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Jang GeunSuk screams in happiness

Have you guys recently happen to hear a happy scream in your day? The multi-talented Jang GeunSuk claims to be screaming in happiness these days.

Wondering why? Go under the cut to find out!

Along with his drama, ‘You’re Beautiful’ ending last month, he had been rushed to Japan for a fan meeting. After coming back to Korea, he claims to be “screaming in happiness” from all the different offers for casting. Not just that, along with the rise of A.N.Jell’s leader, “Hwang TaeKyung’s” character, he has recently been gaining a large fandom base, which even today is growing.

Starting acting in a young age, Jang GeunSuk participated in more than 10 projects already and successfully maintained the popularity in every project he had worked on. Already confirmed on his acting abilities and the ability to transform into a character, he is known to be receiving more than 20 offers for movies and dramas currently.  

Even one drama producer praised GeunSuk for his hard work by saying that Jang GeunSuk is a person that “anyone could trust in to do a good job.” His management recently stated, “Currently, starting from the drama’s filming, Jang GeunSuk has been receiving nonstop casting offers. Because he had to go to Japan right after the filming, there is currently stacks of scripts and synopsis for the movie and drama offers.” In addition they also added that, “Jang GeunSuk is currently taking a break reading through the synopsis and the scripts and checking them carefully and will be choosing his next project. We are not sure if the next project will be a movie or a drama.”

If drama and movie casting “love calls” weren’t enough, Jang GeunSuk is also receiving “love calls” from the commercial industry proving the amount of popularity he has been recently gaining.

Ji Youn: I really can’t wait for his next project!

43 Responses

  1. o and uh…i do know that it’s based on a real murder case…juz really makes pple think…where’s the fucking justice…both were freed…

  2. um…on the contrary…i fell in love with his gorgeous face after watching the case of the itaewon murder =D

    wells…then i remembered that i did like the character jang geun-seuk portrayed from hwang jin-i…

    only bothered to find out more bout him after watching him as a goddamn hot psychopathic murderer lols

    i actually bypassed you’re beautiful…months ago x= thinking that it’s juz another lame idol drama…
    decided to watch it juz this wk…and realized wad i’ve been missing out on…HWANG TAE KYUNG~

    gosh…it’s so gripping and lovely and sweet…sigh…i juz wish that i’ll be able to experience a love like that…[=

  3. *digs conversation out from under a pile of dust*

    how did the conversation *argument one 😉 * go from venturing out into different roles to awards he has won? as stated, he has other genres of movies under his belt. nobody said he had to win awards for them or for them to be poplar or him to be successful in them to be known as “venture out into different characters”. hmm… but go JGS!!!!!!

  4. skywatcher123: anyway, i recommend if you want to critize some actors, do research about him/her first. Look around ,google it, to see people taling about him/her first
    Then add your opinions.
    I think you a bit opinionate about Jang Geun Suk, without knowing him as an actor .
    evidence: you don’t even know he won acting awards and how Korean media praise his acting skills since Bethooven Virus drama
    Anyway, if you an anti , i really welcome you become fans of Jang Geun suk like us .

  5. Anyway, FYI, I’m a fan of Jang Geun Suk, and now I’m so proud of my beloved actor who is not to depend on his beautiful face , but are trying to work hard to become a very good actor.
    It’s is really interesting to watch him growth as an actor
    I love him because of his talent not because of his cute face !

  6. To skywatcher123: Why are you so hard on Jang Geun Suk ?
    His Character in You are Beautiful has earned him the most memorizable and recognizable role in his drama profile so far.
    Go to Dramabean.com and see yourself. Most of people there critized him for his role in Hong gil Dong before, about dozen of them even hate or anti jang Geun suk in Hong gil Dong. But in drama YAB, in that blog, almost nealy 300 comments from each episode, all praise and fall in love with his acting skills.

    In order for someone who don’t like your acting before, then turn around to praise and fall in love with your acting skill . It is nearly a phenonmenon.

    About his character, because Jang played character that has many flaws, look somewhat weird and ugly, and somtimes that character is so mean to the innocent girl Go Mi Nam , so some people hate that character and preper the nice guy Shin wo ( the guy is so nice , dreamy, and pefect ideal for every young girl to dream about)

    That why although Shin wo character played OK for a newebie, people like him so much becasue of his handsome face and nice character ,
    But Shin Woo acting skills are no where compare to Jang Geun suk acting skill
    Shin Woo often has the same facial expressions in every scene ( to call outloud) . But audiences forgive him because he is a newbie, and a very nice perfect character
    Popularity sometimes cannot equal to acting talent.
    Look around you , there are many actors who are supper famous with their drama, their dramas often having rating about 30%-40% in Korea, but their acting talent is not much to talk about

    Jang Geun Suk has earned some regconition in Korean movie industry when he played a role in movie Iteawon Murder case although this is a very low movie budget , all of actors in there did not get their pay until the movie showed in the theatures and show a profit .
    But this movie attracted more than 500,000 audiences in Korea , and Korea media has called it a successful movie anyway .
    Actually , Geun Suk has risk his image to play a hateful Spycho in this movie anyway .

