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TaecYeon’s fan leaves him a ‘bloody’ message

2PM’s fans were shocked and startled by the post made on an internet community site. It was a post made by one woman who wrote the words “Ok TaecYeon you cannot live without me,” but with her own blood.

“혈서” (Hyeolseo) is an act where someone would bite/cut commonly their finger, and write a message conveying the theme of passion and their “intense” dedication.  One woman fan committed this act to show her passion for the 2PM’s member, TaecYeon. When others started doubting, the owner of the hyeolseo posted an image of her underwear in blood.

Due to this horrifying act, many netizens are going into her mini homepage and leaving messages that even made the person apologize to the public for her actions toward TaecYeon’s fans and TaecYeon himself. She also added that she never knew that the matter was going to grow this big. Despite the apologizing statements, the netizens hate continued. The person who committed the act responded by saying, “In our country, witch hunts are severe. I feel bad for myself for being cursed by the netizens for doing an act that wasn’t criminal.” She also added, “Just be glad that I didn’t write it in my poop… the more you guys [netizens] come at me, I’m not going to back down” leaving the violent statement. With this statement, more and more netizens are joining in the hate against her currently.

2PM fans, Hottests are currently getting worried that 2PM and the 2PM fans will be harmed because of that one person.

Ji Youn: Fandom gone to the extreme

58 Responses

  1. yuck..that was so disgusting

  2. crazy….oh no no..

    it’s a Pshyco-maniac

  3. creepy…but sad.

    i wish the netizens wouldn’t hate her for thinking of something new before them. 😡

    even if it IS a little extreme.

  4. I love Taec as much as the next person but I wouldn’t do something that creepy. Maybe in boogers but not blood. xD lol

  5. Omg, I feel so sorry for taec! I hope this lady who did this gets help or something this is quite worrying :s

  6. LOL, Taec’s safe, don’t worry.

    But the girl.. I feel sorry for her. If she’s crazy enough to do something like this, she’s probably crazy enough to kill herself for Taec.

  7. lol, I really hope she’ll bleed out the next time she does it.

  8. why are people telling taec to be careful? it’s not like she’s gonna go after him. after this, i’m sure she’ll shy away from taec/2PM until this thing blows over.

    another thing, does this girl not know how use to a pad? or even a tampon?! geezus -.-””’

  9. Hm…some times to have a fan that too obsessed is dangerous..because it not only effect the person but also to those around that person..
    Hope Taekyeon is ok now…im worried about him…

  10. Jesus, I’ve skim read most of the comments on here and I can’t believe it. You’re all totally missing the point here. Yes, what this girl did was disgusting and gross. Yes, she took her fandom too far. Yes, Taec should probably be scared.

    BUT, did anyone EVER consider about reaching out to this girl? Maybe that its a reflection of the lack of care in society towards those that are mentally unwell? Instead of ostracising her for her abnormal behaviour, you should be finding out why she’s doing such acts, and perhaps even consider getting professional help for her. Don’t be so cruel and quick to judge, I’m not defending her actions, but I think it’s rude to get her to commit suicide etc. You don’t know her life, you don’t know her mentality.

  11. wow….
    so fanatic.
    its almost shes like going to die for him.


  12. a bunch of lunatics

  13. I’d rather she wrote it with poop actually…

    Go Hottest! ^^

    I wonder how 택연 is feeling. Hope he isn’t too disturbed.
    I would have called the cops on that lady…

  14. This disgusted me so much I thought I was gonna puke, literally. I hope their manager will take extra care of Taec when they’re out from now on.

    Taecyeon doesn’t deserve this T_T

  15. read about this on allkpop…so nasty eewwww

  16. NoOOOOoooooooooooo old plzzzzzz
    enough with this crap issue, plzzzzzzzz STOP

  17. yaaa read this at allkpop. haha they posted it under a new section “WTF” LOL
    but anyways….yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i was extremely disgusted. like, i almost wanted to throw up. the act of using blood to write the message wasn’t really that extreme…but just the fact that she used menstrual blood is just…disgusting. and on allkpop it said that she sprinkled pubic hair on it? that is just…wtf. I hope the 2PM boys aren’t too traumatized, (knowing taec, i think he’ll just laugh it off lol). but ya, i agree, they need more body guards. anyways…hope this will blow over soon. i really think the girl needs some help though.

  18. OMG..
    I got so scared watching this..
    Taec should be careful..
    it’s scary, it’s gross and it’s TOO disgusting..
    I hate seeing, reading and watching this!!
    Poor taecyeon…
    I hate seeing this…
    I hope this won’t bring any harm to Taecyeon…
    this is just ridiculous…
    if it’s her fingers blood, scary!!
    if it’s her period blood, disgusting..
    either way, i really2 hate it!!

  19. sorry for the typo, i mean “provoke”

  20. whatever the girl says, writing your dedication with your own mestrual blood is somewhat disgusting. it’s not that the fans are that wrong for attacking her, they are just carried away with the disgust feeling..and the girl fighting back with words does not help it either.at this time, it would be the best if she just stay on hiatus or just write a sincere apology, an apology that doesnt proveke more anger.

  21. Calm down people, it’s probably hot pepper paste. Don’t you watch Family Outing? 😉

  22. Well what’s done is done… No need to discuss too much. The fangirl knows to be cautious when posting pictures and now other fangirls will know that using period blood as ink is bad.

