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After School Comeback stage with ‘Because Of You’

After School had their Comeback stage on KBS Music Bank on 27 November performing ‘Because Of You’.

Love it or not?

26 Responses

  1. Love it 🙂

  2. the leader is with the best performance with the emotions, expression and sexiness ❤

  3. wow, raina can sing. And UEE…she needs to work on her expressions and voice as well. Don’t really like this song, like most ppl, i prefer when I fall. Solid perf.

  4. WOW im surprise by raina’s vocal capabilities. shes one im looking forward to. great vocal. no offence i really cant say the same for nana. & as always gahee always doesnt disappoint.

  5. they did great. i think u-ie and nana looked the best. nana’s voice is surprisingly kiddish. i was surprised when i heard her speak in the countdown clip b4 the performance.
    for some reason i think jung ah and raina r wearing wigs.
    glad to finally hear jooyeon sing a little more.
    kahi did the best with the performance for me. showed the most emotion.
    i like bekah but i think they should let her hair loose

  6. It was a very lovely performance!

  7. After watching their comeback… it’s like Gahee (still not used to Kaki) + Raina with dancers. Beckah and Jung Ah could be given a few more lines, Pledis.

    Not a bad performance, Gahee and Raina were pretty good 😀

  8. love their style…
    im a truly 2Pm fanatic…n i fall in love with Afterschool aftr they perfomed 2PMs again2 on chusok spc………

    AFTERSCHOOL = (female)2PM

    they got 2pm style on their

    i wish i could see both 2pm n afterschool make a special perform together…..

    2PM fighting…
    AFTERSCHOOL fighting….


    They did well, but it's not their best…
    They sounded out of breath.
    UEE's a lot more expressive than during Diva's song promotion. 😀
    Nana only had one line? D: And she sounded kiddish. Ahaha.

    I'm anticipating their next performance! Let's hope it'll be better. I heard they're performing When I Fall on Inkigayo. That's gonna be awesome. ❤

    • Haha yeah I thought Nana sounded quite kiddish too. It sounds a bit weird to have this kind of voice amongst the matured-sounding ones XD

  10. hope they start promoting “when i fall” it’s way better ^^

  11. i love there new song so much =D better then there other songs it think^^

  12. anyway.. who know when the MV come out?

  13. i mean Nana..poor her..juz one line?
    while Raina is great~

  14. awh..r they lipsync or the audio prob?
    the new member was ok..
    one of the raina i guess..hve cute/annoying
    ? voice
    tthere stil other prformance.. they’ll do better~

  15. ughh I can hear Hyunah’s annoying chipmunk voice =__=” .
    When I fall is a better song..

  16. I LOVED IT.

    Glad the ladies are back.

    • me too!!!!

      I’m also very glad!!!

      It seem they had 2PM’s style + son dam bi’s dancing skill.

      LOL! Just a thought!

  17. i like the song but i expected more from their comeback stage.. they’re singing ‘when i fall’ on inkigayo so i’ll be looking out for that!

  18. yey for gahee!
    but i still don’t like their song.. and their stage was kinda bland for a comeback…

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