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TVXQ JaeJoong voted as #1 Korean celebrity with blonde hair

A poll was conducted on Daum Telezone from 22nd September till 22nd October, and the results showed that Dong Bang Shin Ki Hero JaeJoong has been voted #1 on ‘Which Korean celebrity suits the blonde hair?’ with 46.5% of the votes.

#2 and #3 on the poll has gone to So Nyeo Shi Dae Jessica and GDragon respectively.

Go under the cut for the rest of the poll results.

Others voted on the poll:

  • Kim Hye Soo
  • Noh HongChul
  • Seo In Young
  • Shin MinAh
  • Yoon Eun Hye
  • Key
  • Hwang ChanBin
Source: RockJJ + Yahoo Korea
Translation: sshutingg @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com {One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ!}

Netizens voiced at the discussion board on the poll site that there should also be other nominees on the poll like:

  • Yang YoSeob
  • Lee HongKi / Jeremy
  • HanKyung
  • Kim HyunJoong

My pick? Hwang ChanBin/Pierre Deporte and Jeremy.

50 Responses

  1. Hero looks awesome in blond.. should have kept it, not go and dye his hair black/brown.. sad to say, black/brown actually shows off his rather androgynous features, which doesn’t make him look so… uh.. yummy..?? o.O

  2. Yep…Jae Joong look really hot with the blonde hair…he look like Ice prince..haha…my big sister love Jae Joong with blonde hair more than black hair..haha..=)

  3. I agree that JaeJoong really rocks the blonde hair. He makes it sexy.

    Although Yang YoSeob does bring a cute side to it… πŸ˜€

  4. JJ and jessica’s pics were great, but then looking at GD’s pic was like O_O LOL it must be the bad quality xD NOH HONG CHUL !!!

  5. jeremy (ft island’s HK) and BEAST’s yoseob need to be on the list. they’re such cuties ❀

  6. jj really rocks it with blonde!! hey, it fits! and prolly my #2 is hongki and #3 is yang yoseob! πŸ™‚

  7. jaesica yeayy!!! sica look good with that hair

  8. hmm… 1: Jaejoong
    2: GD
    3: Jess

  9. Jessica’s was a strawberry blonde wasn’t it? Anyway I agree w the result of the poll!
    Jaejoong and jessica!

  10. For me.. It’ll be Jaejoong, GD, Yoseob, Hongki & Jonghun..

  11. lol that’s a wrong pick of Jessica’s blonde colour. but agree with no.1 & no.2. JaeSica = awesome!

  12. okays. for me, it will be GD, yoseob and hongki. yoseob and hongki should be inside. GD rock it the best! πŸ˜€

  13. honestly, i love GD, hongki and jonghoon with blond hair.

    jonghoon totally look like an angel with that face + blond hair.

  14. i personally think think key’s hair is great!

  15. agree with the list! Jae is the best in blondie~
    GD totally rockz that hairstyle and Sica surely looks gorjess ever if she in blonde! her hair color is like only one in korea!
    Others hair color was black/brown color..

  16. Jaejoong oppa and sica unnie is the kind with blonde i would go ‘WOW’ and it really look beautiful on them. the rest like geedee and hongki is the kind i will go ‘ohh okay, its not bad’

  17. oh course Jaejoong ! ❀
    He looks good in any hair colour !

  18. ooh i’d vote for hongki too!!
    and eunhye! i think she looks prettier blonde /:

  19. HONGKI ❀

  20. Nuh uh.. I’m sorry, but I think Jaejoong looked best in brown hair and no other color. D: Blonde did nott suit him. Jessica pulls it off best.

  21. I seriously don’t think hero looks good with blonde hair. My choices would be HongKi, YoSeob and then G-Dragon

  22. GD is soooo hot..
    blonde:: GD >>>>>>>>>>>>>jaejoong

  23. It’s funny how the natural blonde didn’t win.

  24. It’s nice to see Jaejoong wins the chart after all the fiasco they went through.
    And he DOES looks good with blonde.
    And Jiyong too.
    LOVE em both!!!
    DBSK & BIG BANG FTW!!!!!!!

  25. ft island jonghun should be on this list too..
    he’s so sgorgeous with blonde..
    hongki too..i actually want hongki to stay blonde forever

  26. GD, JongHoon and HongKi!

    anyway.. Jessica and Key hair is kinda.. orange-ish?

  27. i can’t believe they didn’t include HongKi!!! anyhoo, no one can beat Jaejoong, that man is gorgeous in any hair colour, though i do prefer his black hair.

  28. no brainer. Jaejoong rocks it the best. Ever!

  29. I think Kim Hyun Joong shud be there… Hong ki also
    but of couse Jaejoong rox ^_^

  30. JUNJIN.

    No one could be as striking in blonde hair as he was.

  31. GD, Jong Hoon and Yo Seob <3333333333333333

    • &nd uhmmm, i thought i had color blindness, but doesnt Jessica and Key have some sort of orange-ish hair? Lol.

  32. what about super junior ?? during their dont don days
    i mean hankyuung was HOT too ~~~

  33. Hongki all the way. Can’t believe he’s not in the poll.

  34. my pick would be GD, hongki, jonghoon and cutie yoseob!! ❀

  35. agreed. jaejoong looks really good with blonde
    but so does ft island’s LEADER πŸ˜›

  36. emm. why is jessica on the poll, she’s not blond,or am i blind?lol
    isnt her hair orange? 😐

    • your not blind,her and Key need don’t have blond hair.

    • i agree with you. key and sica are redheads not blondes. lol. a huge miscategorization.

      JJ did look yummy with blonde hair. he’s probably the only dude in dbsk who could pull it off too! and i loved that edgy cut on him. he looked like an anime character come to life! next would obviously be my baby GeeDee!!<3 i will totally miss his sweet blondie look. such a cutie.

      sungmin, jonghoon of FTI and teukie is missing from the list!w<

  37. For once i agree with no.1 . I’m no dbsk fan but that guy did look great with blond. Jeremy also looks cool.

  38. For me the number one is

    G-DRAGOOON !!!

    He looks hot in blond hair, i’m bit sad that he has dyed his hair back in brown/black..^^

  39. Isn’t Pierre Deporte a natural blonde?
    But I agree, I think JaeJoong looks the best with blonde hair.

  40. HongKi and GD, OF COURSE!!!!

  41. what about the other blonde guy besides hongki in ft. island?
    hes a hottie! ❀

  42. LOL

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