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Stars come together for “Angels’ letters – hug” photoshoot

For the December issue of magazine Female Central, a photoshoot titled ‘The Angels’ letters – hug’ was revealed.

The photoshoot features some of the Korean celebrities together with infants waiting for adoption. This is a campaign ‘Love Photography’ which started out since 2003. And in this photoshoot, celebrities like Park YeJin, GDragon, KARA, Yoon SangHyun, Kim HyunJoo, Oh JinHo are featured.

This campaign sets to increase the awareness of adoption in the society. There has been heightened interests in adoption with the domestic adoption rates on the rise these years.

And this photoshoot hopes to tell the heartwarming story to the society of how the stars have met up with these angels with a hug.

I thought GDragon’s shot was totally beautiful.

And love Oh JinHo’s shot – totally suave shot.

23 Responses

  1. The baby with Yejin unnie look like her own baby…=)
    Among the pictures…i really love GD,Yejin unnie and KARA pictures…they look so pure with the baby..<3

  2. ^^
    GD goona be a GOOD daddy to his up coming prince and princess~

  3. GOSH gotta say GD is so adorable with the baby,cuteee. The others also so damn good. Love those pics.

  4. dude, the shot with oh jiho was completely adorable!!! and i love yoon sanghyun!! ehem. sorry, had to let that out somewhere. he was totally charming in lady castle with yoon eunhye.

    GD with a baby is utterly L.O.V.E!!!!<3 and KARA!!

    man, so much spazz! i love this photoshoot.

  5. wahhhh. the baby held by Goo Hara is the cutest. XD I love these pics! and the old granny (the one who acted as the empress dowager in ‘Goong’ :S sorry idk her real name) is sooo cute!!!!

  6. GD should have just kept that hairstyle :)) im not liking his present hairdo.

    • me too! his blonde stint was too short. he shoulda stayed blonde until like next year! haha^^

      he was so adorable with the baby. though he looked scared. haha^^ wouldn’t blame him. he’s probably never held a baby before. so cute!!

  7. G-dragon looks so hot in a simple plain white t-shirt..
    He’s so adorable with the baby..

  8. let’s get marriage,,,,n make ur own baby…….!!!!!!!!!!! hope GD will meet a good girl n get his own baby SOON……..^___^ GD look so big with the baby in his arms………>______<

  9. Hey DG,,,,,let’s get ur own baby…!!!!!! >_<<______<

  10. AWWWWWWWWWWWW………!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    itu bayi kok imut banget………>_____<<______<

  11. AWWWWWWWWWWWW………!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    itu bayi kok imut banget………>_____<<______<

    is it Taeyang joint the campaint too????

  12. Oh, I love GDragon and Yejin so much. They r so kute><"

  13. Wow. Park Yejin is so skinny

  14. Gd with this baby are adorable ❀

  15. Wasn’t taeyang in it too?

    I thought GD looked uncomfortable holding that baby. γ…Žγ…Ž
    I liked Kara’s and yejin’s. So cute.

  16. I have to sayyyyyyyyyyy, gdragon was even prettier than the babies. HAHAHA, JUST KIDDING. (Sry for the gd-biased)

  17. The pictures are beautiful.

  18. Oh Ji Ho shoot is so good and cute.

  19. OMGGG . The photos taken are so pretty πŸ˜€

  20. the one with Oh Ji Ho is adorable ~cute pic~
    all the pics are very heartwarming~ a good news to start a day~ πŸ™‚

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