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Nancy Lang reveals reason for carrying a cat mascot around

Remember that female guest appearance on Strong Heart who will always been carrying a cat doll on her shoulder and start filming herself? She reveals her reason for carrying the cat mascot around.

Artist Nancy Lang revealed her by-fate (?) meeting with her mascot cat doll CoCo Chanel.

She was on KBS Star GoldenBell on 28th November when she revealed, “A few years back, I purchased a cat without the knowledge of my family. But with my family’s objection, I cannot raise the cat.”

“But during one of the exhibitions I have to do in Japan, I saw a doll that look exactly like that cat before. So I bought it and named it CoCo Chanel.”


38 Responses

  1. isn’t she is the girl with the v-cam~recording herself~ in STRONG HEART!!??
    that girl is soooo hilarious!!

  2. the cat looks dead on her shoulder!!!! Freaky!

  3. cut it out guys! she isn’t weird, she’s just different.
    delve into someone’s life deeper before judging.
    i find her entertaining in strong heart though.

  4. Cat Lady Gone Mad!!

  5. Who is she, anyway? Is she a singer? Or Actress?

  6. She kinda looks like a guy in that pic

  7. Eh? What’s with all the blasting?
    I thought she was really hilarious on Strong Heart; cat and filming and everything.
    Eccentric, weird, but funny all the same.

  8. I always thought this lady was weird. To be honest when I first saw the cat on the shoulder I thought it was Seo In Young (from afar) cuz it reminded me of wgm days lol. But then the camera zoomed in & it wasn’t her.

    After I read an old interview about her, she became even weirder to me lol.

  9. she’s always at strong heart and she doesnt do anything but film herself and bring that cat. they shoulsve given her spot to some idol so the SHow would get HIGHER RATINGS!LOL

  10. uh well strong heart nancy lang looks different from sgb nancy lang o-o she’s a crazy cat lady! 😀

  11. and i thought her name was “Nancy Lang” not whatever you said? idk tho

    • yeahh i checked it up.. it’s nancy lang.. the one i wrote was the romanized one from korean

  12. btw,she looks like a transvestite

  13. Just to correct you on that, it’s Strong Heart, not Star King that she was in with the cat. At least not from what I remember.

    The girl is weird man. She tries too hard for attention.
    And she looks different without her makeup. Kind of resembles Park Kyung Lim.

  14. Euuuuuuuuh What o_O, CoCochanel o_O moi j’ai pas compris, elle est folle ;P
    i didn’t understand ;P

    • C’est juste qu’elle a trouvé une peluche chat qui ressemblait au chat qu’elle voulait pendant son enfance ,et ensuite elle s’est dit qu’elle l’appellerai Coco Channel,enfin je crois mais ouais en gros c’est une folle XD

      I don’t like this girl,she always want to be the only one in the spotlight…

      • hey déjà vu ds l’Okiya non ^^

        sinon en effet elle est folle, mais j’aime bien ce petit brin de folie
        Strong Heart FTW!!!!!!!!!!! ^^

        “I don’t like this girl,she always want to be the only one in the spotlight…” lol

      • Ah oui,je cherchais d’où je connaissais ce pseudo mais j’arrivai plus à me souvenir ^^

        C’est vrai,mais des fois ça fait vraiment trop ”regardez-moi” en plus,elle fait jamais rien d’autres que se lever etc donc elle est pas drôle et tout ,ça gâche un peu l’ambiance je trouve =P

      • clair,
        tiens pendant que j’y suis, si tu pouvais faire tournée les liens de “Strong heart” Subber ce serai cool, à part l’ép 1 et 2 j’ai pas pu trouvé le reste sous titré, que des bouts….
        thx ^^

      • Ah dsl alors là je peux pas t’aider,je pense qu’ils sont même pas encore tous subbés en anglais…Peut-être si tu va voir du coté du forum ”Heleeandco” ils le subberont dans quelques temps ,je sais pas >_<

      • OK ,je me doutais aussi, tant pi

        (HS dont je ne compte pas poursuivre ici>>
        je t’ai “”””””Vu”””””” ya qq minutes ailleurs (soulbeats jcrois) sur Taec et la lettre de l’autre désaxée o_O, des nausées toute la matinée, sur Allkpop + de 1100 coms, incroyable, j’espère qu’il ne verra pas ça, déjà qu’ils peuvent faire d’un rien un scandale là bas…………..)

      • oui oui baguette

      • @m: so funny
        hablo español pfffffffffffff
        oui oui baguette n’importe quoi
        these words means nothing o_O

  15. wait i still don’t really get it…

  16. o.0
    when she grows old, shes going to be a crazy cat lady

  17. attention whore….. anyway who is she? singer?

    • i think she does pop art. those really abstract objects and things like that. i believe she plays some type of musical instrument. she’s not really an attention whore[harsh] but more of a really eccentric person who isnt used to korea’s strictness since she’s from the US ..

      • she’s a pop-art artist ??? woah how cool is that ? xD
        how did she ends up in these variety shows, though ?
        she deserves BETTER =(

  18. ROFL…wtf… lol
    she must be really lonely to cary that think on her shoulder o.o
    does she carry it even when she’s showering?

  19. ==;;
    i dunno what ta say..
    for real…

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