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Nation’s fairy Lee Hyori for Good Cause event!

Nation’s fairy a.k.a everyone’s diva Lee Hyori was showing her affection towards the needy children.

The event was held at Daesang Group Building in Dongdaemun-gu on Dec 9; Lee Hyori helped the gift packaging process before they send it to the children in poverty or coming from broken families. The gifts distribution is said to cover nationwide.

23 Responses

  1. […] Nationโ€™s fairy Lee Hyori for good cause event [Read] […]

  2. […] Nation’s fairy Lee Hyori for good cause event [Read] […]

  3. When I read “Nation Fairy” I immediately thought of Yoo Hee Yi.. arghh

  4. She looks pretty (: but she has gotten old by seeing the first and last pic :/

  5. she’s an Angel!!^O^

  6. Hm..its feels weird to see Nation fairy with make up on…
    She even prettier without make up..haha…
    But then she’s natural beauty and thats make me love her more…hoho..=)

  7. loveeeeeeeeeee hyori unnie
    she is pretty in and out.

  8. loving herr forever…:)

  9. she is beautiful…i mean i know everyone else said it already XD but how can u resist
    and the fact that she has a nice personality makes the fact shine even more

  10. looks soooo different with makeup! but even without makeup, i consider her fresh face a beauty. definitely taking care of her body carefull, i see!

  11. she’s so pretty

  12. SHe looks very very pretty with makeup
    shes a total different person without makeup

    but i hate what she’s wearing. it looks like something an ajumma halmoni should wear

  13. I like her. XD I wish I could help unnie.

  14. Oh wow, she looks so pretty and cute. ^^ Really great of her to help out.

  15. When I see nation’s fairy, I think of Yoo He Yi lol.

    • agree!! but i doubt lee hyori is like that, she is a really nice person and is really good to her hoobae ๐Ÿ˜€

  16. Hyori is so beautiful <3333

  17. Nation’s Fairy is gorgeous =)

  18. Pretty Hyori. Very generous. I would like to do this as well as a new year’s resolution. ๐Ÿ˜€ โค

  19. I kinda forget how pretty she is after watching too many episodes of FO..HAHA

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