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TaeMin is the 3rd SHINee member down with swine flu

SHINee member TaeMin has been confirmed of swine flu.

According to the group’s agency on 26th Noveber, TaeMin has been confirmed of H1N1 swine flu this morning at the hospital. With that, the group will be promoting as 4 members for their 3rd album title song ‘Ring Ding Dong’.

SHINee‘s representative said, “Before that, we have member JongHyun and Onew down with the flu, and we are sad that TaeMin is also down with the flu despite our thorough monitoring of his health.”

c: StarNews

Aww, maknae TaeMin ><

34 Responses

  1. I had swine flu kinda…and it hurts like hell…Ive never felt that kinda pain for a feverish flu before…It hurts to lie down..it hurts to sitdown..

    I was fine in the afternoon..then suddenly my temperatur got up at night and extrm pain hits my body…

  2. […] TaeMin is the 3rd SHINee member down with swine flu Source: Star News | Credit: KBites […]

  3. Nooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! Not little Tae min!!!!!!Come on Tae-min!!!!! You can fight this!!!<3

  4. aww hope no one else will get sick anymore!! >_< get well soon!!

  5. oh no!!!!!!!!! TT^TT it mean that he won’t b able to perform here later???? was he left in korea? oh no!!!!!!!! TAEMINNIE!!!!!!!! GET WELL SOON…I’LL PRAY FOR YOU WITH ALL MY HEART! LIKE I DID WITH YOUR HYUNGS!!!!!!!!… my favorite maknae TAEMINNIE HWAITING! TT.TT

  6. Poor my baby brother..the maknae of the group..hope he get well soon..huhu..i hope the 2 other member Minho and Key didnt get swine flu too..hope they always do medical check up for it

  7. theres gonna be a hospital full of kpop stars soon =\

  8. taeminnieee! ): pls get well soon. aw incomplete SHINee on music perf this week too? ):

  9. WUAT

  10. wow. i feel like swine flu has invaded the kpop scene.
    i hope their managers don’t force them to go through schedules that make it even harder for them to stay healthy.

  11. my favorite-est maknae shinee..i wish you could perform for us flips!! i’ll be praying for you, definitely~!

  12. awww…taeminie my baby boy son…
    i’ll pray for you…T^T
    get well soon!

  13. TAEMINNIE~ Hope you rest well.. TT_TT

  14. lol stay away from sm artists!! xD
    They should really consider taking shots..

  15. NOOOOOOOOOOOO not taemin 😦

  16. Ring Ding Dong ! They’ll never forget that song. It’s one of their best song, a complete new style, great rythm and all… But they can’t perform it as a whole group ! It’s stressful.
    Singers seem to be more likely to contract the virus than others… their activities aren’t easy, adding the swine flu, i feel more and more sorry for them!
    Everyone, let’s be healthy =s

  17. Damn dat Swine flu!Anyway, Pls Be better soon soon na ma BaBy Romeooooo! Taemin fighting……

  18. swine flu sucks! minho should be given some shots to avoid having the swine

  19. Awww….I feel bad…but SM artists should stay away from other artists cuz flu are contanious…LOL…Sm should let them get shots already!

  20. NOOO!! Not TAEMIN!
    I hope he recovers fast.
    He seems very fragile.
    Taemin fighting!

  21. This SUCKS!! Poor SHINee they’re doing so well and then BAM SWINE!

  22. so what will happen to their concert in the philippines?

  23. Ok I hate this.

  24. Jeez, swine flu is going around like a plague in Korea.

  25. oh… i just notice that most people in k entertainment that is getting the swin flu is from Sm ENT…
    isn’t it a good choice if they take flu shots?..
    lol.. LSM… use some money 4 the flu shots… they’re not that expensive you know…
    save your artists! . . .

  26. NOOOOO! i wanted to hear him sing more…
    bt i wish he gets as much rest as he needs (and maybe a lil bit more to fluff him up)

  27. okay this is just ridiculous.

    with half of the kpop world down with swine flu, don’t you think it would be a wise decision to start getting them flu shots? they are available and clearly would prevent a LOT of inconvenience to the performers and their schedules, so tell me why the hell aren’t these agencies (especially SME) making full use of this vaccine?

    far out.

  28. aw… Taemin.. T.T
    another member to get swine flu..
    Get well soon…

  29. what?! but shinee is supposed to come here in Manila to perform for the Korea-Philippines Festival.. haizzz… i wonder what people going to do now.. 😦

    get well!

  30. wait so taemin isnt going to the philippines later? 😦 how sad 😦

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