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Three actresses fond for the same Rose Dress! Who wears it better?

Three actresses spotted with the same pretty dress!

Kim OkBin wore the pretty dress on May 2009 when she went to the 62nd Cannes Film Festival and said had shown a mature style.

While Choi JiWoo carried out an elegant pose with the red dress as she wears it elegantly in a photo shoot for InStyle Magazine September Issue. Last but definitely not least, actress Choi KangHee spotted on October with the rose dress when she attended a breast cancer fund-raising event.

So, which actress wins the so called Fashion War Competition?

Imuyachan : I like Choi JiWoo unni ^^

25 Responses

  1. […] Great minds think alike–Kim Ok Bin (Over the Rainbow), Choi Ji Woo (Star’s Lover) and Choi Kang Hee (Thank You) all have one thing in common: the same red rose dress! […]

  2. Yoon Eun Hye wore that dress in the very first episode of My Fair Lady as well

  3. For me, it’s between the first and third girl… the one in the middle isn’t workin this beautiful CHRISTIAN DIOR Dress.. Its such a treat to see Asian Actresses wearing high end brands like Dior

  4. So happy cos many people chose Ji Woo unnie. I love her and the way she wears, too 🙂

  5. that would be awkward if they all came to the same show in that dress

  6. Well,sorry for expressing my non-hater comment. 😐 I agree though,sometimes though. Accessories dont just compliment the dress,it can bring out your collar bone which is really gorgeous. This is just my opinion.

  7. I dont understand why most Korean women don’t wear accessories. Korea is known to be a fashion icon country next to Japan in Asia. 🙂 And necklaces always compliment the dress,you know what I’m saying? Sorry,I really LOVE fashion 🙂 Sometimes I take it seriously than needed to. ❤ Choi JiWoon 😀

    • The dress has a big pattern so of course accessories wouldn’t complement the outfit, they would ruin it.

      Don’t you know that less is more?

  8. anyone know where i can get this dress for cheaper??? in the us? im lookin for somethin to wear on my 21st =)

  9. Yeah I’m not the only one ! Kim OkBin is made to wear this !!!!

  10. Don’t know who’s who but I pick the female who’s waving. She makes it look young and cute.

  11. Choi Ji Woo!!

  12. the girl in the very left…

  13. I vote for Choi Ji Woo. I really like the way she wears it. ^^

  14. Choi Ji Woo!! She looks really elegant.

  15. Definitely Choi Ji Woo

  16. definitely choi ji woo! i think it’s the accessories that she’s holding and wearing that help her pull it off…you know, other than the fact that she’s gorgeous lol she just…has the elegance to pull it off

  17. Who’s the one on the left? She suits the dress better.

  18. the 1st actress.. way better.. so elegant yet kinda subtly seductive

  19. of course Choi Jiwoo^^

  20. Choi JiWoo, course 8DD
    So beautiful ❤

  21. Choi ji woo !!
    that necklace makes the dress look way better ^^

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