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MBLAQ’s official fanclub name has been decided as ‘A-Plus’!

A staff from JTune Entertainment has announced recently that the official name for group MBLAQ has been decided.

And they are called ‘A-Plus’ (에이플러스)! It is very much derived from the fact that the blood of all the members is blood type A.

Go under the cut to know more.

translation by emeraldynekim@soompi :

Hi Jay is the jTunes camp.

Fans will appreciate the many interests and opinions.

Resourceful and a good name among the members and the company’s comments in addition MBLAQ

The fan club people ‘A-Plus’ has been confirmed as will be known.

Eyipeul everybody!

We MBLAQ the best partner, and want you to be a warm haven.

And there was also an announcement over at MBA

announcements at MBA :

Hey everyone at MBA!
I checked the official Daum Cafe for MBLAQ, and it’s been confirmed that the official name for MBLAQ’s fanclub is ‘A plus’ (에이플러스)
I believe that it was derived from the fact that all members are blood type A.

Hope we’ll all take pride in our new name ^0^

– MBA Staff

Credits : jj.kimbap@MBA and agogo@soompi

28 Responses

  1. I Love GO with is mustache i don’t really like him without his mustache because he looks really different and weird looking for me i think he is so cute…(^_^) n seungho

  2. Im an A+! haha
    I wish I was one in school to…

  3. uhhh thanks. now i geddit. lol

  4. i dont get the uwite? =[ someone fill me up please

    • hahaha basically
      MBLAQ sounds like “I’m Black”
      so UWITE would be “You White” XD

  5. Yeah!!!

    I’m ‘A-PLUS’

    but i want to know color of MBLAQ please~~~

  6. kekekek for me it’s like “Au revoir” in french “à plus”= Bye lol

    interesting name , i’m AB+ ;-P
    Bloody name surfs in the phenomenon Vampire,HAHaha love that

    i’m more B2uty than “A+”, but i like ^^

  7. GAAHHH…..A + 5


    Whenever I see G.O/Byung Hee….I see Rain there.

    where on earth does the genetic come from??

    Rain’s face is photocopied onto commoners’ face

    First 2pm’s Jun-ho, and Now Mblaq’s G.O.

    That’s cool.

    It makes them like 3 identical twin-brother…opps. triplets brother should be the name, haha..ccooolll

  8. wow cool! all members with the same blood type haha. not a bad name.

  9. i’m an A+

  10. yay *_*

  11. Yeah they’re all A (: if you guys watch Art Of Seduction you’ll know.

  12. I remember somewhere people was talking about their bloods. But that’s cool and unique. I actually like the name.

  13. Nice one…
    A-plus…wonder what they colour will be…=)
    MBLAQ fighting…<3

  14. It’s easier for fans to memorize their profiles when all of the members have the same blood type~

  15. That’s awesome! I’m sure A+ fanclub members with A+ type blood will feel extra special haha. Awesome name.

  16. LOL~ A++

  17. all A-type? that’s gonna be messy

  18. a+ ? lol

  19. kkkkkkk
    ~i’m an A+~
    cute name!!!
    makes me wanna get A+ in examination!!!>_<

  20. wow didn’t know all their blood types was A+ thats pretty cool, I’m a A+ blood type too ^_^

  21. lol interesting. actualy XD i half expected UWITE LMFAO XDDD

    • haha…lol i had to think about ur comment..it would have been pretty funny if thats what it was

    • LMAOOOO. Took me a sec too. XD

      All the boys are type A? Learned something new today. :]

    • I just cracked up at your comment, no joke.

    • Hahaha. I LOVE IT!! Hahaha. UWITE did u think of that? :p BTW, if 2NE1’s fanclub name was called ACES, it would have been cool with MBLAQ’s fans named as A+! But alas we’re now called Blackjacks. Haha

  22. I like it lol

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