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KBS Music Bank 11.12.2009 – 2PM with 3rd consecutive win on K Chart!

Today on KBS Music Bank, 2PM wins #1 on KChart on the show for the 3rd consecutive week with their hit song ‘Heartbeat’.

Great show lineup today, including:

  • MBLAQ performs ‘G.O.O.D Luv’
  • SHINee performs ‘Jo Jo’
  • Comeback stages by YounHa, Brian Joo and Eun JiWon
  • Other performers like Rainbow, T-ara, IU, 2PM, Park Jin Young, Secret, MC Sniper etc.

Go under the cut for the performance cuts.

Still updating the videos

Comeback Stage

  • Younha with ‘Broke Up Today’ – Love it when YounHa sings ballad
  • Brian Joo (feat. Supreme Team) with ‘My Girl’
  • Eun Ji Won with ‘Out Of Control’ and ‘Siren’
  • KCM (feat. Park Sae Mi)

Music Stage

  • 2PM with ‘Heartbeat’ – Love the ending!
  • MBLAQ with ‘G.O.O.D Luv’
  • H-Eugene (feat. IU) with ‘Love Warning’ – Great vocals display from IU
  • Rainbow with ‘Gossip Girl’
  • T-ara with ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’ – The song is growing on me a lot these days
  • U-Kiss with ‘Man Man Hani’
  • SHINee with ‘Jo Jo’
  • Secret with ‘I Want You Back’
  • f(x) with ‘Chu~’
  • After School with ‘Because of You’
  • Park Jin Young with ‘No Love No More’
  • IU with ‘Marshmallow’
  • Woo Yi Kyung with ‘What To Do’
  • MC Sniper
  • Hwi
  • Maronie Girl
  • Yuri Sangja
  • Sunny Side MJ
  • THe ThE

Let’s see how many consecutive #1 ‘Heartbeat’ will grab (:

34 Responses

  1. Crongratz 2pm!

  2. congrats 2pm!!!! “heartbeat” is making waves among kpop fans everywhere, despite jaebum left the group. please do comeback!

    i see a lot where missing some BEAST action..don’t worry guys..i, too, miss them! hope they’ll perform in mucore or inki.

    SHINee’s JoJo is not quite my favorite, but i hear taemin’s voice. maybe it’ll just grow on me or something..but im not liking it now.

    brian joo’s comeback was the highlight of mubank for me. 🙂 brian joo is hawt!! XD

  3. Congrats to 2PM! 2PM Hwaiting! Jaebeom come back soon, 2PM and your fans are still waiting for your return one day. I would want to see your dance and singing again, esp your heartbeat ending! ;D Jaebeom HWAITING! 😀 😀 😀

  4. where was B2ST this week?

  5. 2PM 2PM 2PM !!! ❤ congratss ^__^
    Jay come back soon ~

    LOOOOVE IU's voice!

  6. SHINee’s jojo.. loved the song, but the performance was avg.

    2pm – bleh, tired of the song and the performance.

    After School? Loved the school and great perf! I see awards for them in the near future!

  7. IU looked really pretty there. I couldn’t recognized her at first. That unique voice of hers confirm my suspicion that she is IU. hahaha

  8. What time is it? It’s 2PM!

  9. I really missed Younha, she has a nice voice and i can always recognize her voice, it’s a lil bit unique. Eun Cho Ding will always be my first crush along side Brian. this winter, a lot of the real and better singers are coming out. maybe those rookies will finally learn how to rock the stage

    • oh i forgot IU her vocals never disappoint me, i fell in love with MIA instantly when it came out. she really is versatile and talented

  10. SHINee & F(X)!!!
    love shinee new song!and amber did a fan service?again?hahaha ^^

  11. I haven’t been following up on this, but did Taeyang stop promoting? Did he ever won?

  12. well yeah you can’t compare mystery to good love. I know people can’t help it but MBLAQ wasn’t formed to be rivals with Beast and vice versa, also they’re songs are totally different. i love both groups!

    • MY opinion exactly I feel like MBLAQ has more of an R&B flavor while BEAST is much more upbeat dance, they’re only getting compared because they’re boy bands and they debuted at the same time

  13. SHINee!!! ❤ love "JoJo"

  14. I’m disappointed that there was no BEAST today.
    I’ve been waiting for their performance all week T.T

    • Agreed!!!

      I wanted to see if JunHyung got better hair (I personally did not like his hair last week) and I wanted to see more of HyunSeung’s new hair (I loved it).

      Hopefully they’ll be on SBS? I have no idea how the music shows work but I do know that there’s two of them. XD

  15. thank you sookyeong 😀

  16. here’s iu perf,

    and this h-eugene ft. iu vid is not out of sync,

    Ending today was awesome again.
    Did I mention how I love the fan chants.

  18. eh..The link to 2PM’s win is not working.

    2PM Winning! Wow it’s totally awesome to see them winning this again and again. well if only Jaebeom is with them. Jay, please come back !!!

  19. LOL and i love the way they perform informally, aft the speech. ChanSung was so cute! xDD

  20. MBLAQ’s performance was so fun! Mir got so into it in his rap part and when they were making th fans chant, I luff them! And where’s 2PM’s Heartbeat performance? I can’t find it!!

    • Nevermind just saw it! It was awesome!! Though did anybody else notice Taec huge eyes at the ending, really creepy haha still luff him though

  21. 2PM! 2PM! 2PM! They just keep on getting better and better. Never bored when watching them!

    I’m going to say this, but by watching MBLAQ performing their new single “Good Luv”, I don’t think it left a good impression like Beast’s “Mystery” did. I’m sorry, but that was boring.

    • I agreed!! LOL. It was kind of eh compared to Mystery.
      I got up during their performance, got a drink, made ramen, comeback and still didnt feel like I missed anything.

    • well if your gonna compare the two songs, good luv is so much more mellow and displays great vocals. mystery has strongg beats, more of a dance song, so its more interesting to watch.

  22. MBLAQ !!!!!!!!!
    A+ perf ~~~

  23. CONGRATS TO 2PM on their 3rd WIN!!!!! The ending was AWESOME!

    CONGRATS to After School for making to TOP 3!! It was their Highest peak on K-Chart ever! You girls did GREAT!!!

  24. 2pm, congratssssss!!!
    wheres BEAST???
    i love their new dance..haha..

  25. Whoo! BRIAN’S COMEBACK PERF! was the highlight of the show for me. He was awesome. ^^

    And 2PM’s Heartbeat perf was great! Hehehe, I like Taec’s revenge. =P Congrats to them.

  26. great lineup!
    but nobody is uploading those videos
    i m in hk
    how can i watch those perf??

  27. i want jaebeom back!! so they can grab all !

  28. congrats 2PM! the new ending is amazing!

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