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MBC Music Core 28.11.2009

On MBC Music Core today, we have some really good lineup including:

  • SS501‘s goodbye stage on the show with ‘Love Like This’
  • Hot stages by 2PM, Brown Eyed Girls, SHINee, BEAST, UKiss etc
  • New song performances by ETribe, Rainbow and Lee YoungHyun

Jump the cut to watch the performances on the show!

Hot Stage

  • 2PM with ‘Heartbeat’
  • SHINee with ‘Ring Ding Dong’ – performing as 4 members today without Taeminnie
  • SS501 with ‘Love Like This’
  • Brown Eyed Girls with ‘Sign’

New Song

  • Lee Young Hyun with ‘I’m Sorry, I Love You..’ – such lovely vocals
  • E-TRIBE with ‘Mom’
  • Wheesung with ‘Tears Keep Flowing and Flowing’

Twinkling Star

  • U-Kiss with ‘Man Man Ha Ni’
  • BEAST with ‘Bad Girl’

The Man, The Woman

  • Kim Tae Woo ft. Lyn with ‘I Say Hey, You Say Yeah!’
  • SeeYa with ‘His Voice’

All About Girl

  • Rainbow with ‘Gossip Girl’
  • IU with ‘Marshmallow’
  • Secret with ‘I Want You Back’

One Love

  • Lyn with ‘True Story’
  • Kim Jong Wook with ‘Sunflowers’
  • Memory with ‘Luv’

And an observant netizen ItzTanTheMan sent in this

22 Responses

  1. Beast~~~~

    Love every DooSeob moments!

  2. Young Hyung looks so lovely =) Love her vocals!

  3. I really like Secret. I think they’re really talented. I hope they succeed and become well known like the others,

  4. Woah, Minho’s singing was pretty bad.

    Secret! their still promoting I want you back, i like the song but wish to see more from them soon.

    Too bad AS weren’t here T_T.

  5. shinee must have been really tired~ as far as i know, after there performance here in the philippines which ended up like around 10pm, they had their press con and immediately proceed to the airport to come back to Korea. they must have been really tired~ but anyways, yesterday was a great event.

    and i heard shinee said filipinos’ screams and squeals were louder than the music core’s audiences..

    haha 😀


  7. wah u-kiss so cute XD

  8. was hoping 2pm won a number one for music core…lols
    kept thinking taec would run out to dance with marshmallow when iu was singing. haha

  9. lols no #1 this week? o-o

    • Music Core doesnt have a #1 or award system. The Finale is the “Grand Performer” of the week which was 2PM for the 3rd win in a row.

  10. minho, i do not want your singing taemin’s part… lol

  11. The 2pm stage was awesome as usual.
    First time I notice junho’s hand, cos he is the only one not wearing a glove (because of the ending?). Makes his hand movements more pronounced.

  12. Haha, you posted the pic, I guess other people spot it too. I thought I was the only one.

  13. haha nice spotting…

  14. awesome, i don have to look them up XD

  15. I caught that, but later on the ‘r’ was back:)

  16. LMFAO @ the epic fail pic at the end. I saw that too. They spent all that money on people working on the stages but not even 1 person catched that? haha

    Go 2PM!!

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