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Lee ByungHun, Ha JungWoo, Ha JiWon and Choi KangHee awarded the popular star awards at the 30th Blue Dragon awards

Actors Lee ByungHun, Han JungWoo, Ha JiWon and Choi KangHee are awarded the popular star awards at the 30th Blue Dragon Movie Award.

The award cermony took place on 2nd December in Seoul KBS Hall with Kim HyeSoo and Lee BumSoo as the hosts of the ceremony.

Ha JiWon is said to have the best ‘ticket power’ this year with her 2 flicks ‘Haewoondae’ and ‘My love by my side’. She was also awarded the Best Actress for the first time since her debut 11 years ago during the College Movie Festival on 1st December.

Lee ByungHun is known to be popular not just in Korea but also overseas for his various overseas movies participation like Hollywood film ‘G.I. Joe’.

As for Ha JungWoo, he recently starred in the movie ‘National Representative’ which was 6th in the history of Korea’s box office watched by over 8.5 million Koreans. And this is his first award received at the Blue Dragon Awards.

Omg, spazzing. These 4 are some of my favourite movie actors and actresses 🙂

Blogging this because there is goddess JiWon unnie.

Han YeSeul’s dress is pretty fail.

15 Responses

  1. Son Ye Jin is so so lovely. can’t stop staring at her picture.

  2. I like Byunghun! And Jiwon too. Congrats to all the winners!

    Jiwon looks really pretty in her dress. I like it. ^^

  3. Lee ByungHun popular oversea?
    I don’t think so. He’s barely a name in USA. He’s has a looonggg way to go before he can be recognize here as a decent actor, not to mention “popular”

    • i believe he is … and overseas do not only refer to your USA.

    • and IMO, compared to the majority of the ‘popular’ actors in G.I Joe, his acting is waaaaay better. in fact, he’s brilliant. the movie itself is bleh, the only reason i watched it and managed to do so till the end is because of him.

  4. ha jiwon ha jiwon ha jiwon ha jiwon unni!

    showing off the leg! haha some one please play So Hot

  5. Those girls are definitely freezing….

  6. i don’t really like ha jiwon’s dress. But i loveee son ye jin’s dress, she looks really good.

  7. Im in love with Lee ByungHun. He’s just mighty fun. LOVE him to death.lol.

    • lol. I was thinking of fine but typed fun instead. Either way, I LOVE LeeByungHun, he’s just freaking HOTTTTT!!!!

  8. han yeseul ‘s dress looks like it can fall off any minute !!!

  9. i want hajiwon’s legs! 🙂

  10. i love Ha JiWon most..congrats to them all!

  11. looking at those dress, they look hot but for han ye seul, i thought strapless looked wierd on her, maybe she needs to put some straps over her shoulder, hair down and get someone to change the material of that dress, it looks bad when it drags at her feet,

    i understand the whole neck thing and everything but i dont think it worked

  12. Still can’t match the Oscar glam dresses..

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