  7. he’s always been a talented actor i don’t know why people didn’t notice before… i’ve always been a fan ^^

  8. Congratz to JGS for all the blessing he’s receiving now. He deserves it. I’d also like to see him do some other roles, roles that would blow us away with his strong acting although he has done great jobs with his previous projects. He’s really a great actor and a multi-talented artist. Just wanna see his versatility more. btw, I’m a fan since his Hwang Jini days and I’ve watched all his projects. (haha just in case someone reacts to my comment ^_^ lols)

  9. i want park shin hye have some other opportunity ! ❤

  10. I too, am a fan of multi-talented Jang GeunSuk. His roles were diverse and a trusted actor. Can’t wait for more news, more projects for him. One of Korea’s pride. May I add, he is handsome and charismatic!

  11. Wow…thats good…hehe…
    Hope to see more in the future..

  12. @skywatcher123

    Yes he did won two awards NOT including Popularity awards ..
    2008 MBC Drama Awards: New Actor Award – Beethoven Virus
    2008 SBS 44th Annual Baeksang Arts Awards – Best New Actor (Movie- The Happy Life)

    so there….

  13. OMG I LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE HIM! I am gonna watch all his future projects. =] I am working my way to find his older works right now…after my finals, that is.

  14. ADORE HIM :))))

  15. this is what im afraid of, that JGS will get soo popular that he wont do YB2 anymore like what JJH did for goong,

    but i believe he deserves everything he’s been getting now he’s really talented ^^

    • Well, he said HE WILL do it if there’s ever a season 2 hahaha…hope he doesn’t take back his word…

      I mean…please do it JGS!!!

  16. can’t wait for his next project too 😀
    he is the first actor that i really like….
    i’m quite choosy so………..
    congrats to him. 🙂

  17. Congrats to JGS!

    I agree that JGS and Kim Bum are the best actors of their age group = )

  18. i love jang geun suk!

  19. He’s indeed a super multi-talented person! i guess he’s the only one that did lots of job besides acting!
    He can singing, dancing, DJing, MCing, modelling etc..

    I’m so happy he get more offers from producer! Every single drama that he’s in, will totally get praise from people! No doubt he’s a great actor! after all he’s my fav!~

  20. he is a decent actor but I would like to see him venture into different kinds of challenging roles instead of sticking around his safe zones. His roles in Beethoven virus, Hong Gil Dong and YAB are not that different from each other. The same kind of angst, same kind of innocence, same kind of mischievousness. Even Kim Bum took on more diverse roles.

    • I disagree.. Try watching his latest movie, ITAEWON MURDER CASE where he played as a PSYCHO KILLER.
      For me, Jang Geun Suk is a great actor.. That’s why he is considered as a respected actor in S. Korea.

      He’s versatile. He has an ability to transform into a any character.
      Don’t judge him by only a “few” dramas you’ve seen.. I’ve seen all of his dramas and his movies,so I know He is that good.

      • psycho killer.. wow.. sounds interesting.. I shud watch it.. I am recent Jang geun suk fan after YAB, so I dun know abt all that..

        btw,shouldn’t it be the fans screaming in happiness as well….
        I can’t wait for his next prjt..

      • oh I haven’t watched that movie so I don’t know. Probably cause it’s not that popular. And just because he chose to take that role does not mean that he was successful in that role. I have never heard anyone praising him for that role. If he is a great actor, he could amass the same fandom for the different roles he took. I know for sure that most of his fans started loving him since they watched YAB or Baby And I. I have never heard anyone became a fan of Jang Geun Seuk after watching Itaewon Murder Case.
        And a “great actor” is very easily recognized. you don’t need to watch lots of his stuff to recognize him a great actor. For Jang Geun Seuk’s case, I have watched more than one drama he’s in and I still cannot see improvements and he does not actually carry the drama. Proof? Even in YAB, he’s supposed to be the male lead but end up somewhat in equal or inferior position to the second male Shinwoo.

      • I TOTALLY AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • uhmm,,, well, I (somewhat) agree with you
      for some reasons his role in YAB reminded me of his role as Prince Chang We
      but I love him in YAB since he has his time in improving/developing his character, which is (for me) he didnt have those kind of chance in his previous dramas
      that’s how people love him,,,,
      the more I think about it the more I want him to try (as you said) different roles… a villiant .. 😛

    • @skywatcher123

      I sited Itaweon Murder Case as an EXAMPLE to contradict what you’re saying that Jang Geun Suk is sticking around his safe zones. And for that HE IS NOT..
      . .
      From heavy drama in “Hwang Jin Yi”, to comedy in “NonStop 4” (he even cross-dress as woman in one episode) and to action “Hong Gil Dong”. He has done all that.. And he has won acting awards to prove it.
      A movie doesn’t need to be “POPULAR” for someone to say that the actor play their role very well.. If you’re a movie/drama critic, I think you should understand what I’m saying.. A smart movie goer knows what quality film is all about.. And not just some common crappy films/dramas that only become OVERLY popular because of “HYPE” like Boys over Flowers.. (No offense BOF fans).
      And yea, try watching Itaewon Murder Case, it just came out Sept 2009. Pretty new. You’ll be in for a surprise..

