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Park Bom ‘You And I’ is the best online song for month of November

2NE1 member Park Bom‘s solo debut song ‘You And I’ is the best hit song online for the month of November.

According to music portal site Dosirak on 29th November, the song is up #1 on the monthly chart for the month of November. In the cold late-Autumn winter, it seems that this song is just the right song for the mood and has received much love from music fans.

At #2 is Brown Eyed Girls with ‘Sign’, #3 Baek Ji Young with ‘Don’t Forget’ and #4 with Seo In Kook‘s debut song ‘Calling You’. It seems ballad is doing well this month.

Rest of the chart results:

  1. Park Bom ‘You And I’
  2. Brown Eyed Girls ‘Sign’
  3. Baek Ji Young ‘Don’t Forget’
  4. Seo In Kook ‘Calling You’
  5. SHINee ‘Ring Ding Dong’
  6. OneTwo ‘Bad Girl’
  7. 2PM ‘Tired of Waiting’
  8. f(x) ‘Chu~♡’
  9. Ivy ‘Goodbye Tears’
  10. SS501 ‘Love Like This’

LeeSsang who won #1 on the monthly chart last month with the song ‘Who Can’t Break Up, A Man Who Can’t Leave’ has fallen out of the top 10 positions this month.

27 Responses

  1. BOmmie-unnie!!!
    she must be very happy!!
    (^0^)~just look like her!!
    this song is great!!
    ”can’t forget how she talk about her fav food~corn!!!”

  2. […] source: Kbites […]

  3. Yeah me too .i cant get over her being plastic.On the side note,she’s too shaky on the stage.Got lots of space to improve.

  4. who cares if shes plastic. she still got hella talent
    congrats girl!

  5. i lovvve this song ~

  6. love ittt.

  7. Bommie is the best!!!
    And You& I is really a great song
    Her voice makes people love it.

  8. Decent song, but still can’t get over how plastic she is.


  10. Bom, you’re so beautiful! And the song is too!

  11. congratz bommie so proud of you

  12. glad that BEG SHINee 2PM are all on the list. 😀 ohhh and i like You and I too, its a rather cute song

  13. yes bom, i love that song. congratulations!

  14. WOW, BEG are second!!
    Well done girls~

  15. oh…i love this song…listen to it all the time

  16. LOVE Brown Eyed Girls Sign 😀 <333333

  17. A beautiful song sang by a beautiful lady…she deserves this..

    Yeah this song totally fits the mood of the weather.

  19. it’s a beautiful song (: congrats bommie!

  20. Awesomeeee!!

  21. Bom’s You And I is also set to win Cyworld’s song of the month. ^^

  22. u go girl!

  23. im sad she didnt win any mutizen tho. this song is one of the best it deserves it ;[

  24. she should win inki and music bank..but she got 0 for album sales

  25. Really love this song :] It’s on repeat half the time I’m listening to music~ I was so sad earlier because she wasn’t on Inkigayo!

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