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‘Last Concert’ for You’re Beautiful

With the drama set for an ending this week, the characters of You’re Beautiful arranged a special ‘Last Concert’ event for the fans of the drama ‘You’re Beautiful.’

Go under the cut for the 411 and the footage!

On November 23 at 7pm in the Melon AX, the casts of ‘You’re Beautiful’ filmed the last concert scene with the actual fans, ending and finishing up the drama. In the last scene involving members A.N.JELL, especially TaeKyung and MiNam, about 2,500 fans gathered and showed deep interest, and even cooperated well for the filming, touching the hearts of the staff members once more.

Jang GeunSuk, playing the role of TaeKyung repaid the fans by singing ‘What Should I Do’ and ‘Goodbye’ from the OST and afterwards, A.N.JELL members all together displayed extravagant fan service. Park ShinHye sang ‘Lovely Day’ following up by Lee HongKi and Jung YongHwa’s ‘As Ever.’

For the last the performance, all the A.N.JELL members came on stage and sang the most loved song in the album, ‘Promise.’ As the music came to a close, the  members finished up the stage with their special symbol of putting two fingers on their lips and sending out their kisses.

Videos of the event:

Ji Youn: It is really hard to believe that the drama is actually ending…

21 Responses

  1. Aww the videos are all removed.. D;

  2. ooohhhhhhh i lIKE u EveRYoNE caUZe YOUR moVIe iS veRY beaUtiful drAMA thATs aLl

  3. how gentleman of jang geun suk….he offered his jacket to park shin hye:) FYI *it made the scream*
    how romantic

  4. where are park shin hye ?
    I want she sing her song

  5. T_T i’m sad! I’ll miss this drama a lot!
    Tae Kyung, Go mi nam (Nyu), Jeremy *-*, ShinWoo!!! I love u!

  6. i can’t believe this drama will end tomorrow night =_=
    wed-thu will be different…
    will miss YB.. anjell ❤ ❤ ❤

  7. I’m gonna miss the drama so bad. 😦

  8. OMG, I DON’T WANT THIS TO END!!! Man, I wish I was there at the concert…='[

    Ahhh, Im gonna cry so hard when I watch ep 16! I want season 2!!!

  9. I don’t want this to end! They all will forever have a place in my heart, and remain a top drama of mine. Best wishes!

  10. hey…is she wearing skirt?? (spoiler alert!)

  11. i thought the finger kiss was a G-Dragon thing…anyways, LOVE THE DRAMA!!! ^^

  12. i look forward to this drama every week. i will miss it! i wish it was longer but i don’t think it’s a good idea really coz of the storyline…so for it coming to an end is bittersweet.

  13. no i don’t want it to end! it’s so fun watching this drama (well more addictive then fun lol)

  14. ahh!!
    its already come to an end! D:
    now which drama will i look forward to watch every week?

    will miss them so much

  15. They ‘re happy together, I love them so much…
    “It is really hard to believe that the drama is actually ending…”
    I don’t want to believe too..
    I think I’ll miss them so much ><

  16. i love how it was suppose to be fictional only.
    but then everyone is so talented,they really hve the voice of a singer!
    omg im gonna miss this drama.>

  17. so this is it.. this is their last concert.. i’m so sad right now..

    oh man.. i’m gonna miss them so badly..

    Man it’s hard to say goodbye to a drama I love so much..

    Goodbye “You’re Beautiful” and thank you.. The best drama ever..

  18. i wish park shin hye will sing her song, ‘oh no’ 🙂

  19. gosh. they’re so talented. i lovee the a.n.jell concert, it’s almost as if it’s a real band. but sadly, they’ll be breaking apart :[
    i hope to see their wonderful faces again in more dramas! ❤

  20. love this drama! its sad that its ending tmr T-T

  21. one of the fastest-running dramas I’ve seen.. :/ love and hate relationship with it

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