receive it, when leadja wasnt there”
    so heartbreaking

  14. I can still feel their pain…
    especially Wooyoung’s..
    I hope jay comes back no matter how long…
    As long as he comes back, 2PM will be happy.

  15. No matter how often i watch it, i always start crying…
    It would have been great if Jaebeom was there..but im sure he was watching it :]

  16. I’m still crying, it was so touching
    we will support 2pm to won millions of awards with Jaebum!!

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