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Photo Of The Day: What lies between GDragon and Lee SooHyuk

Photo Of The Day!

What lies between model Lee SooHyuk and singer GDragon? Friendship.

The 2 were spotted during the VIP press conference for movie ‘Actresses’ chatting while seated together.

The movie stars Lee SooHyuk’s girlfriend Kim MinHee together with Choi JiWoo, Kim OkBin, Lee MiSook etc talking about the stories of Korea’s representative actresses from their 20s till their 60s.

A photo taken earlier this year in May.

17 Responses

  1. actresses movie..? dbsk’s uknow yunho attended as well right?! πŸ˜€

    gd looks so ordinary in the pic. and it’s a good thing seeing them normal…just like us. πŸ™‚

  2. SooHyuk GF is Kim Min Hee? idk is she older than him?
    I didn’t realize the pic of that wedding Min Hee is beside Soo Hyuk but yeah shcok! kekeke..
    she’s pretty but nor really like her.. her acting seems boring~

  3. GD looks so damn attractive to me right now, I just want ugh him!

  4. I want GD’s glasses…

  5. OMG!!!
    ~he must be hiding sth under his hat-surprise for SHINE A LIGHT!!
    GD is always a good friend!!!
    ~can’t wait for the concert~

  6. what lies between those two guys? It ain’t good looks that’s for sure.

  7. Didn’t GD say on a radio show before that Lee Soohyuk is his friend? Anyway, from the last pic, you’d think the stylist & Kim Minhee were bf/gf cuz Soohyuk looks kinda like he’s off doing his own thing, lol.

    But Jiyong-ah, please don’t ever be as skinny as Soohyuk… -_-

  8. Awww GD looks cute with his glasses and big beret. :]]

    That’s a nice photo of him and SooHyuk too. ^^

  9. theyr all friends with Daul Kim ~ gotta move on men =.=

  10. woah it took me awhile to recognise GD. haha. looking cute!

  11. Hottie GD and Sexy Lee. Gah! I so want to sit between them. Haha. I love that GD dyed his hair black again. I miss those days. Lol.

  12. wow. I think he dyed back his hair black. kekekeke

  13. ^^
    aww…my baby Jiyong look like he is 18 with that kind of outfit!
    and yeah.. soohyuk look nice there…
    thinking… GD+Soohyuk=the nest Fashion Generation!

  14. gd looks..normal. but he’s looking fine! it’s hard to recognize him when he’s not wearing his weird stage outfits.

  15. GD looks young with that outfit…
    i wouldn’t be surprised if they are friends since GD is known for being a fashionista while SooHyuk is a model so i guess everything makes sense! πŸ˜›

  16. well hyuk soo looks happy in the photo (i’ve seen more photos of him smiling tonight) and yeah, i’m just glad that he’s doing fine now
    GD and hyuk soo looks so fine hehe
    GD lookslike a kid but looks so mature at the same time

  17. seriously, i cant recognize gd with that kind of outfit.. ><

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