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Park JungAh and Seo InYoung to leave Jewelry for solo career

Park JungAh and Seo In Young will leave group Jewelry after the group’s 6th repackaged album activities.

According to Star Empire on 11th December, the 2 will end their promotions as part of the group with their 6th repackaged album, which is released on 17th December.

And they will be going solo after that. The Star Empire representative said, “Park JungAh and Seo In Young will end their promotions as part of Jewelry with the group’s 6th repackaged album ‘Love Story’.”

Park Jung Ah also revealed, “Even though I have been through thick and thin promoting as part of Jewelry for the past 10 years, I’m satisfied that I’ve built a brand for the name Jewelry. I don’t think that it is the end. I think that this will be the birth of a new ‘Jewelry’.”

Star Empire also expressed their reluctance for the 2’s leaving of the group since they have been promoting as part of the group for the past 10 years, “We will be looking for new members for the group, and they will have a comeback next year.”

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  1. Economy the poor man’s mints; extravagance the rich man’s pitfall.

  2. Interesting. I realy like this one.

  3. good thanks for share…

  4. good..charms…

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  9. Sorry fans (of Jewelry), they were a one hit wonder for me. What they and their management should’ve done was follow-up right after their hit, not take a long break, and come back when all these girl groups are out. I say, about time they broke up!
    Jung Ah is very talented and the group is taking her no where, in my opinion. And for SIY (as mentioned above), she just doesn’t seem to want to be in a group.

    Anywho, congrats to all four ladies.

    • Ha! I said ‘congrats,’ I meant good luck.

    • i see you’re talking about One More Time, but i really think you should know that they had hits before that too, Superstar for example, and Passion as well.

      hell some of their cutesy stuff did well

      honestly they could have done better this time, but Vari2ty wasn’t a strong title track, and there were a shit ton of girlgroups around the time they cameback. plus 2ne1 were stealing awards as usual.

      • EllyBelly is riiight about everything. And “Strong Girl” or “Rally” Should have been the title track for their 6th album. Plus…the dance choreography and costumes for “Varie2y” could have used some redesign.

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  11. seo in young has the character and voice to survive. jungah is one beautiful goddess with a goddessly voice so yeah. theyd be fine.

  12. deng those two were the leads. i hope they still stay under star empire and help out with the financial issues and wah all the best luck

  13. well it’s kind of expected. seo in young is more popular solo and jungah has been in the group since the beginning i think. it seems like switching around members is the nature of this group. i checked their wiki and they’ve gone through quite a few.

    hopefully this repackaged album is successful so they can leave on a good note. I actually like vari2ty so i wish them luck.

  14. i m sure park jungah and seo in young will do fabulously as solo artists, jungah with her amazing voice + a possible collab with leesang!! (ahaha :] ) and seo in young with her Elly-ness and fashionable “witch”-ness :]]]

    but idk about jewelry. jewelry has lasted sooooo long, longest of the girl groups (although finkl is not officially disbanded, it basically is, although i love finkl xDD ) and i like baby j ‘s rap and eun jung’s singing… hope jewelry without PJA and SIY the best!

  15. Jewelry has finally ended its era…

    It is however still the longest running girl group to date..


  16. I get that they most prolly will have better careers after leaving the group, but whyyyyy. These two have been holding down the fort for so long. ):

  17. Awww. I think it’s time for them to go to different paths. Seo In Young is everywhere and she doesn’t really look like she’s in a group. As for Park Jungah, I don’t really know her. Good luck to them though~

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