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2NE1 CL’s swimsuit photo revealed!

2NE1 Sandara Park revealed a photo of fellow member CL in swimsuit!

Sandara Park posted the photo on her me2day on 9th December, with a note that says, “Wassup? *Heart throbbing* I’m uploading this in secrecy since CL is sleeping now! For the BlackJacks!ㅠ This is taken in our waiting room! Since CL is an IT illiterate, she won’t know I uploaded this!ㅋ This is a secret”

Netizens commented with “sexy”, “I can feel her strong charisma” etc, and there were also those who said, “The outfit is too revealing”, “it is ok for a minor to wear that?” etc

CL has worn this outfit for appearance during GDragon’s recent concert.



57 Responses

  1. Not to bring up a fight here but when 4Minute Hyuna wears stuff that aren’t too showie like this why does she get criticized for it and CL doesn’t?

  2. […] posted a photo of CL in swimsuit with the message on 9th December on her me2day, “Wassup?! *heartbeating* CL is now sleeping […]

  3. […] the rest here: 2NE1 CL's swimsuit photo revealed! « K Bites Leave a Reply Click here to cancel […]

  4. LOL! CL is sexy? WTF! yeah. it’s good u guys only noticed her body not her fugly face.

    for pikah pikah : as for Hyuna’s outfit at GDA , she’s totally HOT and the fact that she’s really PRETTY and NOT cross eyed like your fugly idol CLoser!

    all I can say, CLoser looks like a total FUGLY SLUT!

    • wow. did writing that out make any substantial change in your life? i hope it did. cuz that much negativity in one tiny brain can’t be so good for the body. i wonder if you got enough love from your parents? maybe you didn’t. so hateful. so scary. you should get help.

  5. OMO~

  6. LOL..hv u got the CHANCE to see HYUNA from 4min outfit when she walked down the GDA RED CARPET??

    she’s someone that u can address as MINOR,caused she’s freakin’ 17yo. & just look at her outfit, on national TV attending such a ‘TRADITIONAL’ award,whereas kids watching from all over KOREA..compared to CL that only being watched by those who attended GD’s concert. LOL..LOL..LOL…LOL..LOL…

    y thre’s nobody bashing HYUNA? & yet Criticizing CL so badly as if she’s not wearing anything.even though DARA posted that pic for fun & for her fans.

    &comparing her to LADY G..OMG..
    ~ i think CL would b honored to know that.
    should i said they’re both BOLD!
    & not afraid to express themselves..


    go CL!

    • why did you even have to bring up hyuna into the problem?? you are bashing her so your idol would look good…now that’s just sad…

  7. CL IS SEXY …

    idiots !

  8. CL HOTNESS!!!!!!!!!!

  9. i like it how she is daring to be different…
    but it’s too much of Lady Gaga style…
    i just wish she sticks with her own style…
    like how GD does it~

  10. Eh.. I think she looks awkward with that outfit.. maybe another vest or something. But she does have a nice body~

  11. oh dara how can u upload this pic without cl permission!!…it’s ok if cl knows,but it’s realy not ok if she not know…and please don’t spoiled image of ur 2ne1 members…i love 2ne1…

  12. This picture doesn’t do her justice because the pose is awkward. I saw videos of her performing and she looked really hot and sexy performing “The Leaders” with GD and Teddy. Her hair was up.

  13. ugly and awkward. Jung Joori looks better. Even the cleavage couldn’t sway me.

  14. Well I have to disagree I actually love her legs. Girl got curves and is working it perfectly. I’m glad she doesn’t have skinny legs now that is just gross/ew/yukky.

  15. her legs are not sexy

  16. WORK IT CL! Lol.
    She looks awkward in the picture, but when I saw one of the fancams, I was just like DAAAAMN, CL! & did anybody notice Teddy eyeing CL. HAHAH that really cracked me up.

    • yeah I saw that! they really look good together ahaha

    • she wore it fiercely no shyness at all.

      people saying shes awkward at this pic I dont think so..

    • Lol both GD and Teddy were eyeing her. It’s like “guys, back off, she’s too hot for you guys” 😛
      And GD’s scream after CL said “Cuz I’m hot” got me laughing hard. I wonder who chose the outfit. Probably GD and Yangaeng.

  17. its just a costume for her performance with GD guys.. chill!! as if she’s wearing it everyday ahaha!

  18. Omgahhhh HOT. CL!! ♥ I like that in this pic, her hair is down.

    She’s 18. She’s old enough to wear that outfit. And it’s really not that bad. She has the jacket on.

  19. I don’t think that outfit is appropriate for anybody but Lady Gaga and strippers to wear.
    CL is so gorgeous and fit that she doesn’t need outfits like that to display her feminine beauty and sexiness.

  20. I guess it’s not cold in Korea yet…

  21. she is 18.. she can do whatever she wants..

  22. It looks fine. I’ve seen younger kids who wear worst. So what’s the big deal. CL has a great body and if she wants to show it off, more power to her.

  23. LOL! Minor??? this girl is 19…she ain’t no minor no more…plus she’s looks sexy!

    • no she is 18 but in korean age she is 19

      • 18, she’s an adult. rly age shouldn’t be a problem here. she’s a mature girl, i’m sure she felt pretty confident performing in that oufit. people can judge, but whateverr.

      • @elusive yes I agree to me she is still teenager and too young for this concept or style if it was Bom or Dara the one who were wear the swimsuit i would have not said anything

      • yea I was talking about korean age…

  24. netizen I’m a minor nt her,shes like 19 hahaha

    • yes is not a minor but she is 18 which mean she is still a kid and I think its just too sexy for her age

  25. the jacket makes her look manly. i like the white one she wore for their “FIRE” days.

  26. –Comment Moderated–

    • psh, brainless & meaningless comment much? why are there so many out there like you? you guys should form an army or something. anyhowww, thats just their style and you cant just go around saying that just because what theyre wearing is similar to lady gaga’s style that they’re c-o-p-y-i-n-g. 2ne1 is 2ne1, lady g is herself, dont compare T_T labelers like you need a life, pronto.

      • seriously. everybody who dresses eccentrically or whatever is deemed to be swagger jackin’ Gaga. UH NO. Gaga doesn’t own any style she has. Except that Kermit costume of hers…

    • What you mad? GTFO.

    • no need to be butthurt about 2ne1 starting trends & your favorite artist can’t.

    • hohoho….how can u said 2ne1 copying gaga..owh yaa,u must be friend with lady gaga stylist. right…..

  27. dara shouldnt have uploaded it if cl didnt know. not cool thats exactly how netizens saw what happened at gd concert and created a fuss . i like dara but i wish she truly think before she does something

    • There were pictures of CL in this outfit on news outlets after GD’s concert so YG didn’t mind people seeing CL dressed like this. Dara posted this days later and it’s not like it was a big secret. I thought what Dara did was funny because she keeps teasing CL calling her so sexy. GD’s daring scene pics from the Breathe performance is a different story because the photos that circulated were sneaked shots from fans, and those are the ones causing trouble now.

  28. sexy chaerin!! i’m glad she’s brave enough to express herself like this, revealing but still staying classy. she was definitely a confident girl on stage!

  29. i agree it may be to revealing for her age to be performing in that..but hey at least she’s comfortable with it..

  30. owh.. this one..
    she wore it at gd concert aite?
    fr The Leaders prformance..
    CL looks sexxy!

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