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T-ara JiYeon and Yoo SeungHo casted for KBS upcoming mini series

T-ara JiYeon has been casted as the main character for KBS 2TV upcoming mini series ‘Lord of Study’.

JiYeon debuted as part of girlgroup T-ara in July and was casted for MBC horror series ‘Soul’ and has received good reviews of her acting. And now she has been casted for the main character for this drama with Kim SooRo and Yoo SeungHo.

The drama is an adaption of Japanese comic ‘Dragon Sakura’. JiYeon and Yoo SeungHo will play the roles of the students, and Kim SooRo will play the role of their teacher struggling to get them into prestigious college.

This is the 2nd time that JiYeon and Yoo SeungHo collaborate. Yoo SeungHo has also previously appeared in T-ara’s debut song MV ‘Lies’.

The drama ‘Lord of Study’ will air on 4th January next year.

24 Responses

  1. jiyeon & seung ho,they fit together

  2. i wish all the actors from god of study came to MALAYSIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. yu seung ho is mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. yu seungho is really cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Jiyeon
    you are pretty and you are a good singer and a actress. I hope you visit in california
    and i hope you are my best friend

    YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!! JIYEON!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    NUMBER 1

  6. very good

  7. i love both of you JiYeon and SeungHo

  8. Wow..Lord of Study based on Dragon Sakura..i watched already the drama in Japanese and i watch how the drama goes in korean..=)
    And cant wait to see Stepmother Kim to act..ehehe..=)
    They also should cast Daesung too…there is one guy(cant remember his name) has the same small eyes like Daesung act in the drama(in Dragon Sakura)…Daesung could play his role..and i know that Daesung can play that role good…=)

  9. I adored Dragon Zakura!
    So I hope the remake won’t be a let down like Kkotboda Namja was.

  10. it would be good if hongki was still a cast for this drama..
    i love his acting in YAB and he can play the rebellious type of student quite well judging from ft island mv..
    i hope yoo seungho can do a great job..that boy got talent..really young too..

  11. i like Dragon Sakura japanese drama version.
    i hope this will be funny just like the japanese one
    if Hongki play, i can imagine how great this film would be.. because his acting in YB suit with dragon sakura.
    unfortunately he won’t 😦

    • i love dragon sakura as well.. it features alot of top japanese act. Hmmmm i will check it out hope it’s not as draggy as BFF. Sorry for me BFF in the beginning is just so-so. Im not that familiar with SeungHo’s n Jiyeon’s acting.. but will check them out..
      as much as i love kim sooro. Him as the serious lawyer/teacher is a bit errrm maybe because of his previous character in E.T teacher sumtin lol…
      if only hongki is in this…. i love his acting.. He’s good.. funny n good acting.. probably he can be teppei…

  12. they looked good together..
    and definitely flirting with each other during the filming of t-ara music video ‘lies’
    both 1993-er right?

  13. They look really cute together.. bubbling romance haha 93ers! can’t wait big fan of both of them! yoo seung oh is quiet the rising star

  14. HE’S MINE!!!

  15. if i was JiYeon i quite T-ara she a better actress than a singer.
    anyway you get more money to.

  16. auwww can’t wait 4 d drm..

  17. seems like this drama will be the next BBF. I think bbf also aired 5th jan this year. and in KBS too

  18. Hongki & Yejin supposed to star in dis drama buh at least Yoo Seung Ho is in it ❀

  19. oh oh oh… they look cute together hehe
    sooro omg i bet his character is one of those crazy, funny teachers that makes the impossible possible hhaha

  20. hmmm… lord of study… sounds framiler…
    wasn’t Lee Hongki casted in it before or something?
    but either way, looking forward to it!

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