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Fun Fact Of Kpop: f(x) Luna pre-debut video revealed!

A video fo f(x) Luna during her pre-debut days has been revealed recently.

Why this is interesting is that Luna‘s pre-debut clips are a rare find, as opposed to the other f(x) members. At the end of the video is also Luna singing pre-debut.

Go under the cut to find the other f(x) members’ pre-debut clips.





11 Responses

  1. i hate fx
    hmm they are all pretty wadsoever
    but the fact they came from sment and their so call famous silblings is in here
    i wonder nowadays is there what you call real music
    all about appearance and so on
    dont judge a book by its cover
    with their talent and so on i dont quite get the fact
    good dancer surely you have to be as given you come from a dance school -.-
    america , i dont quite expect her english to be good as given they are still asians
    luna is really short , i feel that short girls are not hot at all , as given she doesnt stands out in the group and her voice is not as good as i thought
    no one voice can beat 2ne1 park bom or boa though
    their voice are like -.- doesnt fuse well together , like a bunch of squeaky kids in the block
    and wow victoria is 7 years older ? i mean IDOL groupp ?? if krystal is 20 arent victoria will be 27 which looks really weird
    like super junior
    sment should emphasize more on talent rather than loooks
    give some self esteem to the rest
    looks doesnt mean anything

    • I think you are missing something here…

    • You have succeeded in looking like an idiot. I applaud you.

    • hav u read sookyeong’s article? sorry sookyeong but i can’t really resist him/her
      and don’t generalize every opinions you’ve written…coz it’s HASTY GENERALIZATION!!! haven’t you entered college and don’t know that thing?
      if u think they’re not talented…then you’ll b delusional…
      bom’s voice? can i say sohee is greater than her (sarcasm)…evrytym i listen to her, it really hurts my ears, don’t u know it?
      don’t say asians…many asians can speak english well esp. southeast asian…u must use east asians….
      at least vicky looks younger than her age than your CL ho looks 25!!!
      haven’t u watched all their videos to call them not talented?
      it’s sme who gives them songs…they are just followers!!!

    • New hater bombarding Kbites…..=.=

  2. Luna ❀ F(x) ❀

  3. i love Luna’s voice! she sounded so great without any force on her vocals..is she a pure blooded korean? i doubt..
    Krystal’s english is really good!
    i didn’t see much of Amber’s face in the video! :/
    Sulli is really cute!! she’s my favorite!
    Victoria is chinese right? she can be an olympic gymnast! she appeared in one of Rain’s CF and she’s an awesome dancer!

    Luna, Sulli, and Krystal grew up sooo fast! they now look like a lady! pretty ladies i must say! πŸ˜‰

  4. Luna was always gorgeous. πŸ˜€ I was thinking, she looks a lot younger in shots with her school uniform, but I forget she’s only 16 now.

  5. Luna’s voice is awesome πŸ™‚ I love her.
    Anyway, Amber looks so boyish lol & Victoria looks so cute~

  6. LUNA!!! πŸ˜€ the vid was kinda dark but i’m happy all the same. her predebut pics are kinda rare. was amber sporting a bowl cut there? I couldn’t really see it clearly, i could only hear her laugh.

  7. luna singing, sulli acting, victoria dancing, and then amber playing ping pong =P lol.

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