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Fun Fact of Kpop: f(x) Sulli’s first big screen appearance

We know that f(x) cutesy member Sulli has had experiences appearing on the small screen dramas before debut like ‘The Ballad of Seo-dong’, ‘Love Needs A Miracle’ and ‘Vacation’.

She actually also had her big screen debut in 2007 in the movie ‘Punch Lady’ playing the child of a violent family.

Watch the whole movie subbed

This girl is both pretty and talented (:

16 Responses

  1. I watched the movie bcoz of her.
    I was surprised by her acting talent.
    The cute Sulli turned into a badass young girl….XD
    Til now I think Sulli is the best in acting among female idols n Siwon among male idols….^^

  2. what happened after that?!

  3. LOLOL I was expecting for her to like got some random power and kill him 🙂

  4. She was like what, 13 back then? Multi-talented! I wouldn’t say her singing is exceptional, but her dancing and acting are pretty good.

  5. she pretty and talented my fave member of f(x)<3

  6. Sulli is amazing!

  7. I feel that she can be the next Moon Geum Young. I really like her smile and charisma.

  8. Wow impressive!

  9. her acting rly is great, she should stick to it.

  10. sulli is the reason why im loving f(x) and im considering amber too..lol

  11. so talented^O^…
    and she also very cute..^^

  12. WOAH! She is REALLY good!
    kinda reminds me a little Lin Soo Jung.

  13. OUCH…that must be hurt.

  14. “This girl is both pretty and talented (:”
    yes indeed

  15. aww sulli looks so cute. totally adore this girl!

  16. sulli my fav…so talented

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