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Park ShinHye’s boyish image is proven to have gained success!

Actress Park ShinHye successfully gained success for her Girl Boy character in “You’re Beautiful” drama!

The actress plays the twin sibling Go Minam (Man) and Go Minyu (Woman) in ‘You’re Beautiful” drama. Her natural acting for the 2 characters in the drama has been popular among the drama lover as people is putting their eyes on the drama since the very amusing scene in which Park ShinHye transformed from a nun’s dress into a man’s outfit in the drama’s 1st episode!

Not only Park ShinHye, other casts : Jang GeunSuk, Lee HongKi and Jung YoungHwa are also another aspect of the fame. And the popularity of “You’re Beautiful” drama is also proven as people is requesting the drama’s Season 2 production.

Girl Boy character is actually not a new hype in the k-drama industry as in 2007, Yoon EunHye did the same for MBC “Coffee Prince” as well as actress Moon GeunYoung for 2008 SBS drama “The painter of the Wind” . The previous 2 dramas were also known to gained success.

Meanwhile, tv viewers are now in much anticipation for “You’re Handsome” last episode which will be aired on November 26 via its 16th episode!

Here’s a photo spread for all Go Minam fans!

21 Responses

  1. Really missed You’re Beautiful… Really hope to see Park Shin Hye soon

  2. d rating in korea is x really good
    but most of the foreigners..most of them love YB
    they’d make a poll
    n it’s much better compared with IRIS

  3. I love PARK SHIN HYE ❤

  4. ^obviously not many people watch it cause if they did he ratings would be a lot higher instead of their pathetic ratings that ended at 11.9% nationwide on their last episode.
    Teenybopper fans of this drama should seriously open their eyes and stop deluding themselves that this show is a success.

    Painter of the Wind with MGY was brilliant and a total success and so was YEH’s Coffee Prince.

  5. ^ But many people are still watching it. And if you think it’s not successful, probably you should not comment at all? Coz it seems that you care. haha.

    I think YEH and PSH look so much alike when they have that hair. =)

  6. Success? ratings for You’re Beautiful sucks. Highest rating for this series is only 11.8% so successful it is not!

  7. so it’s only me who doesn’t want 2nd season of You’re Beatiful??? ermmm… i love this drama so much but i don’t think it should have 2nd season,coz d ending is like happy ending already…i mean d storyline doesn’t need much more story afterward right?
    anyway, congrats to me coz basically i can stand Korean drama like 13-14 episodes only then i’ll get bored,but 16 episodes seems pretty good for You’re Beautiful…^^

  8. omg.. i really2 hope there will be season 2..!! >o<

  9. kyah pigrabbit!
    i want that the piggie will be sell like the teddy bears in goong~

  10. If i use my western upbringing to judge her acting, i’d give her 5/10, she acts a bit too cute and innocent/stupid sometimes which can feel really un realistic.

    If i use my asianess to judge her acting, i’d give her 8/10 since she really isn’t annoying and her acting isn’t too bad especial in the serious scenes.

  11. GO MI NAM ROCKS! Well, when she’s not being too “dumb”…if you know what i mean…XD

    Gosh, I LOVE YB SO MUCH! Last episodes this week ='[


  12. she’s really pretty ^^

  13. I prefer Yoon Eun Hye more 🙂

  14. she looks better with that hairstyle!
    seriously her hairstyle at GOONG S long haired and everything is Blah >.>

  15. AHH i love all three actress, but my current addiction is defiantly YB, and PSH is amazing! best luck to all girls (:

  16. aww..she look cute!
    i like her hair short than long…

  17. She’s TOO CUTE as a guy (and a girl). I’m surprised by her acting skills compared to Goong S. Well, then again, she didn’t really have a huge role in that nor did she really have a good part to play but I think I really underestimated her abilities 🙂

  18. this drama just seems to amaze more and more ~
    season 2? ill be hoping (: but really…
    park shinhye really proved to me that she could act through the drama (:
    along with leehongki & jungyonghwa [ janggeunsuk i already knew 🙂 ]

  19. i love BOTH Go EunChan and Go MiNam!!

    Both Miss GOs!

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