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Jang GeunSuk taken to the hospital for heavy fatigue!

News came out on Nov 26, that handsome actor Jang GeunSuk of SBS Drama “You’re Beautiful” was taken to the hospital the soonest he ends the drama last episode filming.

Jang GeunSuk agency,”He is brought to the hospital due to accumulated fatigue. Now he’s alright and resting”.

Jang GeunSuk is definitely need some rest as he has such a tight upcoming schedule to deal with. On Nov 29,the actor will fly to Tokyo-Japan to attend his exclusive Fan Meeting in Nagano Sun Plaza then in the coming December 5, he will also has a Fan Signing event to commemorate the opening ofΒ  “Samsung Mobile” flagship store in Jongno.


33 Responses

  1. take care. i want to see healthy jang keun seok .

  2. love you keunsuk!!!
    i’m an avid fan of yours….
    hope to see u soon!!!!

  3. i love u soooooo much han tae kyung adn i will always support u,dont fall sick. πŸ™‚

  4. oh!! take a break geun suk oppa….. I enjoy the drama a lot.

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  6. i am late but cheers to him!..i hope he is better now.

  7. Oooowww… you’re really working hard…. pls… take a rest… take care of your health…

  8. aww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope he enjoys what his doing………… n not fall sick!! alrdxy

  9. awwwww i know it must be hard for him 😦 seeing that he worked so hard on the previous drama he act in >> You’re Beautiful, which turned out to be one awesum drama that i so totally love LOL i hope there is a second season
    Anywaz i hope Jang Geun Suk keeps healthy and that his manager and them don’t stress him out Give the poor guy a break. I could imagine how stress he is…….
    Hope he gets better πŸ™‚

  10. i really enjoyed watching You’re Beautiful… it’s unlike other dramas wherein you can just guess what’s going to happen next… it has lots of surprises in store.. as for JGS, he really did great in portraying HTK… I wouldn’t be surprised by his hospitalization because on the first place, there was an enormous response from fans..i’m gonna be waiting for his next drama so please inform me.. thanks again… and good luck..

  11. Oh no! Thanks for letting us JGS fans know! Omg, K-Celebs are wearing out these days….esp with GS who’s so obsessed with work…hope he gets some rest!

  12. good and usefull information about gsm.it too good thanks.ceep it up

  13. he needs to rest!
    JGS T_T get well soon!

  14. Poor him…hope he get well and have a good rest…=)

  15. oh my! take good care of your health oppa .. 😦

  16. oppaaa!!
    tace care & get well soon

  17. T.T i loved YAB and i miss it alr. pls get well soon “Hwang Taekyung!” ❀

  18. im not surprised. I was waiting for this news to come up since look at how he looks. Losing 7kg and all that…very exhaustive.

  19. aww sukkii, get wel soon ❀

    kid got a really busy schedule ):

  20. Yeah I know the difficultly of filming a long series. I’m a film major myself and I always feel so bad for the actors when we have them stand out in the cold for 5-10 hours at a time >< For the love of dramas right?

    Get well soon, Jang Geun Suk!

  21. omg.. get well soon Geun Suk..

    you should take good of yourself.. such a hardworking and dedicated actor..

  22. I heard of this news as well that he is taken to hospital for a drip… and if I’m not mistaken PSH also gotten her drip… now that they finish filming, hope that they can have more rest.. but I dunno he still have lots of upcoming schedule.. T.T

  23. omg…poor Jang Geun Suk!
    but he still finished filming…thank you so much oppa ❀

  24. aw!!!! 😦

  25. omg my baby.

  26. tc oppa!~
    we’ll support u forever πŸ˜‰

  27. aww, i hope he can take good care of himself! (:

  28. aw~ poor boy…
    get some good rest ok~

  29. poor bb, but maybe he can get the well needed rest he deserves, haha I enjoyed the drama.

  30. take a break oppa **

  31. Ah ,Jang Geun Suk ,Take a break ~

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