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2PM picked as Best Artist Of The Year by producers

Current variety producers from 3 major TV stations, KBS MBC SBS, picked 2PM as the best artist of the year.

From Dec 7th to 9th, Money-today Star news conducted surveys, ‘Best artist of the year’ ‘Best songs’ ‘Best male, and female artist (including group)’ ‘Best rookie’ ‘Best issue in k-pop field” among variety show’s producers, and summed up the result on Dec 10th. Total of 22 producers participated in this survey.

Variety producers direct from music programs to variety programs, where singers make frequent appearances. Thus, they have more interest in k-pop field and singers, and know more about the actual scene of music program than anyone else.

Then, whom would they pick as best artist of year? It’s no one else but 2PM. 2PM proudly grabbed first place in “Best artist of year’ with 9 votes. 2PM, who debuted last year, gained popularity this spring and summer with “Again &Again” and “I hate you”; making another hit with ‘Heartbeat’ again.

They also went through a hurtful situation when leader Jaebeom’s previous words on my space became an issue, and left the team last September. However, even after 2PM reformed themselves with 6 members, they’ve shown their manly charms through ‘heart beat’; grabbing hearts of teenagers to Nuna fans.

One PD, who voted for 2PM, said “2PM ruled the stage with their strong performance. Based on this, their 3 songs made a hit in a row this year. So, I picked 2PM as the best artist without any hesitation.”

2PM’s power even continued in ‘Best male artist’ part. Earning 17 votes, 2PM won ‘Best male artist’ by an overwhelming majority.

source: star.mt.co.kr

21 Responses

  1. Wow..
    Once again..im proud to be HOTTEST!!~
    Yep..i do agreed with the PDs…their song have been a hit this year…

  2. […] 13, 2009 According to this article by sookyeong@ K BITES from star.mt.co.kr. Variety producers of 3 of the biggest TV stations in Korea  KBS, SBS, […]

  3. Good for 2PM ^^ Congratz!

  4. 2PM!!! *Squeal* That’s great they’re getting recognition not only from fans but from music producers, who probably know more behind-the-scenes and technical aspects. I also like their style for this album.

  5. here are the complete winners:


    1. 2PM (9 votes)
    2. So Nyuh Shi Dae (5 votes)
    3. 2NE1 (3 votes)
    4. Brown Eyed Girls (2 votes)
    Both KARA and Big Bang got 1 vote.


    1. ‘Gee’ by SNSD (7 votes)
    2. ‘Abracadabra‘ by BEG (6 votes)
    3. ‘I Don’t Care‘ by 2NE1 (3 votes)
    ‘Sorry Sorry‘ (Super Junior), ‘Heartbreaker‘ (G-Dragon), ‘Tell Me Your Wish‘ (SNSD), ‘Again and Again‘ (2PM), ‘생각이나‘ (부활), and ‘Rain Song‘ got 1 vote respectively.


    1. 2PM (17 votes)
    2. G-Dragon (3 votes)
    Both Super Junior and Big Bang got 1 vote.


    1. So Nyuh Shi Dae (11 votes)
    2. 2NE1 (7 votes)
    3. Brown Eyed Girls (3 votes)
    4. KARA (1 vote)


    1. 2NE1 (13 votes)
    2. After School (7 votes)
    4Minute, Brown Eyed Girls, and 2PM got 1 vote respectively. Huh. BEG and 2PM are clearly not rookies! BEG debuted in 2006 and 2PM debuted in 2008, dear fail producers.

    1. Girl-groups Fever (12 votes)
    2. Jaebum’s leaving(6 votes)
    3. Dong Bang Shin Ki’s law suit (3 votes)
    4. 신종플루 (1 vote)

  6. they totally are the best!
    that picture of them is so cute!! lol

  7. yeah..way to go…. ^^

  8. ano b yan..kanina snsd daw artist of the year.. tapos ngaun 2pm..iba iba nman..msasabi q lng..
    kng artist of the year sa korea ang pinguusapan..pwede tlga 2pm at snsd..pero kng artist of the year sa asia..dpat suju..hehe..

    • Congratulations to 2PM. soooo proud of them! Leadja should come back too when he’s ready. Fighting!

    • PS: the SNSD article that your are talking about is way more different than this. The PD’s of the 3 big companies picked 2PM and imo, the boys deserved it. There are different kinds of ‘Artist Of The Year’.

    • can you speak in English please? especially when you are talking apparently not so nice things about the main character of this article.

      • well He/She’s not the only person here who doesnt write in English…I’ve seen and read there are other people too like Spanish and thailanders who write their own Language…I dont mind about it, but for people who dont understand them…
        PLease People Write in English…even if it’s not good but at least try people. Thank You!

    • STFU
      how cowardly and stupid.
      2PM, congrats ^^

  9. YES!!!!!!!!! no one can deny that they ARE the best group of the year!!

  10. WOOOTS. :))

  11. I’m proud of my boys. 2PM fighting !^^

  12. THIS. They should make a music awards show that compile results from the three broadcast stations.

  13. Congrats 2PM! Finally voting by Legit people in the industry, not fangirls! Best Artist of the Year indeed!

  14. hands down. 2pm as best artist of the year

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