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Watch out for new girlgroup Nia, hailed as the ‘2nd Brown Eyed Girls’

Hip hop producer singer MC HanSai (MC한새) reveals upcoming female group Nia, who are also called the ‘2nd Brown Eyed Girls’.

MC HanSai‘s agency BCR Media said on the 2nd, “MC HanSai is the main producer for Nia‘s new single album.”

The group gained much attention in the indie scene earlier this year in April when they released their single ‘My Everything’ and was promoting in the HongDae region. They were also called the ‘2nd Brown Eyed Girls‘.

Go under the cut to know about this group.

More about Nia:

  • Leader/Drummer – Sso Ji (써지)
  • Bass – Choi YeongShin (최영신)
  • Vocal – Jeon SoYeon (전소연)
  • Guitarist – Hwang BoNare (황보나래)

BCR Media said, “Even though the group has been misunderstood as the ‘singers without a face’ they want to show their music capabilities and gain acknowledgement for that. This is similar to that of Brown Eyed Girls when they first started out.”

The group will be revealing a new title song ‘Goodbye’ with 2 versions ‘Song version’ and ‘Rap version’ on 2nd December.

Their song ‘My Everything’ released in April

This is not the first group that MC HanSai has produced, he also produced for the group Orange under which 4Minute Kwon SoHyun used to be under, and also boygroup DNT.

I actually love the song ‘My Everything’ a lot

39 Responses

  1. I saw them live in Beijing and they are totally hot! Awesome sound plus I couldn’t keep my eyes off them or the enormous mystified grin off of my face.

  2. […] kind of feel, Nia. Now I feel this comes a little late, but I really like this group hailed the 2nd Brown Eyed Girls. I already d/l “My Everything”, “Goodnight” and “Good-bye”. […]

  3. i like them. thank you MC HanSai for not producing another girly-girly-cutesy-sex-appealish group. this is a nice fresh change….i mean they actually play instruments!^^ i sincerely wish them the best of luck. Nia, hwaiting!

  4. Yeah they look like the 2nd Brown Eyed Girls

  5. i think what they mean as the ‘2nd BEG’ is that, they wanna be as successful as the BEG. Cause as we know BEG started out as a ‘no face grp’ and look, now BEG is so successful. and Nia is currently being call a ‘no face grp’ too.. so i guess Nia wanna be as big as BEG thru their talents.

  6. they good!!
    and the song is not bad!
    and their face is pretty too!and kinda handsome(the drummer??hahaha)
    hope to watch their performance very soon!

  7. I like to see them live. When Are they performing Live.

  8. they debuted last april. BTW Sso Ji looks hot.

  9. Doesn’t matter. 2ne1 is still better. 2NE1 FTW! Most talented girl group ever!

  10. Wow i really love that song!! (where can i download it)

  11. My Everything is not bad…very different from the usual Kpop. wonder how they will fare against the idol groups though

  12. 2nd brown eyed girls..oh hell no

    Brown Eyed Girls FTW

  13. Great song the beginning of their song ‘Goodbye’ reminds of the chorus in ‘She’s gone’ by Super Junior

  14. “Even though the group has been misunderstood as the ’singers without a face’ <— they first told that to 2ne1 but now look at 2ne1? so successful.. i dont think appearance can be a hindrance to success… and…. they do look a bit like beg in that pic.. lolz

  15. I really like My Everything. Calling them the 2nd BEG or FT Island annoys me though. Just let them be Nia.

  16. 2nd BEG? hmmm not think so..
    I mean their style is nearly them but talent is all the way different~
    They’re band right? means the first girl band in korea right?
    I thought it was “Burning L” is debut cuz they’re so -called female FT Island but guess not~

  17. i don’t think they are a “2nd BEG” at all lol
    though it’s cool to have one
    i’ve heard of Nia when they first released their single/album
    they are more of a band than a girl group so i see them differently
    looking forward to them though.
    i have seen a live of their other song….

  18. the song is not bad…but calling them as 2nd BEG, Not Agree..they should have their own thing,

  19. girl band?wow…this song is good too.and i must said this that i’m actually have been waiting for korean girl band so hey Nia,i’m officially your fan now…yeah!

  20. wasn’t JQT supposed to be the next BEG? haha

  21. the song is good…i like it!

  22. if they are really good artists they won’t need this kind of cheap marketing.

    • they do when the market is dominated by idol groups and the companies that churn out said groups. there are a lot of good bands in korea that don’t get recognition because the market leans so heavily in one direction, with few exceptions.

      and it’s not like they chose to be called “the second…” who would? it’s just this new management running their mouths

    • and sorry if that comment read hostile, i’m not attacking you or anything. and i was speaking on a mainstream scale, like indie music in america etc., these smaller bands do have their own following

  23. They’re okay, but not good enough to be hailed as ‘2nd BEG.’ My opinion, it’s a different girlgroup, I mean they play instruments, so they might earn points with that. I’m keeping them on my radar though.

    • as much as I hate the term “second _blank__”. If anything they a more like a female FT Island then the 2nd BEG. If “My Everything” is an example of the type of music they will release then they are extremely different from BEG. The only thing right now that they have in common is that they are 4 member girl groups with talent.

  24. Wow..so they’re a band then..like FT. Island!!
    Even though I’m against more girl groups..their song is pretty good!!

  25. If 4minute and Nia were to combine together, they would be called 4Nia which is 4minute’s fanclub name.

    So they are going to debut soon?

  26. Not bad, I like it compare to T-ara’s new songs.

  27. wow they are good and they play instruments to i hope korea give them a chance

  28. wah they play instruments? real band… the songs not bad…but… with the trends now. it wont sell but i guess they’re not included as idol singers are they… btw what does it mean by singers with no face?

    • I think “singers with no face” means that they dont have the typical good looks like compared to idols. So this group is base on talent over looks.

      • singers with no face means that they debut without anyone knowing how they look like. JYP did that for JOO. and that happened to Zia too. Jo Sung Mo did that too for his first albulm. basically that means that they want people 2 judge them on thier talent not thier looks.

      • its kinda like what michelle said but it also means they will not be on variety shows or any tv programs for a while, mainly so ppl will listen to their music and not judge them for their looks

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