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WheeSung, Bobby Kim and Kim BumSoo cover 2NE1’s ‘I Don’t Care’

3 of the best vocals in Kpop realm WheeSung, Bobby Kim and Kim BumSoo covered 2NE1‘s hit song ‘I Don’t Care’ on a radio show on 3rd December.

They not only did the song in their own rendition, they also changed the lyrics to the perspective of a guy singing to his girlfriend. Love it!

Also check out WheeSung‘s live performance of ‘So Hot’ and ‘LA chA tA’ on the show under the cut.

12 Responses

  1. WOW, omfg i sooo love WheeSung, Bobby Kim & Kim BumSoo’s
    rendition. it sounds so beautiful 🙂 this is my favorite!
    i love them together, i love the harmonizing, i love it, i love it!
    Damnnn WheeSung, oh my gawd i almost didn’t recognized So Hot
    OHMYF-ingGOD, i love his rendition of So Hot too. So damn nice!
    wahhh i think i just fell in love with him….again.
    I love LA ChA tA too. Damn, he makes all of these songs sound
    so damn good. whoooooo

  2. loved wheesung’s rendition of lachata&&so hot. soo great!

    and, can i say that what wheesung, bobby kim and kim bunsoo did is a “2ne1 male version”…? 🙂 i loved loved loved it!!! soo great!

  3. when i saw the 3 names, i knew i had to watch the clip. it’s interesting sung by three guys, but i thought the guys did a great job.

    and wheesung sure loves girl groups, or at least their songs. lol.

  4. WOOT>…Go Bobby Kim! I love how he sing-rapped and made it flow so well at that one part.

  5. i’m surprised k.will isn’t part of this.
    awesome covers

  6. I love that Bum Soo knows the lyrics! He gets all into it, so cute. It sounded weird, not the singing, the lyrics in the eyes of a male. The beat and melody is soft, and the harsh words from the guys! Ouch!
    Wished Wheesung was still in YG to watch CL/2NE1 grow.

  7. I really like the guy that sings after Wheesung.^^

  8. listen and learn idol groups!

  9. AMAZING! I Don’t Care acoustic sounds superb. ery sweet and just..country styled. Very versatile song!

  10. ohhhh i love it so soo much!!!

  11. wow!

  12. Sweet!!! love them

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