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Idol girlgroup members pick 2PM TaecYeon as #1 male idol member

Girlgroup members have picked 2PM TaecYeon as the #1 male idol.

On Star Golden Bell filmed on 7th December, various girlgroup members have appeared on the show like Davichi Kang MinKyung, 4Minute HyunA, After School JooYeon, SeeYa BoRam SooMi and Secret Jeon HyoSeong.

And MC Jeon HyunMoo asked Kang MinKyung, “Which male idol do you get most nervous when you see him” and she answered 2PM TaecYeon.

She explained, “When he rips off his clothes at the end of the song ‘Heartbeat’, I thought ‘So you can really get excited seeing a guy’s body’.” 4Minute HyunA said, “BEAST Lee GiGwang also ripped off his clothes like TaecYeon but I thought ‘What? Why take it off’ and gave a cold response.”

HyunA then said to Kang MinKyung, “Unnie you like chest abs?”. And then After School JooYeon said, “HyunA is still young so she doesn’t know. I also think that TaecYeon looks really cool when he takes off his top.”

The show will air on 12th December.

31 Responses

  1. Fuck yeah. Taec is awesome.

  2. […] the article I wrote earlier about how female idol group members have picked 2PM TaecYeon as the #1 male idol […]

  3. I think that Taecyeon should…..always be….topless

  4. ROFL…people probably don’t know how cute Hyuna is… Bcoz of her sexy charisma n powerful dance…
    G7’s cute baby… Someday she’ll understand how hot Taec is.

    • & yeah,1 think i can’t really understand Korean girl/woman is that, their clothes & dance r all sexy but then they care so much about guy abs?? & here i guess maybe Hyuna thinks that only girl/woman got “something” to show rather than boy/man which is…abs? that’s nothing for her maybe…~~

  5. i dunno… i still like dorky taec better. i think his nerdy self is sexier than this.

    taecie yah! you don’t need to flash your abs every 10 seconds to have me drooling. just be your usual funny self and that’s more than enough sexy to go around.

    i do think his new sleek style is hot though. i’m glad fashion terrorist taec is gone. thank goodness for that. hehe^^

    • Agree… i like the dorky fashion terrorist. LOL

    • What fashion terrorist? IMO, he dressed much nicer than all the other boring, gangsta styled 2PM members. I don’t get how he got the nickname, since he works well with bright colors.

  6. Ha Ha One day Jay will come back to get his position back. Hwaiting!

  7. i prefer Jaejoong,Yunho,Siwon and Jay!
    maybe taek show his abs many time,and i kinda less interest,dunno…just my opinion…

    • Uh, he only showed it twice.

      And all the people you listed showed them more than a lot of times…

  8. I am a year younger than HyunA and I know how to love those abs!

    Taecyeon aahh. *drools.

  9. hyuna prefer ki kwang more than taec haha
    he must feel pretty bad =D
    hyuna,dont forget your old labelmates lol

  10. Wtf Hyunah!! What a hater lol aww she’s so young!

  11. I love hyuna statement.
    I think i start to love hyuna because of this. Haha i have some opinion with her.

  12. HyunA, you gave me more reason to like you, ROFL.

    Taec is a fucking beast. A modest beast. That’s what I’ll call him…yup.

  13. HyunAh is still a baby. I almost forgot lol. What a sexy baby

  14. lol!!!!!!!!!!

  15. That’s because he IS a SEXY BEAST! 😀

    lol @ Hyuna! She’s so cute…”what’s so good about staring at a guy’s abs?” ……it’s ok you’re still young! muahaha.

  16. Agree. He’s such a pimp now. I remember when girls didn’t even pick him on Idol Army.

    I hope he rips his pants too for their Goodbye stage. Drools………………….

    • I remember! lol. his transformation is amazing. from his nerdy times to one fiiiine man. :]

      now everytime i see a nerd at school, i think twice. X]

    • HAHAHA…he be pimpin’ it with his sexual seduction….

    • I keep smiling with that statement, TAEC you lucky BEAST all the girls “drooling”over you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. kekkekke..jaebum ahhh~~ faster come back! you dont want taec stealing all of your fans with his abs rite ? hahhahahhaa

    just kidding =P

  18. Off topic but…
    I love the new banner! =D ❤ ❤

  19. 1!!

  20. Ah those pervs haha

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