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KARA for first showcase in Japan coming February 2010!

Korean singer group KARA will be having their first showcase in Japan in 2010.

Known as the ‘2nd Fin.K.L‘ and is under DSP Entertainment – which produced many Kpop legends like SechsKies, Fin.K.L in the 90s – KARA debuted as in May 2007 and had 2 new members to make it 5-member after main vocalist Kim SunHee left the group.

They have produced hits that went up to the #1 spots on music charts like ‘Pretty Girl’, ‘Honey’ etc. And they will be heading to Japan for their first showcase February next year!

Details to the showcase:

  • Date: 7th February 2010
  • Venue: Tokyo Akasaka Blitz
  • Ticket sales from: 19th December 2009


I think they will do great in Japan!


25 Responses

  1. I think they’d make it in Japan cuz’ since the day they lost Sunghee, they also lost the chance to be the best in Korea. The vocal, the attitude is not there anymore. I miss the old-day Kara. Regularly, new members come and adjust themselves to the group but in Kara’s case, it’s like Hara and Jiyoung came to the group and the old members had to adjust to them. Seriously, Park Gyuri has attitude and now she has to hide it under an awkward mask of cutesy, esp. in Honey and Pretty Girls.

    • wow!!! nope. they’ve always been #1 to KARA fans =)
      and by the way, nobody can ever say who’s the best in Korea. It’s not just talent. It’s promotions. You do know that people started noticing KARA after JiYoung and Hara came right?

      it’s very funny for you to say “wow they’ll make it in Japan cause they’re not the best in Korea.” Are you insulting or encouraging them?

      KARA is not going to Japan cause they can’t excel in Korea. Actually, they are going to Japan cause they already have a good fanbase in KPOP and Japan is just a great market to enter (it’s the second biggest market in the world).

      The old KARA is done and over with. They shouldn’t have started with it anyway. It didn’t fit them at all. Only Sunghee can pull it off but the rest of the members fit the NEW KARA. 1 member can’t carry the group. That’s the very reason why the NEW KARA is a success while the OLD KARA is a fail one. Sunghee should have gone solo from the beginning.

  2. I think they’ll make it big! Their style suits Japan. And for some reason, I always thought Hara will definitely make it big in Japan.

  3. Hope the girls do great in Japan…
    But then even they debut in Japan..they already receive loves from fans in Japan…
    I think among them Hara will mostly have lots of Japanese fans…but then the others girls too have their own uniqueness…=)
    KARA fighting!!~

  4. finally..gluck KARA ^^

  5. you guys do know that KARA is already getting attention in Japan right???

    Their Pretty Girl and Rock U was remade by Japanese performers and that made them famous there. They have a fanbase in Japan already. You can check Jap forums.

    They also appeared in a video message for an ARASHI show cause they have a famous Jap entertainer as a fan.

    The reason why DSP is debuting KARA in Japan is because they are getting attention =)


  6. what songs are they gonna promote in japan? these? in korean?

  7. congrats! kara ftw!

  8. Nooooo! It’s the “Pretty Girl” MV!!

  9. Not really a fan but I wish them the best. Their music has j-pop vibe which I think will attract the Japanese.

    All the best to ALL k-pop girl groups out there!

  10. i want to know if any of them speak japanese?

  11. IA@121.

    Japan is full of cutesy girl groups; they’ll probably be moderately successful.

  12. Kamilia will support you all the way to Japan!!! KARA..Hwaiting!!!

  13. hmmm good luck but Im not really sure if they will be able to make it big in Japan

  14. i think they will appeal to the jpop market seeing they do have the cutesy kinda look esp goo hara.. hope they do well!

  15. dont nicole have school?

  16. kara jjang!

  17. i think they will appeal to the Jpop market, even though its already saturated with cutesy girls. good luck Kara!

  18. what about csjh?

  19. i think they have a great chance to succeed in Japan!

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