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Brown Eyed Girls ‘saucy’ hip dance voted the best dance trend of 2009

Brown Eyed Girls ‘saucy’ hip dance for hit song ‘Abracadabra’ has been chosen as the ‘dance of the year’ by netizens.

Movie specialty magazine ‘Cine21’ conducted an online poll from 1st through 10th December and 57.5% of the netizens who voted chosen the saucy hip dance as the best dance trend of 2009.

Not only was the dance followed by many fans, many celebrities were also seen doing the dance parodies on shows like UEE, Lee Hyori, Im YeJin, Choi MyungGil, Kim JungEun, and also male stars like 2AM members, Infinite Challenge members like JunJin, Jung JoonHa and even Jang Hyuk.

The song was also voted as the best House and Electronic song for 2009 MAMA on 21st November.

KARA’s butt dance was voted at #2 with 28% of the votes. The song was for the group’s 2nd album hit song ‘Mister’.

Other dance voted high on the poll are So Nyeo Shi Dae ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ dance, Super Junior ‘Sorry Sorry’ dance and 2NE1 finger dance for ‘I don’t Care’.


17 Responses

  1. […] Korea – B.E.G. saucy hip dance voted best dance trend of 2009 [Kbites] […]

  2. […] Korea – B.E.G. saucy hip dance voted best dance trend of 2009 [Kbites] […]

  3. Nice 😀

  4. it really was..i mean it’s simple, sexy and the way they pulled it off was just awesome !
    honestly i was a fan of them for a long time..back then i never knew they could transform this much ^^

  5. I wonder if you guys even read the article, its about the best dance trend, and no doubt in my mind that they deserved the votes, as the other songs may have been catchier, this song had a better dance trend.

    • they probably didn’t, but that’s nothing new really. in every poll whatsoever, no matter what it’s about, it always comes down to: “who’s your favorite among these…”

  6. Really?
    I would’ve picked Gee, but I guess B.E.G deserve the award, as well.

  7. I agree!
    I could never listen to the song without moving my hips lol, just too catchy.

  8. wow…

  9. Of course it’s the dance of the year! 😀 It’s just freakin addicting.

  10. Those were pretty epic dances, the hip and butt! My favorite dances of the year =3

  11. I agree with the list. BEG’s sexy hip dance is awesome. Hehehe and so funny when ppl parody it.

  12. Abracadabra is an excellent choice because it’s simple enough that really everyone can parody without difficulty.

  13. i agree.. everyone just love doing that hip dance… i don’t know bout Korea but Sorry sorry is really big hit in other countries such as Taiwan…

  14. well for once i agree with the list. no wait, gee dance wasn’t that big? i guess ppl think genie is better ..

  15. agreed!!!

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