    Now all that’s left to do is to throw that nasty smelling fan letter away in the trash and forget about it xD.
    Who wants to remember extreme fan cases like these?

    Btw, Jacob from the Twilight Series signed his autograph on a mother’s underwear that said “Team Jacob” on it.
    Not as gross, but … you get what I’m trying to say xD

    • taylor didn’t sign it. lol. his bodyguards got to the mother before she started pulling down her pants. i think he said this on letterman. or jay leno was it? whatever. case in point, they need to hire some personal bodyguards. if some crazy ass fan is runnin around loose, that’d be the smart thing to do. lol.

  23. I’m more worried for Taec, the fan is borderline nuts and it only takes one crazy act to end it all for both. He’s gonna need more protection if that lady is running around loose.

    A little american/latin music history, it was a fan that killed salena.

    Prob one of the reasons Jae went back to america too, who’s to say out of the 3000 people that asked him to kill himself, 1 crazy one wouldnt do the job for him. This is the darkside of the idol world.

  24. This girl must be really ugly

    • oh wow. i see how it is. so certainly pretty girls are good and the ugly girls are all the bad ones, huh?


  25. thats seriously disgusting

  26. I think if she just used regular blood, ppl would just say she is extreme or scary and it probably wouldn’t be that bad. But when she’s using period blood, that when its gross and disgusting. I dont like that she’s doing this but I hope the hate is not too much because I dont want this to lead to anyone commiting suicide or to that extreme. 2PM needs to be more careful from now on though. Who knows what ppl think up next. Now I’m glad that 2PM has that manager or dance choreographer. He’s not so bad, just watching out and protecting the boys from harm. Sometimes its better to be safe then sorry.

  27. highly disturbing

  28. i found out about this a few days ago.. it’s pretty disturbing. so gross. allkpop have the image of the bloody napkin that the girl used to do this. it was so disgusting really.. and weird.

  29. WOW.

  30. lol its not fandom, its just insane & mental. this girl needs help. underwear blood = blood from period…disgusting!

  31. this is definitely digustingg, but can’t say it’s unexpected in this fandom world lol. though the girl doesn’t deserve to be ridiculed like this. the act itself is embarrassing, it’s probably much more traumatizing for her than it should be. then again, she kinda brought this on herself.

    • agree. the act itself isn’t exactly wrong much as it is disgusting. she didn’t deserve to be mobbed like that. but it’s KOREA, ppl. what did you expect?? the land of mob mentality at it’s finest. she did bring this unto herself. if this happened in the US then it’d be over in a few minutes. lol.

      it’s still freakishly disgusting though.

    • I can only say, this is insane.. it’s disgusting, but sane people won’t do this.. geee

  32. it’s not so much as creepy as it is disgusting! i mean, i get the sentiment of using your blood to show your passion. cutiing your finger isn’t that extreme in my opinion. you don’t even have to cut that deep for it to bleed a lot from the finger.

    ………….but underwear blood? like period blood? really?? then that is sick and demented. and yes, creepy in an ultimately gross way. for sure.

    ok taecyeon, you betta watch yo back sir. there is a freak on the loose. and the rest of the 2pm boys too. okay, now that jackass of a manager doesn’t look so evil anymore. where is he?? call him up!! ASAP!!

  33. What’s the big deal, again? It’s blood. Grow up, little 13yearold girls.

    I had the idea of skeeting on a picture of Taec, but now I know I’ll never post a picture of that online. I’d be fucking dead.[/satire]

    • and you don’t find blood from some random chick’s underwear the least bit disgusting?? srsly?? wow.

    • actually according to allkpop…it was with blood from her period..and she sprinked her pubic hair on it too…that is disturbing. it’s not a matter of whether you’re 13 or not. i’m 18 and i find it disgusting.

    • wow if you followed this up with what you said that would have been amazing

    • Yes, it’s blood…hey nothing to worry about because all of us have it. But the thing is, that “blood”…was used as an ink. Number 2, it’s not an ordinary blood that you see in blood banks or whatnot. It’s menstrual blood — it’s dirty. Three, not only she used it as an ink, she also put some pubes and posted a pic of her underwear with her menstrual blood on it. On her cyworld. It is disgusting. You can’t really blame people who’d be O.O about it, because it’s not something that happens everyday. Even I was shocked and disgusted. This was a whole new level from blood-from-slashed-wrists-used-as-ink we see scattered across the web.

  34. im pretty sure that taecyeon is feeling scared to go out from jyp building.. ><
    what a retarded was to confess ur feeling towards ur idol… @_o

  35. yuck! this is gross!! werido!

  36. LOL WTF That’s dirtyyyyy LOL ewwww her underwear?….

    And then again, fans = crazy!!!!!

    • Yeah I hope she didn’t made a cut on her private area when she made that letter, but still even if it’s from her time of the month is still f-ing gross.

  37. That in my country is called FANATISMO= fanaticism … I’m scared of that person. …and not even know her.

  38. 2Pm need more bodyguards

  39. i’ve read this already on another site. that girl needs to go to a mental institute cuz she definitely needs help.

  40. yeah i already read this on allkpop.. i find it crazy and disgusting.. the fan needs to recheck her sanity if its still intact cause basing on that.. i doubt it .. lolz….

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