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Kim Hyun Joong and Jung YoungHwa are the MCs to new corner on MBC ‘Sunday Night’

SS501 Kim Hyun Joong and newcomer talent Jung YoungHwa have been chosen as the new MCs for MBC ‘Sunday Night’.

Kim PD said during a press conference on 23rd November, “Kim HyunJoong and Jung YoungHwa will be for the new corner on ‘Sunday Night’ called ‘Korea Ecosystem Rescue Centre, Hunters’ to be aired on 6th December.”

This will be a corner where celebrity MCs will go out to capture wild boars. The PD added, “Even right now, the MCs are working hard with the qualified professionals capturing the wilde boars in KyeongSan IlRyeong. Every week, the 7 MCs will get training for about 2D1N and go out to hunt for the wild boars. This week it will be IlRyeong, and next week it will be in AhnDong.”

The PD added, “There are about 170 thousand wild boars in our country, the population has increased 4x than before. If the government do not do something to control the population, it can pose as harm to the ecosystem in our country. We want to bring awareness about the ecosystem in our country and also bring down the population of wild boars through this show. The captured wild boars will either be given to nursing homes or given to the less fortunate to be eaten.”

The other MCs on the show are Hwang JungEum, Jung GaEun, Han JiMin and Han HyoJoo etc.

Original JiHoo seonbae meets ‘2nd JiHoo seonbae’ ShinWoo hyung!!


41 Responses

  1. […] Kim Hyung Joong is having his revenge on the “swine flu” virus! Not only is he promoting H1N1 prevention, but he’ll also appear as one of the new MCs of the Sunday Night ecosystem-themed variety show airing December 6th, in which he will…hunt wild boars?! […]

  2. […] This was the talk of the Kpop Town earlier – about how Kim Hyun Joong and Jung YoungHwa will come together in a variety show ‘Hunter’ for MBC ‘Sunday Night’. […]

  3. younhwa *0*

  4. isn’t they looks alike?

  5. Who cares, I’d watch it if YongHwa is there!

  6. am glad Han Hyo Joo is with them also 😀

  7. jihoo and shinwoo~ xD
    but the corner doesnt sound that interesting.. =(

  8. this is so cool! i love them both ❤

  9. LOL omona! the real Jihoo and the second Jihoo! woot~ 😀

  10. LOL. omona. i love them both! Jihoo and the second Jihoo. woot~ 😀

  11. wow. that’s actually pretty exciting. haha, the two “second leads”.

  12. OH MY! JUNG YONG HWA <333


  14. OMG.. JiHoo and ShinWoo together?

    A dream come true!

  15. catching boars??? what kind of theme is that?
    if only boars are like fangirls then they wont have a problem catching one….

  16. JI HOO SUNBAE AND SHIN WOO HYUNG!!! hahaha God this show will be dangerous to the health of all fan girls…. mehn.. imma die haha

  17. lol i totally agree w/ your comment ! heehee!

  18. This is really exciting!! I immediately thought of Jihoo Sunbae and mini Jihoo Sunbae!!

  19. capturing wild boars? hahahs it reminds me of taekyung being chased by wild boars XD

  20. they look alike..seriously..
    and they have similar characters in their respective drama..
    even the name sound the same..jihoo and shinwoo

  21. Woah~~~~ LOVING THIS ^^

  22. YoungHwa & HyunJoong fighting!!!! i love both of them.

  23. I love both guys ^^

  24. Wow. SW and Jihoo. hehehe. LOL they both portrayed very caring characters and now they have to catch wild boars?hehe. what a turnaround.

  25. […] You're beautiful More news about our favorite stalker/towel guy. Kim Hyun Joong and Jung YoungHwa are the MCs to new corner on MBC ‘Sunday Night’ K Bites __________________ "Mother Superior, My Star is crying, What do I do?" – Go Mi Nam […]

  26. lol shin woo oppa catching boars O_O that’s a must see!

  27. Ji Hoo soenbae meets Shin Woo hyung.
    But catching wild boars don’t sound fun to me.

  28. wild boars? i think Jang Geun Suk would best..since a one chase after him in YAB…hahahaha…but seeing Ji Hoo and Shin Woo together would be entertaining since Jung Young Hwa referred to kim Hyun Jung acting as Ji Hoo for his role as Shin Woo…

  29. i love that the first thing that comes to everyones mind now when they see these two is jihoo sunbae one && two <33
    cuz that what i wass thinking too!! lolx

    JiHoo && ShinWoo.. why cant they get the girl?!? *sigh*
    HyunJoong && YoungHwa fighting <33

  30. I cant tell which who is who on their names…all have the same sound names

  31. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love both of them!
    esp yonghwa!!!! cant wait!!!

  32. haha i hope there will be english subs for this! shin woo and jihoo…can’t wait xD

  33. I love everyone’s reply^^
    I can’t wait to see Yong Hwa again after You’re Beautiful ends =]

  34. jandi and minam’s night and shining armor..

  35. oh my jihoo & jihoo 2.0

  36. HAHAHA. both the caring characters. hehe. anticipating!

  37. jihoo and shinwoo?! cool~

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