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Missing in action, BEAST DooJoon attracts rumours of leaving the group

Fans have become worried when they see that BEAST leader DooJoon has been absent for the group’s activities recently.

He was not present with the group when they attended MBC Music Core and MAMA on 21st November. He was also not present for NongShim Love Sharing Concert on 22nd November after that.

Looking at DooJoon‘s absence for the series of activities, fans have also grown concerned. Their company revealed through a phone interview on 21st November, “He has some personal matters to attend to. It is not something bad so there is nothing to get worried about.”

But fans have been coming up with various speculations and rumours. Some are even saying that he is leaving the group. BEAST company came out to clarify again on 23rd November, “Currently it is not the right time to reveal anything. But when the time is right, we will reveal the reason to it.”

28 Responses

  1. Oh, I hope nothing happened to his family or something, that would be sad. He will not quit when he finally had the chance to debut. I am sure.
    Good luck to him.

  2. just relax guys it’s probably just some issues with his family or something like that
    he didn’t train for this long to just leave within a month of debut. its going to be ok.
    if the company says its a personal issue i think we should just leave him alone
    he’s only been gone for a few days or something right? nothing to worry about (:

  3. no its like 2pm all over again T_T
    i really dont want this to happen.
    even tho im not a big fan of beast, losing a leader hurts. alotttt.
    sounds cheesy but its true. im still upset about jay T_T

  4. nooooooooo

  5. I don’t want another leader drama.. It hurts so bad to lose them..

  6. that’s the same thing they said with the After School member that left… first it was family matters then she left…

    I wish he doesn’t leave the group…. He’s like my only FAVORITE in there! i thought he gave the group some UNF! that they needed… let’s hope for the best!

  7. OH my..he just debut..how come he want to leave his group…plus he’s a leader for his group….please not let it be like SoYoung case..huhu..

  8. no… I love DooJoon! He better stay in B2ST!

  9. lol it’s personal! hate it when people start rumours =___= they said it’s nothing bad, so just wait for him to start his activities with beast again!

  10. it’s probably nothing! ;]

  11. doesn’t this always happen when something’s fishy is up?

    first ftisland, afterschool, etc…

    he better not go anywhere! haha.

  12. doojoon a!! dont leave please..><
    not another Leader to leave pliz…it will hurt me a lot!!

  13. maybe he just has issues in this family, and has to stay there, i m sure its nothign bad 🙂

  14. plzz .. come back soon !
    I’ve missed you already 😦

  15. aww no pls, i love BEAST! ❤

  16. i love him the most in BEAST. DooJoon please don’t leave. ur just starting ur career >.<

  17. sorry if im biased here, but doojoon, dont leaveeeeeee us. hahhaha, if not i’ll be crying hysterically right now.

  18. Hopefully he’ll be able to deal with the personal matters nicely.. Let’s just wish for the best..

  19. I hope he dont leave BEAST =( that will me sad

  20. i’m incredibly biased
    i love doojoon =(

  21. everything starts with a rumor! Look at After School, FT Island and the rest who lost a member. Hopefully this will be a false one.

  22. this is ridiculous! y shud he leave his band mates ?
    i think i juz personal live..not meant to live.. he seem pretty happy in Beast… Not another leader drama~ netizens worried tooooooooooooooo much!! im sure he wil b back soon~.. doojoon! juz need to wait fr Cube Ent. statement release… (the real one)

  23. hell yeah. as if doojoon would do that.

  24. if it’s a personal issue the fans should back off. i understand the whole idea of public figures not really having privacy but if its a serious issue he shouldnt have to explain it. hopefully he’s not leaving the group

  25. let’s hope for the best

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