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Lee Seung Gi shows off his chocolate abs

Singer actor Lee SeungGi shows off his chocolate abs.

On SBS ‘One Night’s TV Entertainment’ aired on 25th November, Lee Seung Gi reveals a photo of his chocolate abs and have caught the interests of many netizens and TV viewers.

Lee Seung Gi is currently preparing for his independent concert ‘2009 Lee Seung Gi Hope Concert in Seoul’ on 12th and 13th December. And it is known that he will be revealing his abs during the concert, and the photos revealed are sneakpeeks into it.

Lee Seung Gi talks about his abs, “I am just as shocked and thought that the photo taken is a composite photo.” He also revealed that the day before he was supposed to do the photoshoot for his concert posters, he was confirmed of swine flu.

I didn’t know he has those hidden under the clothes O.O



20 Responses

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  2. it’s the truth!
    that’s his six-pack.
    i’ve watched the video of him revealing it during his hope concert.

    • mek kelate wat site did u see him with six pack abs…

      its posoble maybe cause he is skinny…..

  3. […] much less, Lee Seung Gi flashed his six-pack in a photo shoot advertising his upcoming concert tour, igniting area libidos. The star says that […]

  4. seunggi’s getting hotter every second 🙂 a hot body and an awesome voice and plus a handsome face and a kind heart.i could’nt ask for more 😀

  5. Wow…he does have a sic pack..he so umph..
    Who can resist Seung Gi..haha….
    Cant wait to see him soon*in tv*<3

  6. O.O
    Are you sure that’s real? I mean, it doesn’t fit his face… O.O

  7. that seriously doesnt look like its his lol..

  8. he should reveal it a bit more. didn’t know he has those two. yum!

  9. i’m starting to love him 🙂

  10. I wanna see him show it and not all those posters that could be photoshoped… and either way I like his chocolate boy image more than the chocolate abs.. lol

  11. shocking! lol

  12. lol those are some fake abs

  13. …with his sweet face, I don’t even know if the chocolate abs supposed to be a gag joke or for real… 0.0

    He’s hot either way, with or without. XD

  14. WOW o.O… That’s some sweet hidden ab’s he’s got there ;D

  15. LOL.. sookyeong ah… I love your comment…
    bwahhaha… Seung Ki oppa is always hot.. ^^

  16. nice photoshop?

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