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T-ara HyoMin reveals Big Bang DaeSung as her ideal type of guy

T-ara member HyoMin reveals her ideal type of guy.

During the recent filming of KBS ‘Invincible Youth’, HyoMin revealed her ideal type of guy as Big Bang DaeSung.

The G7 members were talking about their ideal type of guy during the filming that day, and HyoMin’s confession of her ideal guy has given the other members a shock.

HyoMin then talked about DaeSung, who if of the same age of her, “I want to become close with him”, showing a sincere and shy side of her.

The girls also talked about the type of propose they want to see from their ideal type and So Nyeo Shi Dae Sunny revealed that she wants her ideal guy to sing her a song. Yuri wants to meet a man who will protect her and love her for a long time. While Narsha revealed that the guy just need to come with a spoon in his mouth, causing laughter during the filming.

The show will be aired on 27th November.


24 Responses

  1. soooo random!!! n funny!!!!! lol
    so i guess DaeMin???

  2. Haha…ok…Narsha has a quite unique taste for a guy…Yuri can just go to Taewon..haha…hm..i guess there will be lots of idols girls like Daesung….like Jiyoung from KARA also like Daesung…=)

  3. love narsha…
    hrmm…why did hyomin put that thing on her eye….o_o weird…

  4. awww love daesung too!
    i remember when taecyeon sang a song to sunny once! he was super cute!
    i lovee narshaa, she’s so hilarious! she’s like the funniest in invincible youth. but then again, all of them are funny in their own ways! πŸ˜€

  5. why is that a surprise?! daesung is super cute

  6. Aww Daesungie. ^__^ Good choice~!

    I wonder if he and Hyomin have ever met.

  7. correct me if i’m wrong. so GD, Dae, Top and Taeyang have been picked as the ideal/ fav celeb but Seungri has not been chosen by anyone yet right? poor baby haha

  8. I think what Narsha means by “spoon in his mouth” is someone who’s been spoon fed or spoiled, someone’s who rich~~~just a phrase used to describe rich guys…..

    and Hyomin is another girl who picked Daesung as her ideal….he’s been pick A LOT of times before….

  9. XDD Narsha is so random..

  10. HyoMin and Dae? :/

  11. spoon in his mouth lol

  12. Narsha is soooooooo random…hahahahhaaaa!! she is the perfect example that shows the older you get, the more u know that there’s no such thing as ideal man… i like Narsha’s ‘ideal man’ the best! XDDD

  13. awwwwwwww

  14. oMG but he is gay they can be besties

    • who is gay? u don’t mean dae right? how do u know?

      narsha’s ideal guy.. haha a guy with a spoon in his mouth? lol

    • who’s gay?
      oh no Dae is a boy/man for sure >”<

    • where this kind of people get the word “Gay” even the Shinee members and some Ignorant fans call them “Gay”…aish!!!!!

      maybe this guys up above is totally…GAY or u people dont understand and not yet used to why some korean males are more vein and act cute!!!!

  15. wowh~
    hmmm.. dae’s hair is good looking, so nice choice!

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