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Designer Andre Kim and 2PM TaecYeon are lookalikes?

Designer Andre Kim looks alike to 2PM TaecYeon?

Andre Kim was featured on KBS ‘Entertainment Weekly’ on 28th November when he was asked ‘Do you know 2PM?’ and he reveals that he knows the group with the answer ‘JaeBummie‘.

After that, Andre Kim got a shock hearing that he look alike to 2PM TaecYeon. It was referring to when he was younger, he looked alike to TaecYeon, and he said, “It’s my honour.”

And on the show, a photo comparing the 2 was shown as evidence of their resemblance.

Andre Kim addressed 2PM on the show, “If you can come look for me, it would be great if we have the chance to do special appearance on fashion show.”

Watch it at about 3:00

my reaction was this

Here’s when Andre Kim was young

30 Responses

  1. HELL to the NO.

  2. hahahaha xDxDxD drop dead!
    netizens, don’t be too harsh. the designer also have feelings right?!.
    just look at what TaecYeon said, “it’s my honor”
    wow. he’s so nice πŸ™‚

  3. ewwwww fuglyness

  4. Haha…they do look alike…but i hope that Taekyeon wont look like Andre Kim when he get older..huhu..

  5. well he did look normal when he was younger.. just NOW = SCARY.

  6. holy mo! andre kim was normal when he was younger!

    whats with his hair anyway?

  7. Does he naturally look like?? Seriously??

  8. LMAO just seeing the picture made me ROFL XD

  9. LOL…

  10. LMAO!!! epic joke!

    now thats what i call a creepy comparison…

    but they do have similar smiles.. ie the teeth! =P

    and lols to the ‘omg unbelieveable!’ gif at the end! =P

  11. they so look alike . oh snap 2pm boys are carbon copy of other celebrities taecyeon=andre kim, junho=rain quick somebody figure out who chansung looks like .

  12. Andre Kim was pretty handsome when he was young πŸ˜› It’s just the filled in eyebrows and that weird head mask he wears that makes him look odd…

    • yes, back when he was NORMAL. lololol^^ can’t believe pretty things come from this guy. ugh.

  13. Andre Kim looked very handsome when he was younger. I can see the resemblance between him & Taec.

    It would be amazing to see Taec or any 2PM members in Andre Kim’s fashion shows =)

    • Actually Khun and Seulong were both once in his fashion show before. He probably forgot…lol

  14. why is andre kim holding that child?

  15. You guys may be like eww now, but you gotta remember, when Andre Kim was young, he was considered to be pretty handsome.

  16. ew. no he doesnt

  17. A lot of people are creeped out by Andre Kim, but you gotta admit, some of the weirdest people, are the best at what they do =)

  18. hoooly crap LMFAO no way! Andre Kim creeps me out XD

    on another note…Taec looks SO cute in that 1st pic! (before transforming into Andre Kim of course LOL)

  19. in the name of all things HOLY!!!!!! it is NOT true.

    i agree with eltoshen. someone stab a bitch. O_O”

  20. sorry but heck no! taecyeon being compared to andre kim’s face is a bit exaggerating. oh god! sorry if i’m overreacting but i’m like “What the hell?” right now. Lol.

  21. OMG. That’s so weird. As much I love Andre Kim’s works, I wouldn’t say the same about his appearance ><

  22. this is creepy.

  23. omfg, don’t do this. taec =/= andre kim. somebody slap a bitch. D8

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