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Netizens take interests in 2PM members’ graduation photos

Netizens have recently been taking interests in idol group 2PM members’ graduation photos.

2PM has been the hot topic amongst music fans for their successful comeback with their official 1st album, which had them winning the #1 spot on Music Bank on 27th November and on Inkigayo on 29th November.

With that, some netizens have been posting up photos of the 2PM members when they were students on various portal sites. The members have all looked young and cute, very much different from how they look like now.

Netizens said, “They look very cute when they were young, but not much different from now”, “So all the members are so goodlooking from young” etc


Other netizens’ comments:

  • “Thank you reporter for including photos of all 7 members”
  • “Hello JaeBum”
  • “See, JYP don’t give its singers plastic surgery”
  • “Even though they don’t look very different, they look fresher back then”
  • “I like this reporter”

36 Responses

  1. jay looks like today XD

  2. Oh..they all look almost the same right now..except that they become more mature and handsome…<3

  3. You know, they look pretty ordinary but look at them now! HAHAHA. HOTTIES…well, Khun is still a cutie.

  4. aw, they’re so cute. Khun’s hair, ahaha. oh well, his hair’s hot now. (:

  5. LOL Khun’s grad pic cracked me up! and oh my,Junsu looks fine ever since. well,all 7 of them do! Chansung looks like a lost little boy! so adorable.

  6. i Love Chansung face .. So cute and funny ! But Khun’s Hair Waahh .. !

  7. They all looked so cute. lol at Khun’s hair.
    WooYoung’s sooo cute

  8. “See, JYP don’t give its singers plastic surgery”

    i thought netizens thought taec got a nosejob?

    • he did… probably that’s taecyeon after surgery… taecyeon went to highschool here in the US and his highschool pics don’t look like that at all.

  9. most of them have single eyelid,except 3 tallest ones(khun,taec,chansung)

  10. wooyoung is still cute,but more hotter now..

  11. LOL i can’t stop laughing at Khun’s picture. seriously, they all looked good in their school days. i wonder how ppl managed get hold of these photos.

  12. They all look just how they look now. (:

  13. wooyong and Junho look reallly similar..but dang Nicknun’s hair!! LOL..Chansung is just wow..cutie..now a hottie..

  14. Wooyoung seems to be the cutest when they were younger..

  15. lol nichkhun xD

  16. so cute !
    Hello darling Jay (;

  17. they look a little bit above your average asian from these photos. but if these photos were shown only towards another culture, i’d bet they come off as average.

    i know they’ll look normal, or your typical asians or fobby asians if they were to look like that here in the states. its sad to be so judgmental, but its most likely true.

    on the other hand, for a culture like korea and knowing that they’ve grew up to become what they are today, many would say they’re cute then and hot/studyly now.

    funny how culture influences perception

  18. Aw, they’re all so natural and cute. Sad to say, if I met Khun in high school, I wouldn’t date him. xD

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  20. 2pm=7!fighting!

  21. Arr so cute!!^^

  22. Chansung look thinner bak then xP buh da boys all look da same ^^
    “See, JYP don’t give its singers plastic surgery” true & its a gud thing dat all of dem is a natural

  23. # “See, JYP don’t give its singers plastic surgery”


  24. Khun has a lot of forehead. LOL. Just by looking at Chan’s picture, you wouldn’t think he’d grow up HOT!

  25. Taec and Junsu are wearing the same outfit only different colors. lol

  26. WooYoung, JunHo & Taec looks still d same & rest juz getting older & hotter…=P

  27. nichkhun’s hair is O_O

  28. awhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. they look cute.

  29. junho look exactly the same…so does wooyoung…the others just look older now

  30. wooyoung is so precious idek ;___; ♥

  31. Khun’s skin looks fairer nowadays. awhile back, i saw his teen pics and his skin was tanner. is it possible to be fairer in the future? well, i dont really care, he’s still my fav member..

    and its good that they still posted jay’s pic. 2pm=7!

    • Khun’s skin was very tan because he lived in California and having tan skin is more popular than having pale shin like in Korea.

  32. khun’s hair ❤

  33. Junho still looking one fine boy from all the boys grad pic!
    rofl nickhun?!

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