      • I’m not implying that it’s not good. I was just saying that I haven’t got to it because it is not popular and not promoted well so I don’t really know about it.
        And I have to say all of his roles up to now (excluding that Itaewon) are pretty much very light roles with little space to stretch one’s acting capabilities. You do know that nonstop are trendy sitcoms right? Hwang Jin Yi is a heavy drama but I don’t think he portrayed the role really well in that drama. The thing that bugs me about him is that the way he transformed into his roles always seem really effortless (in a bad way). That’s why all his roles seem almost the same.
        I’m looking forward to watch Itaewon and see how he tackles the role there.

      • and did he get any serious acting awards? like the real one, not the popularity awards.
        but anyway yeah I do agree that BOF is the worst. And I do think that Jang Geun Seuk has potential. Just that he needs good roles to stretch his abilities.

      • and fyi… Fandom is NOT a Proof of Greatness.. The number of fans an ARTIST have does not measure up how TALENTED they are.. =)
        Peace out..

      • @skywatcher123

        For your information:

        Jang Geun Suk was nominated for BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR for his role in Itaewon Murder Case in the recent 46th DaeJoong Film Awards 2009.
        So you haven’t heard someone praising about him in that role for Itaewon Murder Case? Then try to reading entertainment news.
        OBVIOUSLY being nominated in such a prestigious award is already a proof enough that he has done very well..
        Why not try searching up his achievements before talking shit and criticizing him.. Obviously you don’t know Jang Geun Suk well enough..
        He has won Best New Actor for Beethoven Virus in MBC Drama Awards 2008
        He also won as Best New Actor for the Movie- The Happy Life during 2008 SBS 44th Annual Baeksang Arts Awards .

    • yes, he did… He won Best New Actor at last year’s MBC drama awards and also Best New Actor at last year’s Baeksang Awards 😉

    • LOL. i wonder if u can act?
      haha coz you’re criticizing GS
      and you didn’t even watch all his
      just watch first, ok?

      • I don’t need to watch all of his dramas to criticize him. And I don’t need to be able to act to be able to criticize him. Stop being such a stupid blinded fan. I despise fans like you the most.

    • what’s with this skywatcher. i think you should stick on watching sky.

      • If you are Jang Geun Seuk’s fan, congratulations for making his fanclub look like a bunch of stupid people who can only resort to personally attacking anyone who criticize him.

    • Excuse me, “end up somewhat in equal or inferior popsition to the second male Shinwoo”, I beg to differ, I think that is a very subjective comment from you. You probably haven’t seen all the POSITIVE reviews on Jang Geun Suk’s acting in You’re Beautiful.

      “in equal or inferior position”, ha, let me laugh. Jung Yong Hwa’s portrayal of shinwoo was not bad as a newbie in acting, but it certainly wasn’t GOOD at all. It is a shame that you are comparing Jang Geun Suk’s acting to that of shinwoo’s. If you look at the reviews on YAB carefully, Jang Geun Suk is the one getting most of the attention among the cast.

      And mind you, Jang Geun Suk is a very well-recognised actor in Korea. He is the most paid Korean actor of his age, along with Moon Geun Young in 2008.

      Let me quote dramabeans, “Park Shin-hye is adorable (if dim), but it’s Jang Geun-seok who kills it.”

      It is really funny that you think shinwoo’s character SOMEHOW outshine’s Jang Geun Suk’s one. Well if you really think so, you probably have some serious problem distinguishing between good acting and hm, bad ones. (Shinwoo is definitely not bad, but let me reiterate, not bad as a newbie)

      As for Itaewon Murder Case, yes he acted in it, it proves that your point about him not venturing into other role type is invalid.

    • I think it is really okay if it is constructive criticism, and not some ridiculous one like “in equal or inferior position to the second male Shinwoo” or untrue comments like “sticking around in his safe zone”.

      If it is untrue or invalid, I think there is a need to clarify. Think carefully, all the while we have been clarifying things, we didnt, as you say, “resort to personally attacking anyone who criticize him” You are the one who haven’t read up enough and you are criticizing things that are not true, like “has he even get a real award”

      You are just making yourself look funny, like you are weakly defending your case, while we keep throwing proof and evidence.

  21. JGS and PSH again please 🙂 They’re a couple that is worth watching over and over again 😀 They’re meant to be drama couples XD

  22. gyaa….I want to scream too, Geun Suk oppa.. I love the word “love calls” from the movie production… kekeke…
    I’m also can’t wait for his next project… ^^

  23. lol i was expecting to hear him scream in happiness ><

    haha anyways can't wait his next project! he's really talented

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