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BEAST YoSeob a UCC star before debut?

Popular group BEAST member YoSeob‘s pre-debut videos have recently been the topic amongst netizens.

Many fans are uploaded videos of parody and UCC (User Created Contents) videos on fansites and also on various discussion portals by during his trainee days before debut.

He was already pretty well known before debut for his various dance and song parodies, and also humorous UCC videos.

One of his parody videos even got a feature on TV program ‘Sponge’ which talks about the popular searched keywords on search portal sites.

Currently, BEAST is promoting their debut song ‘Bad Girl’, and they aer preparing to promote a follow-up hit song.


Some of the UCC and parody videos:

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  2. omg i so fkn love daniel~~~~~~~~~~~~
    and and
    yoseob too~~~`he shud consider acting! like, seriously, he got THE talent!!!!

  3. Wow, so cool that he got this interest in making videos!

  4. if that daniel guy has such a nice voice when he’s so young…he should definitely debut now!!

  5. oh yo seob is so cute 😀 I like his blonde hair.. makes him look fun ~ ^^ he is my fave member in beast 😀 he’s funny and childish 🙂 and has an awesome voice too!

  6. blond hair, go away… he looked way better in black.

  7. anyone know the original title – artist of the yoseub&daniel duet song at the last vid ??

  8. anyone know the original title – artist of this song ??

  9. I love to see his smile…and kinda look alike Oguri Shun a bit…hehe

  10. yoseob = love x 1000000000

    and where the heck is daniel?! is he debuting soon?!!

  11. his smile remind me of seo in yeong (in a good way of course). ^_^

  12. lol. yoseob

  13. omg last video was awesome! Daniel voice also great!.. anyway anyone noe where daniel right now? he sud b an idol too~

    • i know him! he’s my friend’s brother. & he is in another company, soon to debut 🙂

      • Really, because i’m impressed with Daniels singing and looks haha. Plus he know English which is always a plus with international fans.

        Those hooking up videos were hilarious, i saw them before and couldn’t stop laughing.

    • I agree! They are both equally talented so if YoSeob is already debuted, Daniel should too!

  14. awesome!
    he is cute and talented~

  15. Still as cute as ever!^^

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